Swelling during menopause in women: treatment

Menopause is a difficult time in the lives of women, its beginning suggests that the extinction of reproductive functions, so the body changes, that is often accompanied by unpleasant effects. Sometimes during this period, edema, why they develop, how is the treatment in this matter is to understand more.

Swelling is common at menopause

Physiological menopause

Menopause is a natural and inevitable period for any woman, it occurs when the ovarian tissue is atrophied, and the ovaries stop functioning. The norm of the beginning of the process is the time after 45 to 50 years but sometimes due to certain reasons or circumstances, menopause occurs at a younger age.

When ovarian failure occurs before age 40, the process is called premature if the climax develops after the age of 40, but 45 is early.

If menopause occurs in time, alteration in the reproductive system in women goes in stages and in a timely manner, the body is prepared for the upcoming changes and the transition period is more or less smooth:

  • first, it decreases the amount of menstrual blood;
  • periods between periods become longer;
  • eventually they stopped altogether.

Women may experience at this time, some discomfort, but symptoms do not cause any complications and are a year or 2, max 5.

Отеки при климаксе у женщин: лечение

In the normal course of menopause is after 2-5 years

Pathologic menopause

Due to various factors (heredity, lifestyle, disease) it happens that ovarian function fade too quickly. When accelerating the process, the regulatory body responsible for hormonal changes in the body, do not have time to adapt to the changes taking place, the mechanisms in the brain structures lose the balance, then menopause is more severe, delivers to the woman a lot of trouble.

The transition period increases, sometimes stretched over a decade, the ongoing disruption caused by the imbalance, are the basis for numerous complaints, because the process involved all vital systems. At this stage, may appear and swelling.

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The reason for the swelling

Swelling is not a symptom of menopause, she says that in the organism there are violations, signaling that a system failure has occurred, it works in wrong mode.

If menopause is normal, the swelling did not develop, this happens when the pathological course of menopause.

The main reason of their appearance in this period are disturbances in the system water-salt metabolism. Excessive accumulation of sodium ions leads to increased osmotic pressure, causing fluid to accumulate, it moves to the extracellular space. Disorders in this area are characterized by edema in the feet and shins, manifest heaviness in the legs especially in the evening, after a long walk or the heat.

Women usually do not attach importance to these symptoms, but in this case, the internal organs and cardiovascular system are under extreme pressure, if signs aside without attention in the near future, the inevitable development of arrhythmias, arterial hypertension, complications of chronic diseases.

Potassium-sodium imbalance is not the only reason for accumulation of fluids in the body during this period, Often based on:

  • the kidney disease;
  • problems with the thyroid gland;
  • weight;
  • nervous tension;
  • varicose veins.

Sometimes the condition develops due to the use of drugs, for example:

  • female sex hormones;
  • antidepressants;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • calcium blockers.

Therefore, if you are concerned about swelling needs to be examined and determine the cause to prevent deterioration of the situation.

Отеки при климаксе у женщин: лечение

Swelling is not a normal condition, its cause you need to find out from the doctor


Usually the culprit of edema during the adjustment period becomes a factor, but the totality of changes occurring in women at menopause. Therefore, treatment should be represented by a set of measures aimed at the removal of sources that trigger their appearance:

  • The first requirement is to eliminate the main source of violations of the hormonal imbalance that occurs at the time of menopause. We recommend the use of hormone replacement therapy. This will enable to maintain the necessary levels of hormones for normal functioning of the body.
  • If this option is not suitable, the doctor will help you choose an alternative treatment will prescribe drugs from the group of phytoestrogens, these tools are not as active as hormones, affect the body softer and bright do not cause side effects.
  • For pathological climax is accompanied by nervous tension, so it is important to use sedatives, normalizing processes of inhibition and excitation in the brain.
  • Besides hormonal medications and to reduce the excessive content of the liquid used diuretics. In this case, more suitable the use of herbal remedies, they act more carefully, not quickly excreted trace elements and calcium.
  • In parallel, it is recommended the use of vitamins, including C, D, E, B, a, complexes, minerals, antioxidants, their disadvantage also amplifies the symptoms, promotes the development of edema.
  • In addition to the basic treatment recommended resorts with radon and hydrosulphuric springs. They are beneficial to the nervous and reproductive system of women. Sometimes effective homeopathic treatment, its advantage is that usually contraindications for its use are insignificant.
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Self-treatment is not engaged, it can only hurt, the gynecologist will recommend the medication that is appropriate in each individual case. If necessary, direct you to the relevant specialist who will be able to treat accompanying diseases.

Отеки при климаксе у женщин: лечение

Radon and hydrogen sulfide sources are prescribed to reduce swelling

Recipes to eliminate edema

If at menopause are concerned about swelling and heaviness in the legs, you can use the following recipes:

  • Peppermint tea gently eliminates excess fluid, calms the nervous system: in a glass takes a small pinch of herbs and brewed with boiling water. You can drink the infusion several times a day.
  • Bring extra water will help the use of dill.
  • If 100 g of mint to add chamomile and birch leaves and steamed in a basin, you get an effective bath for water treatments. After her feet will be easy, the swelling will decrease.

Before use, the recipes should consult with your doctor.

Отеки при климаксе у женщин: лечение

Mint tea removes excess fluid from the body

Prevention of swelling during menopause

To maintain normal body functions, in order to avoid swelling a woman is more attentive to yourself and your health:

  • Special attention should be paid to food is an important aspect in eliminating edema, should avoid eating salty foods.
  • Monitor the body weight.
  • To give up Smoking and alcohol.
  • The adherence of the day, timely rest contribute to the normalization process.
  • Undesirable excessive physical stress, but the lack of movement is dangerous, it causes stagnation of water in the tissues. Every woman should choose for themselves the best physical activity.

Timely access to a doctor, correct lifestyle, balanced diet, proper rest during menopause is of particular importance.

If you do not neglect these conditions will leave not only the swelling, but other symptoms will be not so bright, and life on this stage once again sparkle with new colors.

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