Symptoms premenopausal women

The reproductive period in women has its limits. But completed it not suddenly. The transition to menopause lasts a certain period of time and is called the premenopausal women, the symptoms of which are a point after the 40th anniversary, and sometimes before. This phase of life can be lived differently, and much depends on the attitude and preparedness.

What happens to the body?

It all starts with the endocrine changes: the male hormone androgen produced by the adrenal glands hard, as a result, the ovaries cease to perform their main task – to produce eggs, but the restructuring affects the entire body did not pass, and the emotional sphere. The amount of sex hormones decrease, their ratio is constantly changing, menstruation becomes rare, but not stop all premenopausal.

It mean your last period menopause, but to that minimum the ability to conceive is preserved. And if the pregnancy in the absence of menstruation, so premenopausal women have not yet ended and the eggs are matured, though not in every cycle.

  1. Violation of the cycle. Especially for those who have monthly came with a exact day. Now the gaps are getting longer. Can be reduced, but due to fluctuations in estrogen regularity anymore.
  2. Character changes monthly. They may be either watery or with clots can be transferred heavier than in his youth.
  3. Tides. It’s almost daily rolling suddenly feeling heat in the upper body, leaving you shivering and the release of sweat.
  4. More frequent urination, urinary incontinence.
  5. Lack of energy, fatigue, insomnia, and constant drowsiness.
  6. In a bad mood. Depression and emotional instability caused by the awareness of what is happening, and the fluctuation of hormonal levels.
  7. Reluctance to have sex. Desire comes to naught, in addition, sexual intercourse may be accompanied by pain because of vaginal dryness.
  8. The deteriorating structure of the skin and hair, joint pain.

The list of symptoms is able to plunge into despair, even far from the 40th anniversary of girls, however, to avoid this step not given to anyone, can only try a bit of delay and to do everything to continue to live a full life.

Visit to the gynecologist

Despite the fact that childbearing does not matter, to consult with female doctor required with the same frequency, especially the notion of norms becomes blurred. At the first sign of premenopause should be checked, as they are called can be different reasons:

  • pregnancy;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • Oncology;
  • inflammation or infection;
  • pathologies of the uterus.
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Recommended for a complete examination, not limited to talk with the gynecologist. Hormonal imbalance can lead to the development of pathological changes. You should continue to react to such manifestations of predmenopause as:

  • too heavy or frequent bleeding, the appearance of bloody lumps, appearance of blood, even in small amounts between periods (endometrial hyperplasia);
  • blood after sexual intercourse;
  • severe abdominal pain;
  • dizziness.

Full diagnosis includes examination, ultrasound of abdomen, pelvis, thyroid, adrenal glands, the General analysis of blood and hormones, visits to mammography and other examinations indicated.

Danger period

With age increases the risk of development of malignant tumors. They can affect any organ, but one of the most dangerous types is considered to be ovarian cancer. It occurs almost unnoticed and are often detected at the last stage, when the chance of survival is almost there.

Developed for early diagnosis of tumor marker index roma, menopause is a time when it needs to check if cancer is suspected, the presence of benign or at the request of the patient for reassurance. It determines a woman’s risk. At the higher 7.4 V – 11,4 risk is considered high or point to already existing pathology. After menopause, the value is 25 – 29 units and is called the index of roma 2.

Another danger exists in the form of endometrial hyperplasia. In the premenopausal period (and other time of hormonal changes) thickens the inner wall of the uterus. One of the types of endometrial hyperplasia – atypical – may indicate a precancerous condition. About the disease often show spotting bleeding between periods or instead of them.

The lack of treatment threatens to anemia as a result of great blood loss, and ignoring the symptoms of endometrial hyperplasia increases the risk of missing cancer of the uterus in the early stages. Ultrasound and examination of the uterine space, followed by the capture of a scraping defines the thickness of the endometrium. The norm is 7 – 11 mm.

Signs of glandular hyperplasia and cystic glandular have no fundamental differences from the General manifestations of hyperplasia of the endometrium occurring in women in the current period.

The symptoms of premenopausal in the form of acyclic bleeding can be adenomatous polyps – growths in the uterus. It irritates the mucous membrane, which leads to a constant bloody discharge, including after sexual intercourse. Recommended surgical removal.

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Suffering and the thyroid gland. Hormonal fluctuations, she feels the whole Mature period women, so that by menopause simply does not stand up and begins to operate abnormally, resulting in the recruitment or weight loss, fatigue, poor memory, brittle bones.

How to prepare yourself for premenopausal women?

The premenopausal women no matter what comes in life of every woman. But some do not notice any changes in health status and mood, while others constantly feel sick. Genetic predisposition and lifestyle are important. Easier to have those in my youth:

  • avoid Smoking and alcohol;
  • cares about their health and does not trigger the disease;
  • moves a lot;
  • consume healthy foods;
  • has the excess weight;
  • respect the culture of sexual relations.

The same recommendation you can give a woman, already included at the time of the extinction of reproductive functions. Walks in the fresh air, the required number of hours of sleep for a rest, rich in vitamins and minerals the diet, mainly protein and vegetable, cosmetic and therapeutic treatments, vivid impressions will support emotional and physical health at the desired level. To restore libido and joy of physical intimacy it is recommended to use grease – it moisturizes the vagina and increases sensitivity.

Healthy women in General are less susceptible to the effects of estrogen on the body. You need to take into account that the blows fall upon the weakened organs and systems, so that was a pain and brought problems up to 40 years, with the beginning of hormonal disorders are able to turn a flourishing woman in a beater for a few years or months.

Medical assistance

In some cases, the premenopausal women is excessive symptoms, which on their own can not cope. The most effective is considered hormone therapy. Since most problems occur because of imbalance of hormones, and treated them as necessary to restore equilibrium. But the necessity of such treatment determined by the physician only after the results of the analysis on hormones. If there is no severe imbalance, you can do drugs that reduce symptoms:

  • painkillers;
  • stopping blood medicines;
  • means for the stabilization of the emotional sphere, restoration of sleep;
  • vitamins;
  • first, the physician will check for these symptoms of serious illness.

What’s next?

Last menstruation means an onset of menopause, but the certainty of its occurrence can only say a year and a half of absence of menstrual periods. We are talking about the perimenopausal period, which covers the time period between the last menstrual bleeding and the onset of the final period of menopause – menopause.

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The premenopausal, the menopause, perimenopause and postmenopausal women is all the stages of one process, which lasts about 20 years. This is the climax. Fully completed it only to 60 – 65 years, but by this time, already 10 years the body is deprived of the ability to conceive. The menopause is characterized by a General decline in living resources of the body, because it coincides with physiological aging.

According to one theory, the earlier puberty, the earlier the menopause. You can make this simple calculation, but the time of entering the menopause depends on other factors:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • the General condition of the body;
  • experienced the disease and treatment;
  • sexual life;
  • interaction with alcohol and nicotine.


We must not forget about the psychological aspect. Often a woman is difficult to accept the onset of menopause, especially early, even though the presence of children and good health. In addition to taking antidepressants, she may need a chat with a psychologist. Unfortunately, many women have no time to think about what is depression, with it getting used to and gradually switch to daily care. But the emotional lift can significantly prolong youth.

Life goes on

Ideally, the premenopausal women does not require treatment. It’s not old age, just maturity, you need to log in with a useful Luggage. Choosing a lifestyle in youth, it is necessary to take into account how it influences your health after 40 years. It is impossible to prevent all illnesses, many of them, for example, endometrial hyperplasia, menopause can occur regardless of the state of the organism as a whole. And yet, to live this much of their lives without illnesses is quite real.