Symptoms of mastitis in women, form of the disease

Mastitis – inflammatory disease developing in the breast. So time to start treatment and prevent complications, you need to accurately present what are the symptoms of mastitis. This is especially important to know lactating women, this disease can affect not only the health of the mother, but the child’s condition.

Mastitis can lead to complications, so it must be treated early

There are several forms of mastitis

  • serous;
  • purulent;
  • infiltrative;
  • abscess;
  • gangrenous;
  • abscessed.

These forms have common symptoms, typical for all varieties, and specific. From the specific manifestations depends on the selected tactics of treatment. Common symptoms are the initial signs of mastitis disease in women.

This disease begins acutely, not infrequently prior to this observed phenomenon of lactose for several days.

Симптомы мастита у женщин, формы заболевания

Examination by a breast physician will help to determine the form of mastitis

Common signs

  • General intoxication. There is fever, headache, feeling of weakness, drowsiness.
  • The local inflammation. The chest increases in size, the skin is tense, glossy, appears redness. The temperature rises at the site of inflammation, bloating in chest, sharp pain when pressed.
  • Blockage of the ducts. Pump is almost impossible, and if you will – does not come easy.
  • If these symptoms should urgently contact your doctor. In order to avoid complications and deterioration.

    When mastitis is impossible to measure the temperature in the armpits, this should be the manipulation or the elbow or below the knee.

    Симптомы мастита у женщин, формы заболевания

    Difficulty pumping milk is one of the symptoms of mastitis

    Infiltrative form

    The initial symptoms usually kept a few days longer stage of mastitis is changing, moving in the infiltrative form. Joins the presence of infiltration in chest. Can be diffuse and local. Chest still more increases in size, the pain appears already at rest. The temperature rises rapidly to 39 degrees.

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    Purulent form

    Later infiltrative form may go into festering. They are distinguished by the localization in the segments of the breast:

    • subcutaneous;
    • around the areola;
    • inside the gland;
    • behind the mammary gland.

    When purulent mastitis appears diffuse redness, skin chest hot and tight, the appearance of clots of pus when pressing on the nipple. Inflamed axillary lymph nodes. At this stage it is important not to run disease.

    Симптомы мастита у женщин, формы заболевания

    Purulent mastitis in any case, you cannot run

    Accessiona form

    When you switch to abscessing form abscess is delineated. Its rupture may lead to sepsis. Seal detectable in the form of dense node which over time starts to increase. The pain is worse, takes a throbbing character.

    Depending on the location of the lesion, the shape of the breast may be deformed.

    Abscess form of mastitis in women

    Then suppurative lesion continues to grow, takes spilled nature. On the site of the lesion occurs fluctuation (wavelike the skin varies due to liquid pus). The skin is swollen, becomes bluish tint. The outflow of milk is not possible or difficult. There is a retracted nipple. The temperature reaches 40 degrees, the General condition is deteriorating.

    Симптомы мастита у женщин, формы заболевания

    Abscessing mastitis, left untreated, leads to serious consequences

    Gangrenous form

    The patient’s condition is assessed as extremely heavy, iron increases in volume. The skin is purple-blue color, pop the bubbles with a clear liquid. Milk is missing in both Breasts. There are areas of necrotic tissue.

    A separate form is such disease as chronic mastitis. Common symptoms are absent, palpation detected painful seal. As well patients complain of periodic pain in his chest. Prescribed bacteriological examination of milk for the detection of pathogens.

    The diagnosis of chronic mastitis, will help ultrasound.

    Mastitis in men

    Mastitis occurs with endocrine or metabolic disorders in men. The disease is most often accompanied by a change in the hormonal background, showing the defeat of the endocrine glands.

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    Симптомы мастита у женщин, формы заболевания

    The photo on the left is the patient’s chest, on the right — healthy

    The first stage is a serous mastitis, begins with swelling of glands, pain in it. A small size a breast lump palpated. In the later period to inflammation connected lymph nodes of the axillary region. They are painful and increased in size.

    The second stage – infiltrative mastitis. The reason for the infiltration is the response of the body to inflammation – white blood cells. There is an increase in temperature to 38, joined General toxic symptoms – headache, weakness. Swelling of the tissues even more. Appears redness.

    The third stage – purulent mastitis. If time does not begin treatment of early stages of mastitis, starts the accession of pathogenic microorganisms. The patient’s condition deteriorates, the temperature reaches high numbers (400). Increase and local manifestations of mastitis the skin over the affected area becomes deep red in color, appears gloss, hot with polerowanie.

    If you run the disease, before pus forms, then the situation is only getting worse and may lead to abscess formation and cellulitis.

    Mastitis in children

    During fetal development the baby gets the hormones from the mother at birth causes breast enlargement in infants. Manifest regardless of the sex of the baby. When injected into the mammary gland aggressive flora leads to inflammation.

    Симптомы мастита у женщин, формы заболевания

    At the first suspicion of mastitis child need to see a doctor

    There are 3 stages of mastitis in children:

  • Serous condition worsens, the child is capricious, refuses to eat. Raising the temperature to subfebrile figures. Chest felt seal small size.
  • Infiltrative – the temperature rises to 38, the baby is lethargic, increased drowsiness. On the breast skin there is swelling and redness. The pain is worse – causing the child anxiety. Adjacent lymph nodes become inflamed, increasing in size.
  • Purulent body Temperature continues to increase, a serious condition. Is the growth of the redness and swelling almost on the whole chest. Child is adynamic, refuses the breast. Lymph nodes become painful.
  • Mastitis should be treated early to prevent the development of purulent inflammation and complications.

    In order to prevent the need to visit the doctor-mammologist at least once a year. When the first signs of mastitis in women, consult the doctor.

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