Tansy for abortion, herbs causing miscarriage

Life is not easy, and it can happen at all. Someone approaching motherhood a joy, and someone to afford it. Abortion is a very responsible step, and make it deliberate. You need to correctly assess the situation — pregnancy, your physical condition, learn information on how to interrupt and then make a decision. In this article we will talk about how to use tansy for abortion.

Feedback about the use of this plant is very ambiguous. Someone it worked for, others not. There are severe consequences of the use of tansy. All this must be considered before you start to use it. And is it advisable at all to use herbs for abortion in the early stages? Whether the desired effect?

Terms for abortion

Abortion — the procedure is always dangerous and unpleasant. Interrupted pregnancy is a lot of stress to the body. Against such interference suffer nervous and hormonal systems is disturbed sexual function. Inflammation is also a constant companion of this procedure. How quickly the body returns to normal after violating many of its functions, a simple answer is impossible. Where one woman will get off easy fright and quickly forget about all the problems, the other may still long to be sick, and the diseases these will accumulate like a snowball.

Therefore, if the decision on abortion was adopted, it is necessary to exercise as early as possible in her life. A miscarriage at this period it is possible to provoke the reception of special preparations. If this time is missed, drugs will not help, and even become dangerous. At a later period is necessary to make a vacuum or surgical abortion.

Thus, the most sparing method of termination of pregnancy, subject to the terms, is medication. As the name implies, this procedure is based on the administration of drugs, whose action is detrimental to the embryo, and also causes enhanced uterine contractions and the expulsion of the dead fetus from the body, accompanied by profuse bleeding. Drugs used for this purpose, widely known and well proven.

But if for any reason they are unavailable, we have to turn to traditional medicine. The oldest method of abortion in early pregnancy — use of decoction of tansy and oregano.

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Tansy and its properties

Tansy is also called wild pock. Its flowers are in racemes reminiscent of towering mountain ash. This grass grows almost everywhere. From the South and to the North it is not uncommon. You can see it on any field, by the road, in a forest glade and literally under our feet. Blooms small yellow flowers, which if you RUB them in the palm of your hand, very nice, spicy smell. For the manufacture of drugs flowers of tansy are harvested in early flowering and dry on air or in the dryer.

  • Tansy excellent cholagogue, it tones the intestinal muscles and helps to strengthen the digestive secretion.
  • Tansy is used for peptic ulcer, with excessive and painful menstruation and in many other diseases, including epilepsy and sleep disorders.
  • But she is most widely known as an anthelmintic, as some substances because of its composition of toxic.
  • Its powder even use against harmful insects.
  • Tansy is also used for abortion.

Thujone, contained in it, is able to exert a lethal effect on the embryo. And tansy is causing contraction of muscles of uterus that leads to rejection and removal from the body of the deceased fetus, and causes the pregnancy to stop.

But before resorting to this tool, you need to consider that women suffering from diseases of the heart, kidneys and the Central nervous system, tansy should not be used.

Oregano for abortion is also used, its action is based on the fact that it can cause bleeding with subsequent miscarriage.

A decoction of tansy for abortion

Tansy — a very affordable means. It is sold in dried form in the pharmacy. In the pharmacy it will be required. The broth to cook from it’s just need to take 2 tablespoons of inflorescences of tansy, and pour a Cup of boiling water (200 ml) and leave for several hours (at least three). Suggest to insist in a thermos. After straining the broth can be taken. Take 2 tablespoons three times a day one hour before meals. A decoction of the fit for two days, on the third day to prepare a new broth.

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It should be noted that this is a rough concentration of the broth. Tansy for abortion — the tool is quite strong. However we must be attentive to its preparation. To get a really effective and harmless medication, you should take into account such individual parameters as weight, body mass and total susceptibility to the components.

Important! If the concentration of the broth will be for women too high, it can cause poisoning, the failure of important systems of the body, bleeding and even death.

How many days to drink tansy, depends on how a woman’s body is prone to miscarriage. Sometimes the remedy acts quickly, sometimes longer, and sometimes no effect at all. Does it make sense to use it further?

This point needs to be clarified in more detail. Not always a healthy female body is easily parted with pregnancy. It is necessary to consider its protective mechanisms. If a decoction of tansy is not helped immediately, it is advisable to wonder about the effectiveness of its use on. At this stage it is important not to lose time. Six weeks is not so long period. Sometimes to define yourself the duration of pregnancy and not impossible.

One can say with certainty that it is pointless to drink the tansy, when the pregnancy is coming to seventh week. It will not help, and, moreover, will be very dangerous.

In addition to the above, long-term use of decoction of tansy can cause severe intoxication, which can refuse kidney, liver. There are glitches in the functioning of the heart. Possible loss of vision, seizures, hallucinations. In women with pathologies of the vascular system may develop pre-stroke conditions. All of these factors that could trigger tansy, becomes a serious obstacle to the use of other instruments or interventions abortion. To predict the body’s response to prolonged intoxication difficult.

In no case should not hide the use of decoction of tansy, as in the case of the severe consequences of uncertainty complicates the work of doctors.

Before taking a decoction of tansy or oregano, should be aware that ectopic pregnancy these means the desired effect will not give, and will only aggravate the situation.

Reviews about tansy as abortive remedy

In General, this method of interruption of pregnancy attitude is consistently negative. If positive feedback about tansy as abortive remedy is, to find them very difficult. Mostly conversations on this topic boil down to the fact that this broth is someone someone once told and it seems to have helped. Isolated cases when women described the effective action of tansy and abortion on small term, raise legitimate doubts. It is difficult to confidently determine is it really about the aborted pregnancy or the delay period. To the doctor because the authors of such reviews are not addressed and pregnancy is not diagnosed.

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The negative reviews much. Mainly from gynecologists who have encountered cases of such self-medication. Many adherents of folk medicine support them in this. Their views agree that to apply for the termination of pregnancy toxic concoctions, and even a secret from others — savagery. Especially if it is due to the desire to avoid the psychological pressure of parents or the environment. The consequences of an abortion provoked by a decoction of tansy, or of oregano, such that treatment in a hospital is inevitable. It is unlikely in this case, it will be able to keep the pregnancy a secret.

In our time, when medicine is developed and available, there is no need to self-medicate and to appoint to itself drugs for abortion of their own. In any case, you need to consult with your doctor. Medical supervision will avoid mistakes and will not allow to lose time at which the termination of pregnancy with least possible consequences.