Tampons for girls how to use tampons mini

The onset of the first menstruation of every girl reacts differently — for some it’s stress, but for someone normal physiological process. And how informative the girl prepared for such an event, depends on her mental state during this period.

Every mother must to inform your child about the features of female physiology, or at least to ensure that the knowledge gained from the Internet or from friends and reliable. This applies not only to the process of menstruation, and hygiene during this period. It is important to help the child to correctly select the remedy that would provide maximum comfort in these days. The most appropriate modern means are swabs, but many mothers are strictly forbidden to use tampons for girls due to the fact that I don’t know whether to lose their virginity with a tampon or fear of various infectious diseases.

Meanwhile, these fears are totally groundless, which has been confirmed by numerous studies. Besides, the world’s leading manufacturers (Tampax, Kotek, Obi and other brands) have long been included in its range of special “baby” tampons-mini (mini) or light with small dimensions. For example, in the line of Ob tampons there is a special mini Obi despite the fact that with a silky coating, which greatly facilitates the introduction and extraction tools. This gives a positive answer to the question about whether to use tampons for the girls. In addition, the use of tampons for virgins in the first months menstrual period would make the transition to a new stage of a teenager’s life as comfortable as possible.

Features of the female body and the use of tampons

Negative opinions about the use of tampons by virgins is most often associated with the lack of reliable information about them and view that with a tampon you lose your virginity. Modern hygiene products are very different from their predecessors, and therefore their use is not capable of breaking the hymen or cause any harm to the health of a young girl.

The fact that the hymen is a thin and very elastic film with a hole in the center through which comes the menstrual blood and other secretions. The diameter of the hole is 2 – 3 cm, and during menstruation becomes more and more elastic, and the diameter of the tampons for girls is only 1.5 cm So that the tampons small size is absolutely safe for girls and can not damage the hymen.

Safety of using tampons girls largely depends on a properly selected size. Before you insert the tampon, you should carefully read the instructions supplied with each package.

  1. Before the procedure you must wash your hands and genitals to rule out any infection.
  2. The most convenient position for the introduction of the tampon into a small squat, legs apart.
  3. Before introducing the tampon, you should free it from packaging, place between thumb and index finger so that the thread at the bottom and guide it into the vagina at an angle to the lower back, slightly pushing your index finger.
  4. No need to try to get the swab too deeply. The outside definitely needs to be a thread for which it will be convenient to remove the swab.
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In addition to complying with the instructions, virgin, and any girl or woman who first use tampons you should familiarize yourself with some nuances of using this tool of hygiene, to avoid possible problems and negative consequences.

The basic nuances of using tampons

How to introduce tampons?

  1. If the tampon is correctly entered, the girl should not feel any discomfort, since it is in the part of the vagina where there is at least nerve endings, that is, the means of hygiene should not be felt at all. If not, remove the swab and insert another, but to try to make it more accurate.
  2. No need to be afraid that the tampon will fall out. A correctly placed tampon stays in place when walking and any movement.
  3. With the introduction of the tampon should be completely slack off if tense the vaginal muscles will not allow to correctly position it on the inside. If this is difficult, it is recommended to take Valerian to reduce nervousness, and but-shpu, to relieve muscle spasm.
  4. If after several attempts the introduction of discomfort and pain still remain, you may want to use tampons smaller. There is also a certain percentage of girls who this kind of hygiene is not suitable for anatomical reasons. a doctor’s consultation.
  5. Change the tampon every 4 – 5 hours. Do not leave the tampon in overnight and sleep with a tampon for more than 6 consecutive hours.
  6. Do not wear tampons during the whole period of menstruation — no matter how modern they may be, the macrocarpon of the vagina can not be avoided, so you need to give your body time to heal. It is better to use tampons during the period of particularly heavy bleeding or when it is important no discomfort associated with the use of shims (for sports training, dance, when you visit the pool, swimming in ponds, etc.).
  7. Do not use tampons during treatment of gynecological diseases, and discharge not related to menstruation.
  8. Using tampons with a small probability can lead to toxic shock, in which nausea, dizziness, vomiting. This phenomenon is rare and is associated mainly with long stay of the tampon inside the vagina, but in any case, the use of hygiene needs to be abandoned.
  9. You can use the special applicator for a comfortable introduction of the tampon.
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Another reason for deterring girls from using the tampon, is the fear of what might happen in an open thread and it will be impossible to retrieve. Numerous studies and publications of gynecologists prove that this is impossible.

  1. First, the technology of making the tampon such that the thread, which is used to extract the swab is its Foundation, that is, in order to pull you need to exert a lot of effort. If you still have doubts about this, it is possible to conduct such an experiment with a new swab and personally make sure that it really is.
  2. Second, the tampon inside the vagina will never increase to such a size that it will be impossible to extract, with its moisturizing secretions makes extraction more easy and fast.
  3. If you suspect pregnancy and the development of bleeding after miscarriage tampons to use is not worth it.

With regard to infectious diseases, which is associated with using tampons, it should be noted that they are manufactured in sterile conditions, making the spread of germs is impossible. Besides used for the manufacture of raw materials, not suitable for the activity of bacteria, so any infection introduced during use of the tampon is imported, as in the period of menstruation the female body is weakened.

Another important issue of concern to many girls is what age can use tampons and is it possible to still swab to lose their virginity?

There is a possibility it really is possible to damage the hymen, but, as a rule, this is due to the wrong selection of the size hygiene products, a wrong of its introduction or if a torn hymen is the purpose of the introduction of the tampon.

In other words, if you do everything carefully and follow instructions, the use of tampons for girls will never damage the hymen or other complications.

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Based on the foregoing, and taking into account peculiarities of a female organism, it is safe to answer the question — can virgins use tampons? Yes, but only after careful selection of the right tools and a detailed explanation about rules of its use. Not be amiss and a visit to the gynecologist, that can help in the selection and clarification of issues arising from the girls.