Spasm of the vaginal muscles, or vaginismus false

In women, the spasm of the vaginal muscles, or vaginismus refers to violations of a sexual nature. This condition can not be controlled, that causes a lot of problems and complexes. Perineal appear strong sharp pains, spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the vagina. Spasms appear when attempts to introduce the penis, medical instruments for inspection or swab.

Causes spasm of the vagina

Spasm of the muscles of the vagina are most characteristic of emotionally-unstable women. Distinguish such a thing as a false vaginismus. It appears in perfectly healthy girls and is associated with painful intercourse. In the future, appears the fear of this condition that leads to muscle spasm.

There are the following causes of vaginismus:

  • inflammatory diseases;
  • dryness in the vagina;
  • candidiasis;
  • cracks in the mucosa of the vulva;
  • urinary tract infection;
  • tumor formation;
  • venereal disease;
  • mental disorders;
  • antipathy to sex parter;
  • hidden homosexuality;
  • the presence of painful memories associated with an intimacy (rape, rough deflowering);
  • anomalies of the female genital organs.

There are primary and secondary vaginismus. In the first case, a muscle spasm appears in girls under 20 years, while maintaining the integrity of the hymen. Typically the problems connected with the fence gynecological smear, use tampons, availability of suggestion about the immorality of sex. The appearance of the spasm of the vaginal muscles is typical for women who previously have had sex. Sexual symptoms arise after a trauma during childbirth.


The brain and female body exist in an inseparable connection with each other. Therefore, because many factors have developed a conditional reflex in response to attempted penetration of the vagina. The body before this process has created a specific skill, which appears in anticipation of the pain. The result is the uncontrolled woman is spasm of the vaginal muscles. This reaction is compared with the occurrence of startle in response to unexpected cotton.


  1. During intercourse or during a pelvic examination there is a vaginal spasm, and minor discomfort in the crotch area and there is a burning sensation. These symptoms may appear after penetration with the beginning of active movements. This stage is characterized by the spontaneous emergence of signs of vaginismus and then their spontaneous disappearance.
  2. Worried woman a more pronounced burning sensation and muscle compression in the vagina at the beginning of the penetration. These symptoms do not disappear on their own and require assistance.
  3. Before intercourse appears strong grip of vaginal muscles, resulting in pain. This makes it impossible for penetration.
  4. At the last stage of severity of vaginismus, the vagina is completely closed. Therefore, it becomes impossible to penetrate in a sexual way. If you try to do is force the woman has severe pain.

It is important to note that vaginismus is not caused by deliberate actions. Often women do not understand what is happening and can’t explain the process.

There are several forms of muscle spasm in the vagina. The most favorable is the initial or easy. Compression of the muscles of the girl appears before intercourse. If the process is to proceed carefully, all signs of vaginismus alone disappear. In women with climacteric variant of motion experience the same symptoms. This is due to the physiological decrease in the formation of grease by the cells lining the vagina and decrease sexual desire. Spasms characteristic of climacteric women with increased irritability (neurasthenia).

There are a variety of vaginismus, when the first signs appear only in certain situations — this election form. Phobic variant muscle spasm occurs due to pronounced fear of sexual contact. Some women retain the ability to be excited even in the presence of symptoms of vaginismus, but some of the unrealized attempts lead to the emergence of neurotic disorders.

Treatment of spasm of the vaginal muscles

All therapeutic measures are performed only after establishing the exact cause of muscle spasm in the vagina. Most expedient to carry out comprehensive treatment. In many cases the onset of symptoms is associated with psychological attitudes which are important to overcome in order to get rid of vaginismus. In some women it is combined with diseases or wounds.

Treatment of spasms of the vagina includes:

  1. Drug therapy.
  2. Non-drug treatment.
  3. Traditional medicines.


To reduce the incidence of manifestations of vaginismus, we recommend taking sedatives or tranquilizers (Phenazepam, Atarax, Midazolam), antidepressants (Fluoxetine, Amitriptyline), muscle relaxants (Baclofen, Tolperisone). Vegetable drugs used sedatives is the Valerian, motherwort. Topically it is necessary to grease with a solution of Tetracaine the entrance to the vagina.

Non-drug treatment

Among methods without the use of drugs recognize the most effective psychotherapy. The specialist it individually with a patient or with a partner. During the first variant treatment is achieved by addressing inner conflicts, relieving anxiety and anticipation of pain. Used hypnotherapy, which accelerates the onset of effect after therapy and normalizes sexual function.

During a session with a partner (double sexterapi) discusses the principles of treatment which are applicable to specific pairs.

It is recommended that the massage should be relaxing for women with vaginismus. First, it is impossible to touch the thighs and the pubis, to avoid spasm of the muscles of the vagina. Previously it is important to prepare the woman, using techniques stroking and rubbing with a focus on back, hands, feet, and belly. Once all the sections are completed, the technician can go to the pubic area. The massage should be invigorating and stimulating.

In aromatherapy is well established in the treatment tinctures of ginger, chamomile and lavender oils, lemon balm.

Zhenshina have to carry out special exercises at home. The duration of therapy takes several weeks or months. First, you need to make the usual sensation of having a vagina in foreign object. This is achieved by self-introduction of the finger, which is applied to the lubricant. The woman introduces into the vagina a finger and presses down. After this movement the muscles are compressed. During the process it is important to maintain the uniformity of the respiratory movements. On the exhale, the finger is again lowered. The exercise is performed up to 6 times per day. The following day you need to complicate things and start to gradually introduce the finger deeper, and then use during the procedure for the second finger.

The next step is with your partner. It is the repetition of all actions performed by a woman alone. An effective way to train is the use of vaginal dilators. This training will allow a woman to learn to control muscle spasms and to respond appropriately to sexual activity.

Traditional medicines

During the treatment of muscle spasm difficult to do without the herbal remedies of folk medicine. A special place is occupied by:

  • tincture of ginger (0.5 liters of boiling water 2 tsp plants);
  • a decoction of mint (6 tablespoons per gallon of water).

Sexual disorder is well treated, except if the drugs take the help of a psychologist, psychotherapist and sexologist. To obtain the effect, it is important to tune in to long-term treatment and follow all medical recommendations.

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