Tampons with honey in gynecology, medicinal properties

Medicinal properties of bee products, people learned a long time ago. The guests drank honey for colds and smeared their festering wounds. This property of honey is to stop the inflammatory process – successfully used by modern women for the treatment of gynecological diseases in the home.

You can do the douching, but the most commonly used candles or tampons with honey in gynecology. All methods are safe and simple, have no side effects, except for rare individual cases of Allergy to honey or its derivatives. Necessary for the introduction into the drugs readily available, and how to do a vaginal tampon alone or mix water with honey to douche, it is clear to any woman.

Composition and properties

Natural honey is a unique substance that contains vitamins, amino acids, glucose and biologically active additives (enzymes from the saliva of bees).

Modern medical studies have shown that honey:

  • restores and strengthens the immune system;
  • kills the pathogens of dysentery, typhus and a festering bacteria;
  • reduces inflammation, accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissue;
  • normalizes microflora and the acidity of the mucous membrane of the vagina and uterus;
  • improves circulation in the pelvic organs, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

Treatment with honey gynecological diseases contraindications only if allergic to bee products.

At what diseases use honey

Can treat the following female diseases:

  • all kinds of inflammation in the uterus and appendages (endometritis, adnexitis);
  • thrush (uncontrolled multiplication of fungi Candida);
  • ovarian cyst;
  • endometriosis;
  • infertility;
  • erosion of the cervix;
  • inflammation of the bladder (cystitis).

How is it treated

The most useful is forest Linden honey. You can start with intake 1 or 2 scoops in the morning before eating (for General strengthening of the body).

The next step — cleansing. Rinse the vaginal mucosa secretions better than a Turkey Baster. This diluted honey in warm water (1 to 3). Then put a tampon with honey in the vagina. Getting on the mucous, the honey solution very quickly heals ulcers, removes inflammation, fights viruses and fungi.

Impregnated swabs immediately before the procedure. To keep such drugs impossible. Diluted honey is rapidly losing its unique properties.

The duration of therapy and prescription of treatment based composition of honey depend on the disease.

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  • In endometriosis, it is recommended to introduce a gauze balls moistened in warm water solution with honey (one to one). A tampon is left on all night. In the morning remove it and do the douching with decoction of herbs (celandine, calendula, chamomile). Honey normalizes metabolism in the uterus, prevents the growth of abnormal cells in the ovaries and the fallopian tubes.
  • To fight Candida it is particularly important that the gauze swabs were sterile. The mucous membrane of the genital organs before the procedure you should remove from the characteristic for this infection discharge Furacilinum or other antiseptics. Swab moistened with a solution of water with honey (as in endometriosis) and leave overnight. The patient noted a decrease in itching, swelling, restoration of microflora of the vagina after treatment.
  • Tampons with honey for conception help women, if the causes of infertility are not clear.
    Recipe: one teaspoon of liquid honey wrap in the cut with sterile gauze or bandage, leaving long ends for extraction. First time to enter for 4 hours (if not burning, in the future, leave for 8 – 10 hours).

Treatment with honey helps to relieve a common inflammation, to normalize the menstrual cycle and positively affects the ovaries. The course lasts about 2 weeks and interrupted for the period of ovulation.

  • If vaginitis or vulvitis is recommended tampons with honey and aloe, recipe following:
    • take large leaves of adult plants (over 3 years), rinsed with water and placed in a refrigerator (temperature of 15 – 17 degrees) for 5 – 10 days;
    • aged cold the sheets are cut, squeeze the juice from them;
    • juice and honey mixed in a ratio of 1:1 (the composition can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week);
    • swabs soaked with a mixture of honey with aloe, administered all night.
    • the course is held 10 days without breaks and gaps.
  • Erosion of the cervix and cystitis traditional medicine offers such original recipes:
    • Tampons with onions and honey. Medium-sized onion cut in half in the middle you pour a little honey, baked in the oven. When baked with honey onion cools, it is wrapped in a sterile bandage or gauze and inserted into the vagina overnight. Onion swabs useful for rehabilitation after surgery on the internal organs of the small pelvis in women.
    • Garlic tampons or suppositories. Head garlic, peel, squeeze out the juice, which is diluted 1:10 with boiled water. This lineup to do the irrigation every evening, and the next day the night enter into the vagina soaked in garlic water a tampon (course — 10 days). In addition, the garlic in gynecology to treat candidiasis, cystitis and other fungal, bacterial and viral infections.
    • Candles with aloe. It is in the form of a suppository the juice of the agave most effectively enters the womb. Making candles, mixing the fresh juice from the leaves with melted glycerin or cocoa butter (1:1). When the mass has cooled, it is formed from the beads or capsules and, wrapped in parchment, freeze. Apply suppositories with aloe Vera in gynecology by the total for such medicines scheme.
    • Douching with baking soda when erosion. Gynecologists advise to do it before every introduction of a tampon with a medical impregnation (any). A weak alkaline solution cleans and disinfects the mucous membrane.
    • Douching chamomile with cervical erosion. This procedure is advisable after extracting the tampon. A decoction of chamomile has a soothing effect on the inner tissues and increases immunity.
    • Suppositories, ointments, alcohol tinctures of propolis. This unique natural substance contains tree resin, essential oils and waxes mixed with tannins and plant pollen. Propolis in gynecology (as honey) fights inflammation, restores intestinal microflora, has analgesic effect. There is information about the suspension of growth of cancerous tumors under the action of propolis.
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The use of tampons for the successful treatment of cervical erosion, fibroids, infertility, obstruction of the fallopian tubes useful to combine with intramuscular injections of vitamin and enhance immunity drugs. The most common in gynecology are injections of aloe.

Not recommended to put tampons with honey and other substances during pregnancy and also during lactation.

The manufacture of tampons

Since the jar of honey will be in any house, it will be easier to use homemade tampons. Their production will require a bit of patience and bandages: gauze cloth, turunda (spiral) or a cotton ball. A tampon for insertion into the vagina must be sterile. So just take the special wool and gauze, scissors, thoroughly washed soap, boiled and cleaned with alcohol. Before you can do the swab on hand to wear surgical gloves. Ready swabs for treatment are stored in a clean container (it is convenient to take a glass jar and bake it in the oven or microwave).

The procedure goes like this:

  • separated from packing the right amount of cotton to twist out of her swirling like towndock for cleaning the ears;
  • to form cotton ball or elongated torpedo;
  • tie a long thread (it will also need to sterilize or wet with alcohol);
  • made a torpedo (or the ball) wrap a gauze rectangle;
  • the ends of the fabric are cut, then link them (over the tail of the swab is removed).

To get a convenient swab for insertion into the vagina with their hands, it is very important to choose the right amount of filling. Wool — a material that the absorption of the fluid is greatly increased in volume. It should not be too much. Otherwise there will be discomfort upon insertion in the vagina. And small cotton balls do not work. They can slip out early.

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You can do a very simple swab of the bandage. A sterile strip length of 20 cm to roll into a tight cylinder and secure the top with thread.

Diseases of female reproductive organs is unpredictable and Their treatment requires careful observance of the prescriptions of the doctor. The use of tampons with aloe and honey is not detrimental to the health of any patient (except in cases of Allergy to bee products). Often gynecologists themselves recommend such means “folk medicine.” In the opinion of many women honey combination therapy with a primary drug treatment accelerates the healing process, reduces swelling, reduces the itching and burning.