Signs of missed abortion in early pregnancy

Frozen (regressing, not developing) pregnancy is a condition in which the fetus dies in utero, but spontaneous abortion does not occur. Signs of a missed abortion can occur in women of different ages from the moment of conception to 22 weeks gestation. The older woman who decided to become a mother, the greater the risk of developing this pathology.

The miscarriage of the embryo is due to his in utero death, in this case, there are signs of missed abortion in the early stages. It can happen at any time, but a missed abortion before 14 weeks is more common the others.

This woman needs to be especially attentive to your body since 5 weeks, when she fall off doubts about his interesting position. This is due to the restructuring of the female body to perform the functions of gestation and peculiarities of its development.

The signs of a normal pregnancy

An important period for every woman is carrying their unborn child. The manifestation of this vital moment to every pregnant woman has almost the same characteristics. What would they be? Should know about every woman. Attentive to your body will help to diagnose missed abortion in the first trimester.

When the fertilized egg embeds itself in the uterine wall, appears:

  • a delay period;
  • enlargement and engorgement of the breast;
  • breast sensitivity is increased;
  • darkening of areolas;
  • morning sickness (nausea and vomiting);
  • a change in tastes;
  • a decrease or increase in appetite;
  • extreme weakness and drowsiness;
  • mood swings;
  • frequent urination.

This signs of pregnancy occur in most women. When you need to urgently visit a gynecologist and be on the account. The sooner this happens, the less pathological deviations will be in the period of gestation and development of the fetus.

Signs of miscarriage

Various pathological disorders in the organism of the expectant mother be the reasons for the development of missed abortion. Therefore, it is important to regularly attend antenatal clinic to determine the health status of women and nurtured fruit. Also the doctor will be able to identify the signs of missed abortion and to prevent complications in women.

There are various symptoms that help to detect signs of fading. For a pregnant it is important to know what they are to protect themselves from the consequences of carrying a dead fetus.

  • Sudden cessation of signs of toxicity.
  • Reduction in mammary glands in size.
  • The decrease in the basal temperature.
  • The increase in body temperature (after 3 to 4 weeks after fetal death).
  • Dragging pain in the abdomen.
  • The General condition of women violated, which is manifested by weakness, chills, malaise.
  • The bleeding from the vagina.
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In the presence of at least one of these signs should not delay to seek medical advice.

Missed abortion in the first trimester

The danger of this condition lies in the fact that sometimes it is asymptomatic and can long does not manifest itself for bringing this great harm to female body.

If frozen fertilized egg was in the uterus for a long time, about 4 – 7 weeks this condition occurs disseminated blood clotting within the vasculature. With the development of this pathological process, reduce blood clotting, which leads to a life-threatening condition.

Symptoms of missed abortion in early pregnancy do not have significant difference. Signs of missed abortion in women on 11 week appear the same as at the fourteenth week, or the fifth.

This files most often by missed abortion in week 10 results:

  • genetic disorders;
  • the use of alcohol, drugs, Smoking;
  • infectious disease of the mother affecting the fetus;
  • pathology of blood coagulation;
  • hormonal failure;
  • immunological disorders.

Sometimes develop antiphospholipid syndrome, which affects the development of blood clotting and implantation of the ovum in the uterine cavity. This is manifested violation of the formation of blood vessels of the placenta, and violation of its functions, which is manifested by occlusion of the utero-placental vessels, division and termination of pregnancy.

Re-regression of early pregnancy – a reason to consult with genetics.

Probable cause The pregnancy
Genetic anomalies of the fetus up to 6 weeks
Infectious diseases 6 – 9 weeks
Hormonal failure 6 – 12 weeks
Immunological disorders 9 – 12 weeks
Pathology of the hemostatic system 10 – 12 weeks or more

Missed abortion in the second trimester

Signs of missed miscarriage second trimester are beginning to appear from 13 weeks. It is from this period is the transition from the first to the second trimester. With 13 weeks the risk of fading of pregnancy is reduced several times. There is a further development of the fetus and the improvement of its bodies. 12 – 16 week morning sickness disappears, pregnant woman begins to experience the joy of impending motherhood.

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But still this period is a little dangerous, with the lack of morning sickness at 13 weeks, one of the main symptoms of missed abortion disappears, it’s a bit complicated the diagnosis of this pathological manifestation.

Signs of missed abortion within 14 weeks slightly reduced, you should pay attention:

  • pain cramping in nature in the lower part of the abdomen;
  • bleeding from the vagina;
  • the reduction in size of the mammary glands;
  • the cessation of the perturbations of the fetus (important after 16 weeks).

At the end of the first trimester ultrasound screening prescribed, which determine the development of the fetus, his height, weight, and condition of internal organs. Also determines the state of the uterus, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid. Necessarily estimated fetal heartbeat. At the first ultrasound the doctor may notice signs of regressing pregnancy or symptoms of threatened miscarriage.

Signs of missed abortion at 16 – 24 weeks, manifested by the lack of perturbation of the child. During this period the expectant mother in the stomach begin the first noticeable fetal movements (18 to 20 weeks in nulliparous and 16 – 18 weeks in multiparous). The absence of fetal movements after a period of increased activity – a disturbing symptom and a reason to seek medical attention.

Signs of missed abortion in women 18 weeks manifest:

  • the cessation of the perturbations;
  • pulling cramping pain in the lumbosacral spine and in the lower abdomen.

For a period of eighteen weeks of pregnancy in women significantly increases the abdomen, so pain in the spine may occasionally be disturbed. In pathological violation of the pain will manifest more than usual and not to stop.

Risk group

When a woman becomes registered, the doctor will gather a medical history about her previous pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions and diseases. This is very important in order to determine the degree of risk to the occurrence of paralysis of the fetus and the establishment of strict control over the development of pregnancy.

The category of women who can lose a child:

  • prior to the birth of a stillborn child;
  • regressing previous pregnancy or miscarriage;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • abortion;
  • anatomical abnormalities of the uterus;
  • adhesive disease;
  • endocrinological disease;
  • genital tract infections;
  • cytomegalovirus infection and rubella during pregnancy;
  • hormonal imbalance, especially lack of production of progesterone, or androgen excess;
  • pathology of the hemostatic system.

Diagnosis and treatment

If you experience any of these symptoms, you must consult a doctor. For the diagnosis of pathology is performed:

  • a blood test for HCG (will be below normal);
  • Ultrasound (no fetal heartbeat).
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If there is a confirmation of the death of the fetus, then it is assigned:

  • scraping uterine cavity;
  • drug symptomatic treatment;
  • the antibiotic therapy.

After curettage of the uterine cavity shows the monitoring by the doctor. The big ultrasound is in 7 days. If the results of the ultrasound in the uterine cavity revealed the remains of the ovum, conducted a second surgery.


In women with different dependencies on alcohol, nicotine or drugs fading pregnancy can occur at a very early period. If a woman decides to have a baby, she should give preference to healthy lifestyle.

If pregnancy through the use of these toxic substances are not interrupted, then there is a risk of having a baby with various severe pathologies, sometimes incompatible with life.

Special attention should be paid to nutrition. It must be complete with plenty of protein and vitamin-mineral complex. Portions should be divided into six receptions. This is a mandatory rule for pregnant women, a proper diet with restriction of consumption of potentially dangerous products.

You need to move more. Fresh air is very useful for a woman who is about to become a mother and her baby. It improves blood circulation and prevents the development of hypoxia.

Regressing pregnancy is not a sentence. After the unsuccessful pregnancies to give birth in a future child. For this you need to eliminate the cause of the previous fading, pass a rehabilitation course. At the point of interruption before the next pregnancy should be at least 3 – 6 months. To plan a new pregnancy is not with the welfare and well-being of women. If necessary, get treatment from a specialist.