Signs of menopause at 47 years old: the signs and causes of early onset

The female body is designed so that sooner or later enters the stage of aging. With the advent of menopause at 47 years, the ovaries off the end not only the reproductive processes and sexual function. Signs of menopause in women at the age of 47 years can be expressed in different ways. It all depends on genetic predisposition, some diseases received in childhood and in adulthood, from life. However you need to remember that menopause is not a disease, it is normal when the body is undergoing a complete change.

Menopause at 47, may be the result of hereditary predisposition

Menopause at 47, it features

During menopause the female body manifests a lot of different symptoms that stimulate discomfort and pain. These signs are called climacteric syndrome. There are cases of early menopause, which occur in women at the age of 47-49 years. At this stage stops the production of sex hormones, lowers the ovaries, interrupted period is dominated by the moments of ovulation, which influence the course of conception.

The periods of menopause

With the advent of menopause occurs several stages, which have their own characteristics separately.

  • The first step is to premenopausal women, it occurs in 47 years. At this time, decreases in female fertility. However, this phase is to conceive and bear strong baby is quite real.
  • The second stage is menopause. In this phase, the woman watching your last period.
  • The third stage is menopause. It starts after the complete cessation of menstruation.

If menopause has begun early, every woman should pay attention to their health. The most exposed to changes in the genitourinary system, so it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Признаки климакса у женщин в 47 лет: признаки и причины раннего наступления

Early onset menopause consultation with a doctor necessary

Causes that affect early menopause

At the onset of early menopause, many women wonder why so early? Hormonal changes may be due to different factors, as they actively influence on the female body. It is necessary to consider the factors influencing the menopause at an early age:

  • A strong impact on the early onset of menopause has a genetic. It is the heredity, can cause early menopause.
  • Chronic diseases include: diabetes, issues with thyroid and hormonal imbalance.
  • Exposure to sunlight which prevail in some cities. They can be observed rather late menstrual cycle and early menopause.
  • Women who are constantly in stressful situations, or activities related to the physical or hard work, also prone to early menopause.
  • Improper diet, lack of sport and sexual activity.
  • Stress, depression and mental disorders.
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All of the above reasons are the first bells to the onset of menopause at an early age (46-49 years).

Признаки климакса у женщин в 47 лет: признаки и причины раннего наступления

Regular stress can trigger early menopause

Signs of early menopause

One of the first symptoms of menopause in women forty-seven years is a violation of the menstrual cycle. Period may occur in the uncertain days and times, having different duration, they can be scarce or too abundant. However, one should not delay the visit to gynecologist because of irregular monthly cycle can be caused by women’s disease and not menopause. It should be noted that in women who took large doses of alcohol and nicotine, menopause may come earlier than forty seven years, because the body for the whole life period received the strongest poisoning.

But the hormonal means, it is likely the onset of menopause much later. Since the hormone is able to maintain ovarian function.

What symptoms are observed at menopause of 47 years?


In medicine the tides is called the sudden appearance of heat, above the waist, which causes redness of the face, neck and chest. For women in 46-48 years these symptoms is the first signal of the beginning of menopause. These symptoms are accompanied by sudden and profuse sweats. A minute later the woman becomes wet from sweat as if you just took a shower. However, the increased temperature of the body is normal. The tides in most are caused by psychological factors.

At high tide I can feel a huge malaise and weakness, sometimes fainting. Also, this symptom can cause sleeplessness, chronic fatigue and disrupt the cardiac system. The appearance of the tides to anticipate unrealistic, they may occur often or rarely, with a duration of not more than two minutes.

Признаки климакса у женщин в 47 лет: признаки и причины раннего наступления

Hot flashes during menopause — one of the most unpleasant symptoms


Sweating is the most common symptom of menopause. Sweating profusely, waterproof clothing, and at night it becomes moist all linen. When the disease of the thyroid gland, as in menopause, there is profuse sweating. Therefore, it is important not to confuse the symptoms. To ascertain what exactly is bothering the body, you should pay to a specialist doctor.

No need to think that sweating is pathological. Mother nature created the human body so that over the life of the perspiration is a natural process by which all harmful elements out of the body. During menopause this process is a must.

The lack of sleep

With early climax is broken hormonal background of the organism, which may be differently expressed. A during menopause suffer from insomnia. This process is the climacteric period. Night without sleep leads to apathy and fatigue in the morning. So if these symptoms go on for over a week, it is necessary to resort to sedatives and sleeping pills, consult your doctor. Also could use a little exercise and a brisk walk in the fresh air.

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According to surveys of women who are experiencing early menopause frequent dizziness and migraine are obligatory. At this time the woman is in a state of depression due to lack of hormones. For a woman in menopause, unable to relax, she is constantly experiencing negative emotions. Dark and gloomy facial expressions leads to regular headaches, which can last more than one week.

Признаки климакса у женщин в 47 лет: признаки и причины раннего наступления

Headaches often accompany early menopause

Jumps in blood pressure

In menopause the blood pressure is constantly fluctuating. It is very common to observe high blood pressure that affects the cardiovascular system, which exhausted the low content of hormones. The main signs of abnormalities in blood pressure is frequent headaches, gag reflex, fainting.

With a sharp and frequent increase of pressure, should immediately consult a doctor. These symptoms can lead to death.


Early menopause a woman frequents depression. Throughout menopause, she’s depressed and pessimistic. The main signs of depression is prolonged sadness, sleeplessness, absence of concentration, reticence, unwillingness to eat, fatigue.

Early menopause is a nuisance or danger to

Menopause at 46-48 years is painful and long. Besides, the female body starts too early aging, wrinkles and age spots, lose shape of Breasts, deposition of fat layer. The body is faltering cardiovascular system, which leads to early heart attack or stroke.

Hormonal changes can cause tumors, very often suffer from the mammary glands. So, just turned forty years old, not debug on «then» a trip to the gynecologist. Consultation and examination will help to avoid a lot of diseases and disorders.

Признаки климакса у женщин в 47 лет: признаки и причины раннего наступления

Mammography is a mandatory procedure for women with early menopause

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That will help with the painful symptoms of early menopause

To relieve unpleasant and sometimes painful menopause, you can resort to using not only traditional medicine, but traditional medicine. One thing to remember: keep an active lifestyle, walk more, breathe the fresh air, don’t reject sports, eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

If pain stretch over several weeks and persist, the doctor to prescribe medication with dosage homeopathic medicines and a range of vitamin complexes, which significantly reduces pain, depression and malaise.

Important: it is worth noting that at the time of the menopause the female body feels a strong sexual attraction. Regular sex will soften hard symptoms of menopause and will contribute further to peace and balance.

Menopause is a completely natural state that feels sooner or later each lady. It cannot be avoided, there is a possibility to make it flow softer. Menopause is not a disease, it is the transition of the organism to a new stage of life. Probably many do not know that menopause means the stage, walking on a women’s body changes completely, losing their fertility. However, nature can work wonders! Sometimes, mothers are women, who experienced all the properties of menopause.