Symptoms of menopause after 50 years

Menopause is an inevitable phenomenon which women fear. The most probable age of its onset is 45 – 50 years. Late menopause is considered a disease. The phase that precedes menopause is called premenopausal. Failures begin in the functioning of the reproductive mechanism of menstruation become irregular and scanty. Enter the state of menopause (menopause) occurs a year after the last menstrual period.

Surgical menopause occurs at any age after removal of the uterus or ovarium. Complete cessation of the functioning of the ovaries is stretched to five years. From this point a woman enters the phase that precedes old age — menopause.

Causes of menopause

The main reason is age. In connection with the loss of fertility menopause 50 years and in older age is accompanied by the following changes:

  • slowed metabolism;
  • attenuated the process of producing the sex hormones;
  • inhibited the cell renewal process.

Bad habits and environmental circumstances speed up the onset of the signs of menopause, intake of oral contraceptives gormonoterapii — slows down. The development of tumors leads to the removal of the ovaries and the urethra — surgical menopause. In addition to the loss of body produces hormones, development of menopausal changes contributes to a mental state characterized by the following shocks:

  • awareness of the loss of the ability to bear children;
  • loss of sexual attractiveness;
  • loss of libido;
  • predisposition to depression and stressful situations.

The symptoms of menopause

Functional extinction of the sexual glands accompany the following symptoms of menopause after 50 years:

  • Climacteric syndrome. Hormonal changes affect the health and psychological condition. The following types of psychological reactions:
    • passive – humility before inevitable,
    • neurotic – a woman tries to slow down aging that leads to mental disorders
    • hyperactive women do not accept what is happening and continue to live life to the fullest.
    • adequate – adapt to changing conditions.
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  • Tides. For women after 50 years the characteristic symptoms of menopause are hot flashes. Unpleasant, short-term (less than a minute) attack, is expressed in the sudden appearance of a sense of heat in the body, accompanied by weakness. Sometimes accompanied by redness of the skin. The cause of the tides — the response of the pituitary gland to decrease the concentration of estrogen. Seizures have the following features:
    • the frequency of occurrence of individual tides range from one to several days to tens for a day,
    • disturbed sleep,
    • quickens the heartbeat,
    • the tides affected half of women in menopause.
  • Sweating. Occurs on the background of the tides or independently. Night sweating profusely, there is need to replace the bedding. Day clothes are the stains of moisture.
  • Headache. The following causes of pain:
    • Depression. Negative emotions cause an overload of the muscles of the face, there is a dull pain.
    • Hormonal dysfunction leads to changes in pressure in the blood vessels of the brain. Arise migrenepodobnaya pain, lasting from an hour to several hours.
    • Hypertension is manifested by heaviness in the head, tinnitus, and headache.
    • Medication:
      • heart medications,
      • medication, reducing blood pressure,
      • hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs,
      • anti-ulcer drugs.

    • Dizziness. Accompanied by nausea, loss of balance, tinnitus.
    • Heart palpitations. Is the result of the following violations:
      • pathology of the myocardium;
      • atherosclerosis, a narrowing or blockage of blood vessels, manifests itself in forgetfulness, distraction.
    • The increase in blood pressure. These symptoms appear:
      • headache
      • sick
      • observed dizziness,
      • occurs hypertensive crisis.
    • Numbness of the fingers, suddenly, often at night. Upon awakening attempted flexion of the fingers causes pain.
    • Paresthesia — sensation of tingling running.
    • A quick change of mood.
    • Depression. Depression lasts for weeks and is characterized by the following features:
      • the feeling of hopelessness,
      • insomnia,
      • attention span,
      • change of interests
      • unwillingness to communicate,
      • irritability,
      • fatigue,
      • loss of appetite,
      • attacks of neuralgia.
    • Dry skin eyes. The skin loses its elasticity, there are wrinkles and circles around the eyes.
    • Dryness of the vagina. The mucosa loses its natural lubrication, thinner. Dryness causes itching. The intercourse becomes painful.
    • Increased urge to empty the bladder. Night have to get up several times. Discomfort during urination.
    • Incontinence. The root cause — a deficiency of hormones. The disease is manifested in the following:
      • weakness of the sphincter
      • the decrease in muscle tone of the bladder,
      • the presence of tumors of the uterus.
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  • Decreased libido. Due to the decrease in the concentration of estrogen. Hypoactive sexual desire is also attributable to vaginal dryness and discomfort during intimacy.
  • Vaginal bleeding. The reason for their occurrence during menopause is:
    • atrophic vaginitis;
    • endometritis;
    • endometrial hyperplasia;
    • uterine fibroids;
    • tumors of the uterus;
    • pathology of the cervix.


Woman in 50 years is entering a period of menopause. If it wishes to maintain health, you have to remember the following:

  • Self-treatment of menopause is fraught with sharp deterioration of health. Take drugs should be only on prescription.
  • To maintain health, a woman needs twice a year to pass preventive examinations by a gynecologist. The detection of any disease of the reproductive sphere need time to undergo treatment from a specialist.
  • To listen to the standard recommendations of specialists, namely:
    • stop Smoking,
    • to organize a good rest,
    • stick to a balanced diet.

A woman entered menopause, must know: age-related reproductive failure is not a disease that can be cured, but an inevitable stage of human existence. Need to treat symptoms caused by hormonal changes within the body. Functional disorders of the ovarian cycles is removed by application of hormones. The developed method of hormone therapy for the whole period of menopause. Hormone therapy is not suitable for all women and should be undertaken only under the supervision of a physician.

Non-hormonal drugs are used to normalize the functions of the Central and autonomic nervous complex. The most popular the following medications:

  • hypotensive drugs (lower blood pressure and eliminate associated symptoms);
  • means stimulating the blood flow in the vessels of the brain (improved attention and memory);
  • sedatives (calm, relieve insomnia);
  • angioprotectors (to protect the vascular wall and blood supply).
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According to the testimony appointed other symptomatic medications to ease the condition of the woman in menopause.


Much attention in the treatment of menopausal symptoms is paid to providing the body with vitamins and complete nutrition. The female body during menopause needs the following vitamins:

  • Tocopherol — vitamin e is Involved in the synthesis of steroid hormones. Extend the functional viability of the ovaries.
  • Retinol — vitamin A. Slows the aging process, prevents the development of dryness of the mucous membranes. Exhibits anticarcinogenic properties.
  • Ascorbic acid — vitamin C-Antioxidant, stimulates immune system, prevents the development of tumors.
  • Ergocalciferol — vitamin d Prevents osteoporosis.
  • Thiamine and pyridoxine (vitamins B1 and B6) restore the functioning of the nervous system. Relieve insomnia.

In addition to vitamins that are useful to the body during menopause are calcium, magnesium and boron. Pharmacists offer the following products containing sources of vitamins and minerals that eliminates the symptoms of hot flashes and preventing the development of tumors associated with deficiencies of sex hormones:

  • Estrogel;
  • Klimadynon;
  • Was feminal;
  • Femicaps;
  • ALFAVIT 50+;
  • Complivit Calcium;
  • Menopaus;
  • Vitatress.