Sore labia during pregnancy

The increase in size and change color of the labia in pregnant women is the norm. It affects the restructuring of the work of hormones. However, some women are faced with a situation when sick labia during pregnancy. Expectant mothers rarely understand what is the cause of discomfort. In addition, a woman may notice, as drawn in the genital area. This is related to the changes in size of the labia.

Not all symptoms are dangerous to the health of the woman and the fetus. You should understand, why is there pain in pregnant women.

The cause of the pain

Stagnation of blood often causes pain in an intimate place. This disease occurs not only in the feet, every third pregnant woman is faced with this complication.

Varicose veins are not causing serious harm to the body. Pain are rare or absent, deliveries occur without complications, and after the disease goes without treatment. Rarely happens when varices occurs in a serious form, but if a pregnant woman faced with this, she required a caesarean section. In severe varicose veins, women need to constantly take koagulogrammou, use compression underwear, special ointments with the content of the heparin. The treatment takes place under the supervision of the doctor-phlebologist.

Another reason for which increasing the labia during pregnancy are infectious diseases. The most common pathology of the genital herpes. Symptoms include swelling, blisters on the skin, fever, itching in the intimate area, erosion and ulcer. Genital herpes dangerous for the child, until his death, it is therefore urgent to treat the disease. During the examination the doctor takes a swab and based on the results of the analysis makes the diagnosis.

Was a pain in labia during pregnancy were caused by syphilis. The symptom of syphilis is an ulcer, or as it is called in medicine – the chancre. One of the labia is increased, the color changes to purple-blue. Treatment involved the doctor and the surgeon.

In addition, ache in the labia may be for the following reasons:

  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • uncomfortable underwear.
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The color of the skin of intimate places during pregnancy

Pigmentation of the labia of the girl occurs in all periods of her life, and this does not always need to be frightened. The skin in the perineum may have both beige and black, bright or grey shade.

Common shade of labia minora is pink, but during pregnancy the changes occur and the color becomes red. Many see this as a symptom of inflammation. However, this is normal, if not observed vaginal discharge, itching and fever. Change the color of the labia when hormonal changes occur symmetrically.

Bruising of the labia during pregnancy should not cause concern. This is a characteristic symptom of pregnancy, accompanied by a change in the color of areolas nipples to blue or dark brown, and the breast may receive the venous mesh. After birth, the skin regains its former hue.

Cyanosis of the labia may occur in nonpregnant women because of the uncomfortable lingerie, predominantly of synthetic material, aggressive sex, early sexual activity, aging.

Black color sex often causes doubts and fears in pregnant women. To be afraid is not necessary, as the darkening of the labia is a normal process in the female body. In addition, about three percent of women have a black color of the perineum, despite the fair skin and the absence of pregnancy.

What to do if you hurt labia

Although the reason why there are unpleasant sensations in the perineum, are not always threat to the health of women and fetus in increasing pain should consult a physician for diagnosis. It is not necessary to delay the visit because of the treatment depend on two lives.

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If the pain is caused by improper position of the body or the wearing of uncomfortable clothes, women can solve the problem. It is necessary to reduce the level of physical activity, less to move, wearing comfortable and loose clothing and remove from the wardrobe g-string.

It is recommended to lie on your side, especially when varices of the labia. If after that the woman no longer disturb the growing discomfort, you will need to consult a gynecologist.

Increase and color change of the labia during pregnancy should not cause a sense of fear of the expectant mother. These processes are the norm for the body in this period of time. Diseases that are accompanied by changes of the labia, are successfully treated and do not cause complications. To the body and the fetus were safe, it is recommended to see your doctor regularly and follow all his instructions.