Symptoms of menopause after 45 years: the cause of breaking the cycle

Sooner or later, but comes to the women this day comes the inevitable climax. Many women 45 years afraid of this day, because I believe that along with menopause comes old age. But, turning to the history of medicine, we learn that the word «menopause» translates from Latin as «step». Therefore it is better to look at this period as the onset of old age, but as a new stage of development and learning.

The symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, can be minimized with the correct lifestyle

Since menopause is inevitable, it would be better if we start to prepare for it in advance, to improve their health after 45 years to take vitamins. Be sure to pass every year survey from a specialist. Only he will be able to say with certainty when to start menopause and how you can mitigate or completely remove all the unpleasant symptoms of this period. Modern medicine and pharmacology offer the widest selection of nutritional Supplements, hormonal medications and anti-aging vitamins to promote health.

Types of women’s reactions to menopause

Women after the age of 45 years react differently to the inevitability of the onset of menopause, depending on the temperament, attitudes and beliefs.

  • Adoption is inevitable, as destiny is such a passive position characteristic of women living in rural areas whose menopause occurs after age 50.
  • Absolutely neurotic reaction is typical for those persons who resist the aging process and symptoms of impending menopause.
  • There is hyperactive and the position at which a woman tries to live life to the fullest, without paying attention to the symptoms of menopause and blocking all negative emotions and masking the signs of approaching old age.
  • The majority of women (60-65%) have an adequate response to menopause, and adapt to changes in the body.

Симптомы климакса у женщин после 45 лет: причины нарушения цикла

The majority of women easily tolerate menopause

The first symptoms of menopause

The first symptom of approaching old age is onset of irregular menses. If the earlier periods PMS can be accurately calculated, but now it can be done. Changed and their number and length.

Other symptoms of menopause are insomnia and irritability, headache and palpitations, as well as a sharp increase in body weight.

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Causes of menstrual disorders

After the age of 45 years there is a gradual extinction of the vital activity of the gonads that leads first to the breach, and then to the cessation of menstruation.

The restructuring of the female body, leading to complete loss of reproductive functions, lasts from 2 to 8 years.

The first phase is irregular menstruation, the second phase — the last blood loss (menopause), it is due to the loss of hormonal function of the ovaries. Then comes menopause, when ovarian function completely dies. It is a sign of approaching old age. Postmenopausal also lasts up to 8 years.

Sometimes menopause occurs in women after 35 years. In this case, you must consult your doctor, who will appoint examination and vitamins, as these symptoms are characteristic for chronic diseases of the reproductive organs.

Proven that Smoking, long exhausting diets and life in ecologically disadvantaged areas can accelerate the approach of menopause, and it comes well before 45 years.

Симптомы климакса у женщин после 45 лет: причины нарушения цикла

Smoking accelerates the onset of menopause

What is tides?

After 45 years, a woman’s body undergoes a powerful hormonal imbalance that will react to other bodies. Tides — this is the most common symptom of the onset of menopause, when the body of a woman suddenly produced a feeling of intense heat from the head to the waist, a very red face, neck, chest, stands profuse sweating (some women this sweating several times a day have to change clothes). The General condition when tides are very unpleasant: there is weakness, trembling of legs and hands. Hot flashes last no longer than one minute, and the frequency thereof are different. In some women they occur rarely, and others are visited 60-70 times per day. Particularly strong tides can cause short-term loss of consciousness.

At night women Wake up due to a sharp heat, and then can’t sleep, they have nightmares, palpitations and irritability. Taking certain hormonal medications and and restorative vitamins help to avoid a particularly unpleasant symptoms.

Cause of tides is the reaction of the pituitary to the sharp drop in the level of estrogen in your blood. The pituitary gland throws into the blood LH (luteinizing hormone), which causes transient increase in body temperature. In addition, increased thyroid function and hence increased sweating.

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Do fat women hot flashes less visited than skinny.

Симптомы климакса у женщин после 45 лет: причины нарушения цикла

Hot flashes often occur in lean women than in full

Headaches and insomnia during menopause

In menopause, go to bed, the woman can’t sleep, turning and tossing and turning in my head many thoughts. She wakes up shortly before high tide and after a long time can not sleep, reliving all the unpleasant symptoms of this process. If insomnia is long retreats, we can turn to folk medicine or to take restorative vitamins.

Reaction to a nervous condition following the menopause can be severe headaches or, in other words they are called pain tension. The woman after 45 years can not relax, relax, it causes tension of the facial muscles. On the face written all the emotions, it becomes bitter and unpleasant, hence the dull, monotonous headache. Sometimes it occurs because of the strong muscle tension in the neck and progressive osteoarthritis. One of the first signs of menopause becomes a sharp selection of nasolabial folds, which can further on advance in wrinkles and is a sign of old age.

There are other type of pain: sharp and severe pain in the temples and in the forehead area. The pain of dark eyes, and shaking hands. This is the first «swallow» the approaches of migraine. In this case, you need to pay attention to the condition of the vessels, and take vitamins to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Симптомы климакса у женщин после 45 лет: причины нарушения цикла

A headache may indicate problems with blood vessels

The condition of the muscles and joints in menopause

Often hear that women after the age of 45 years must be especially careful to monitor the health of the joints, to take calcium and vitamins to strengthen them, because at this age the bones are very fragile and susceptible to fractures. Menopausal and joints, and the muscles begin to behave a little differently. Often there is numbness of the fingers and toes. After waking up, pain in all joints, it is difficult to wiggle your toes. Sometimes loses sensitivity some part of the body, sometimes the whole half of the body numb and covered with «goosebumps» or feels burning and tingling.

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Some women of 45 years complain of suffocation, recurring lump in throat, from which it is impossible to get rid of. This lump prevents at night, preventing sleep, but the pain itself from him, do not feel. To exclude thyroid disease should consult a endocrinologist. If the lump is one of the signs of menopause, then after a while it will disappear by itself.

After the age of 45 years aggravated and hushed chronic diseases of the genitourinary system and reproductive organs. Often this period of mammary gland fibroadenomas or fibromas of the uterus, often inflamed intestines and stomach. A woman at this age needs to monitor their health, take vitamins, moderate exercise and have to undergo a medical examination.

Symptom of the approaching osteoporosis are back pain, loss of height, the appearance of a small hump. Signs of osteoarthritis are increased pain in the spine, which appeared due to the weakening menopausal the muscles and ligaments. Good results in the fight against these diseases gives you the vitamins and minerals.

Remember: degenerative changes in the spinal column it is impossible to remove or recover!

Finally, the symptoms of menopause are sudden and frequent mood swings, constant irritability, fatigue, anxiety, inability to relax. In this case, also help medications and vitamins.