Sores on the labia and vagina

The appearance of ulcers of the labia in some cases, a woman does not bring discomfort. But asymptomatic can stand a serious disease, it is best to start treatment at the beginning of its development. Sores on the labia have a variety of reasons, and they determine the correct treatment strategy.

Causes of ulcers

The most common cause of sores on labia and genital herpes. They affect not only the skin on the outside, but can be in the vagina or on the cervix. All the sores, depending on the stage of the disease are red and white. So appear the following diseases:

  1. Syphilis. Sores on the labia can be single or cover the skin and mucous completely. Patients these elements don’t bother, so they long do not seek medical attention. Without treatment, the sores disappear independently after 1.5 months. It tells about the transition of syphilis in the next more severe stage spread to the internal organs.
  2. Gonorrhea. The disease belong to sexually transmitted diseases. The lesions are bright red and the surface is covered with purulent discharge.
  3. Pyoderma. Its not often you meet on the genitals, but due to similar ulcers with pemphigus or sycosis can be easily confused. Education genital pyoderma rounded brown-red color.
  4. Molluscum contagiosum. After contact with the sick person, the infection goes away within 6 weeks. Molluscum manifests itself in the form of ulcers of the small size (to 10 mm) with a pink tinge, and the surface looks like mother of pearl. These elements appear not only on the labia, but can occur in the hips, lower abdomen. The disease is most common among children up to 10 years, but sometimes occurs in adults. Him predisposed individuals with immune deficiency.
  5. Eczema. Rashes appear upon exposure to an allergen genitals. The sores are bright red, merge with each other and very itchy.
  6. Dysplasia of the vulva. Characteristic elements whitish, red, or closer to a brown shade.
  7. Vulvovaginitis. Appears during the multiplication on the skin of the genitals and mucous membranes of pathogenic microorganisms. Ulcers of the labia are formed at scratching because of severe itching. With the progression of the disease process extends to the mucosa of the vagina. Lack of personal hygiene, helminth and low immunity are the main causes of the disease.
  8. Atopic dermatitis. Under the influence of the allergen to which the organism is sensitive there are inflammatory education, which in its place leave sores. Most often, the disease has a genetic predisposition. Sometimes some women have a clear relationship with the time of year — in winter, the aggravation or relapse, and in the summer all the symptoms disappear. In the absence of treatment atopic dermatitis flows years with intermittent periods of absence of symptoms.
  9. In addition to sores on the genitals, women have the following complaints when access to a doctor:
    • itching;
    • burning sensation during urination;
    • discomfort or pain;
    • highlight different color, volume and odor;
    • swollen lymph nodes in the groin area;
    • the menstrual cycle;
    • lack of desire for sexual activity in the presence of discomfort in the genital area.

    Most diseases manifest the same symptoms, but the syphilis has specific features. Wounds in patients of the labia does not bring additional discomfort that does not encourage them to go to the doctor.

    • antibiotics including determination of the causative agent and its sensitivity to drugs;
    • immunomodulators;
    • antiviral agents;
    • vitamins;
    • antihistamines;
    • painkillers;
    • antipruritic tools
    • hormones
    • sedatives;
    • traditional medicines
    • surgical treatment.

    Among the antibiotics the most popularity and proven effectiveness has received Penicillin, Ceftriaxone, Tarivid and Economically. To maintain intestinal microflora eubiotics are assigned. Cope with pain and slight itching Dimedrol and Analgin. Place used Throat, Acyclovir or Betadine.

    In an adjuvant proved to be the therapy lamp Minin. It is indicated for inflammatory diseases and purulent the accession of the phenomena on the surface of the sores. Vitamin preparations of group A, E, b, and C will strengthen a weakened immune system.

    To prepare sitz baths applied chamomile, succession, calendula, and solution of potassium permanganate. They have anti-inflammatory, healing and drying properties.

    Each patient should remember that the sores on the labia — the result of a disease which itself does not pass. Well-timed treatment will help to identify the cause and to begin complex treatment. A prolonged course leads to complications, transition to a chronic form and difficulties with the selection of drugs.

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