Signs of menopause in women is 52 years and the reaction to them

Menopause called a natural process in the body of every woman, resulting in some changes that you should know. On average, it occurs in women who have crossed 45 years abroad, in Europe, the climax comes approximately 52 years.

European women menopause occurs at the age of 52

At this time preterpevaet changes in the reproductive system, so it requires special attention. After menopause, doctors recommend to pass a comprehensive examination at least once a year. Due to the level of modern medicine has become possible not only to determine the timing of the onset of menopause, but also the susceptibility of women to diseases. To recognize the onset of menopause you can own, it is enough to listen to your body.

The first signs of the arrival of menopause

Every body is different, and to talk about some of the same symptoms is not necessary. Very often, menopause is accompanied by every female climacteric syndrome, which is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • irregular periods;
  • the tides;
  • insomnia;
  • headaches;
  • fast heartbeat;
  • the addition of body weight.

Upon detection of the at least some signs, do not just rush into a panic and even more so to self-diagnose. Should just consider some points that will be expected.

Признаки климакса у женщин в 52 года и реакция на них

Headaches are the first symptoms of menopause

Irregular menstruation

With the advent of menopause the body starts to fade the activity of the sex glands. Monthly first begin to come regularly, and then just disappear. The final climax comes when a woman turns 52 years of age. In the body women begin to undergo significant changes that occur at the time of the onset of perimenopause. Under the perimenopause refers to the period beginning with the arrival of irregular critical days and ending in complete cessation of menstruation.

The next phase is menopause, which starts with the date of the last menstrual period. Then begins the phase of menopause, which lasts until the complete stop of the health of the ovaries. With the advent of the last phase scientists say that women reach old age.

The reason for the appearance of early menopause can include:

  • poor and irregular diet;
  • bad ecology;
  • bad habits.

Menopause can be delayed with the arrival if the woman accepted hormonal means.

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Признаки климакса у женщин в 52 года и реакция на них

Poor environment is one of the causes of early menopause


The main signs of the onset of menopause are hot flashes. They are shown as follows:

  • feeling the heat;
  • the manifestation of redness on the face, neck and even chest;
  • the appearance of sweating without changing the temperature of the body.

The appearance of such a condition can cause stress. The rush does not last long — less than a minute. Some women can experience them very rarely, and for some, hot flashes are too frequent guests. Any regularity in their ward is completely absent. The phenomenon may be accompanied by even momentary loss of consciousness.

According to the statistics of overweight women are much less likely to suffer from hot flashes, rather than thin.

Sleep disturbance

With the advent of menopause in women there is increased sweating. The output of the pot can be very strong and in a matter of minutes, the body becomes very humid. Particularly strong sweating may occur at night. Clothing and bedding is so wet that we have to change.

This factor won’t be pleasant, but remember, this is a natural process that allows you to display all the harmful substances from the body through the skin. During menopause the functionality of the sweating in women remains unchanged.

Menopausal syndrome is very often accompanied by insomnia — it is caused by stress and tides. After repeated sleepless night out pay a visit to the doctor, who will prescribe harmless pills.

Признаки климакса у женщин в 52 года и реакция на них

Sleep disorders can reverse prescription drugs


The onset of the climacteric syndrome is accompanied by severe and frequent headaches, which pain tension. The reason for their appearance serve as negative emotions, inability to relax.

The pain may not be very strong and maybe pretty exhausting: really starting to hurt the temporal region and forehead, dark eyes, there is trembling of the upper extremities. Similar symptoms occur during a migraine that occur when narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain and their extension.

Heart pain

The most dangerous disease of the heart is coronary artery disease. The blood vessels that feed the heart muscle, are affected. Blood flow in the development of atherosclerosis is significantly reduced. With the onset of menopause women often experience shortness of breath, dizziness, and there is a shortage of oxygen. You may experience noise in the ears, nausea, loss of balance.

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Pressure surges

With the onset of age-related syndrome often starts to ride the pressure, basically it increases. To determine high blood pressure is very simple, it is accompanied by sharp health deterioration, headache, nausea, dizziness. Sudden pressure surges are very dangerous and require professional assistance.

Признаки климакса у женщин в 52 года и реакция на них

With the advent of menopause have start controlling blood pressure

Other signs of menopause

With the advent of menopause, women may experience other signs, in addition to the above. May appear numbness or tingling of the extremities (especially the fingers). In the morning there is a difficulty to bend the brush immediately begin pain that lasts for a short time.

Most women during this period experience a sharp change in mood. Scratch may occur irritability and tension, a feeling of fatigue. Many complain that the throat is like com. If any occurred, should immediately seek qualified help in order to avoid diseases associated with the thyroid gland.

Climacteric syndrome often provokes the appearance of depression that is accompanied by depressed mood, pessimistic mood and irritability.

Another symptom of menopause is burning and dryness in the vaginal area. This is due to the reduction of the produced sexual hormones. Mucosa due to the lack of lubrication becomes thin and dry. The result is itching and sexual contact at this time instead of pleasure can bring only pain. During sexual intercourse may even be the uterine bleeding, so it makes sense to use extra cream and grease.

Female libido (i.e. sexual desire) is significantly reduced. This is due to the fact that the ovarian ends of biological life when the age of women reaches 52 years. The egg practically ceases to ripen.

There can be problems with excess weight, but the addition is seamless. This is a normal reaction that helps to cope with the lack of estrogen. In the fat layer, the body begins to produce non-classical estrogen. But it should be noted that the norm will be considered if the woman have put on a little weight, if she has recovered significantly, then you should think about a way of life and, if necessary, consult a doctor.

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Признаки климакса у женщин в 52 года и реакция на них

Decreased libido — one of the symptoms of menopause

Women’s reactions to menopause

Every woman in its own way is related to this syndrome. On this basis, we can distinguish four main types of reactions:

  • Passive – occurs in 15-20% of all women who see the process as inevitable and treat him normally. Basically, those who live in rural areas.
  • Neurotic, which affects 8-15% of the female half, which begins to resist the process of aging.
  • Hyperactive reaction typical 5-10%. Women are not able to make changes and try to block them in various ways. They try to hide emotions and to their way of life, as if nothing happened.
  • The more appropriate response. This is 60% of the female population, including those who quietly managed to adapt to the current situation.

Women crossed the 50 year milestone, have had to face a problem like menopause. Having identified a number of signs, one should not jump to conclusions, it is better to visit your doctor and clarify the diagnosis. Because in addition to the above features there are other, since every female body is different and distinctive.

You should know that menopause is inevitable that sooner or later will have to face. Years take their toll, and the body also begins to age.

Therefore, this fact must just accept and move on. The main thing is to prepare for it in advance and examine some of the information to meet this period without panic and stress.