Tampons with Vishnevsky ointment in gynecology

Not everyone knows that Vishnevsky ointment in gynecology is widely used in many inflammatory diseases. Although people, this tool is well known not only for its low price, but and efficacy in external use, as well as the presence of otitis media, hemorrhoids, boils, and many other diseases.

Properties of ointment Vishnevskogo

In the composition of ointment is comprised of three simple component, perfectly complementing each other and reinforcing their positive impact on the disease:

  1. Birch tar – is a great natural antiseptic, although it ointment has a slightly peculiar smell.
  2. Castor oil relates to the means that promotes rapid healing wounds. Also, it is devastating to many bacteria and fungi.
  3. The xeroform – synthetic antiseptic, leading to the death of microbes, and how this would sterilize the wound.

Application in gynecology

Despite the fact that the instruction not specifically described on gynecological diseases, experts administered together with other pharmaceuticals tampons with Vishnevsky ointment.

The treatment used for diseases such as:

  • thrush (candidiasis);
  • in inflammatory processes of the uterus or appendages;
  • cervical erosion;
  • when adhesions in the pelvic area;
  • the endometriosis.

How and what is prescribed tampons impregnated with this ointment, depends on the disease women. If it was some inflammatory process, it is combined or vaginal applications, or irrigation with chamomile and balsamic liniment. Also, experts can be combined with drugs antibacterial, antiviral or anti-inflammatory nature.

What treatment method will be, can only be determined by the attending physician, but in any case not to do it yourself.

In some cases this tool is used before the preparation for surgery on the ovaries or uterus, and also after surgery. The aim of disinfection, and that the recovery has come faster.

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To put the tampons is prescribed, or other medication, or douching with chamomile infusion. Most often used antibiotics or liniments.

Correctly combined funds have on the female genital organs such an impact:

  • Vaginal mucosa is cleared, and in the presence of my faster shivsena.
  • Obstruction in the fallopian tubes will gradually be removed.
  • Adhesions resolve.
  • When cervical erosion contributes to its elimination.
  • After surgery to affect a more rapid recovery of damaged tissues.

The use of tampons is not complicated. Purchased over the counter remedy, it is necessary to impregnate the desired amount of ointment and put in the vagina from six to eight hours. Impregnation occurs without any obstacles, as the consistency of the drug silent liquid, which distinguishes it from other ointments. This is best done before bedtime. After this time the material used must be remove, and give at least the same amount of time the body a break from medication.

How to make tampons with ointment

If necessary, you can make a tampon by yourself, it’s easy. Here you will need the following tools and materials:

  • scissors;
  • alcohol;
  • Vata;
  • sterile bandage;
  • Vishnevsky ointment.

Before you do the swabs, scissors have to handle alcohol for disinfection. From bandage cut a strip about fifteen inches. With wool to build a small size ball, which should be placed to cut the bandage. It all folds so that the result is a head with a tail, and tie.

You can still do just swabs from a sterile bandage or gauze. Take a small piece of such material is minimized, as tightly as possible, and formed the correct size tampon. Associated with a thread, pre-disinfected.

The application is also not difficult. The need to soak tampon with ointment and inserted into the vagina before bedtime. If the doctor does not state the dose of impregnation, one procedure will need grams of ten or twelve. In the morning, this building is removed.

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To achieve the desired result, the treatment must be of a duration of ten days, maximum is fifteen such manipulations. By treating in this manner, making one or two procedures, to achieve efficiency does not.

If you use tampons with Vishnevsky ointment contraindications virtually unnoticed. Only if the patient has allergic reaction to any component of the composition. Also not recommended this treatment in the presence of abscesses in hazardous areas. Disease fungal nature of this tool will be useless. No use in infectious diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse. During pregnancy and for children age – under careful supervision of a doctor.

Tampons with Vishnevsky ointment and other drugs

It happens so that gynecologists can prescribe tampons not only with sunscreen but also with a solution of Dimexidum, as it is not only analgesic and antiseptic, but also a reinforcing effect on the influence of Vishnevsky ointment.

Use tampons with these two funds only as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Dimexide, in contrast to ointments, their influence on the body has some contraindications. It is strictly forbidden:

  • children under sixteen years of age;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • in diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • in eye diseases;
  • in ischemic heart disease.

Vishnevsky ointment is widely used in the treatment of tubal infertility. Provoked pathology is mainly endometriosis chronic nature. Tampons are also assigned to avoid infection or inflammation after clear the fallopian tube.

Often for the treatment of chronic endometriosis prescribed ultrasound therapy in combination with Bitertanol ointment. Such procedures must be done ten times, but in more severe cases, the doctor can increase it to fifteen.

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In some cases, to disinfect and anti-inflammation recommend douching with a solution of chamomile with the addition of ointments Vishnevsky.

Although the treatment therefore can last for a long time, but doctors and patients see the positive result.


Reading the reviews of women who used Vishnevsky ointment for yourself, it can be noted that self-initiate therapy is not always justified and many of them are disappointed. But the second half according to the recommendations of the experts were satisfied and at the slightest suspicion on illness on the part of gynecology always use this ointment, but only after passing the examination, because I understand that sometimes the money is insufficient for full recovery, and the necessary additional medications you can pick up after a consultation with your doctor.

Some women ask the question – is it possible to use some other ointment, with the same effect, but without that specific smell. Yes – it is possible, but only strictly according to the doctor, because self-selection may not produce any results, and only delay the recovery, thus harming the body of the patient.