Stretched vagina: how to achieve a similar effect

The vagina is an internal sexual organ, presented in the form of a tubular cylinder consisting of an elastic muscle covered by mucous membrane. Usually its size is in the range of 7 – 12 cm Some women have a more stretched vagina than others. This feature should be considered as a variant of the physiological norm.

Stretching of the vagina under the influence of precipitating factors internal and external environment. There are special techniques to increase this body, which women use to achieve this goal.

Features of the structure of the vagina

The area of the vagina entrance starts ahead and ends in its upper part at the level of the cervix. Between the upper and lower vaginal walls in a cavity in a slit-like shape. In virgins the entrance to the vagina is protected by a special membrane (hymen virgin), which violate possible mechanical effects.

The vaginal wall consists of three layers:

  • internal (mucosal);
  • the average (represented by muscles, connected with the uterus and perineum);
  • external (in the form of a combination of muscle and elastic fibers).

Stretching of the vagina occurs due to stretching it longitudinal folds, the depth of which varies throughout life. The maximum depth of the folds observed in the reproductive age. It then becomes an urgent question how to stretch vagina.

Women can pursue a variety of goals, wanting to increase the vaginal cavity. Among them are the following:

  1. stretching of the vagina (its walls) with the aim of increasing the elasticity of muscles, for successful labor and preventing tearing;
  2. training the muscles for a more comfortable course of sexual intercourse and thrills;
  3. Fisting (sexual practice that involves the injection into the cavity of the vagina a few fingers or the palm of your hand).

In the excited state has a larger body size. The secret of allocated Bartolini glands and increased blood circulation in the veins of the vagina contribute to a more easy introduction of the penis. Stretching of the vagina is directly during intercourse. Thus nature has provided the most favorable conditions for conception. An increased vaginal cavity can accommodate a larger number of sperm.

The increase observed in the vagina pregnancy. Change not only the color of the mucous membrane, but the structure of the muscular layer. The body prepares for the onset of birth, with hypertrophy of muscle fibers and increase their flexibility.

Medical indications to increase in the vagina

There are a number of circumstances, when the enlargement of the cavity of the vagina is crucial. These include the following:

  1. Diseases of the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis, condylomata, thrush and other disease provoke the development of complications such as the formation of ulcers. To remove them will require a mechanical enlargement of the vaginal walls.
  2. Anomalies of fetal development. Stenosis, doubling, improper formation of the vaginal tube, the presence of partitions require surgery.
  3. Prolapse of the vaginal walls. This circumstance provokes a loss of neighboring organs, to eliminate which it is possible by expanding the vagina at the time of surgery. In this case, conduct suturing of the vaginal walls and vaginal muscles. In the presence of excess tissue on the walls of the body carry out its excision (colporate).
  4. Sexual practice

    Stretched vagina reduces the risk of injury during intercourse. In the absence of anomalies, pathological changes in the vagina and psychological trauma sexual contact causes pleasant sensations for both partners. Increased sensitivity of the erogenous zone allows you to experience sexual satisfaction, if the size of the vagina corresponds to the volume of the penis partner.

    Often, a large penis size provokes painful sensations during intercourse. This fact causes not only physical discomfort but also promotes the violation of the understanding between sexual partners. Only time and good behavior will be able to eliminate this phenomenon.

    Stretching of the vagina occurs as a result of regular sexual relations. Gynecologists and sexologists in this case recommend the use of dildos with lube applied before each sexual contact.

    Lubricants are of two types:

    • water-based;
    • based on synthetic.

    It is preferable to use a lubricant based on synthetic components. They last longer retain their properties. With the emergence of feelings of discomfort due to drying of the medium as a result of mechanical impact enough to drip on the penis a few drops of water and it will recover its properties.

    Fisting is one more step in achieving sexual satisfaction. However, to apply this technique should take special precautions. Absolute trust and freedom are indispensable.

    The vagina should gradually prepare for this procedure. Foreplay for 20 minutes helps to increase libido and preparing the vagina for intercourse. The use of lubricants is the second prerequisite.

    To practice the Fisting must gradually, starting with the introduction into the vagina one finger. Movements simulating sexual intercourse, preferably carried out several times a week at the time of sexual games. The number of fingers increase as the elasticity of the vagina. With sufficient stretching of the vagina a man can enter up to 4 fingers. The advent of expressed pain suggests a temporary refusal from further use of Fisting. As an alternative to sexual games, you can use different simulators for Masturbation of the clitoris or anal sex.

    Fisting technique requires to maintain a full sexual health of both partners. Do not forget about such a small nuance as shortly shorn nails. Long nails can cause serious trauma to the vaginal mucosa.

    Regardless of the reason why the woman decided to increase the size of the penis, this procedure should be approached consciously using all precautions. Consultation sexologist or gynecologist will permit urgent questions. The assistance of a competent specialist is invaluable.

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