The antiseptic when planning a pregnancy: instructions for use and reviews

The female body is inherently too vulnerable. To date, most of the ladies facing the problem of the impossibility of conception or pregnancy loss. This pathology has long been not uncommon. Doctors in such cases, it is recommended a comprehensive examination and prescribe specific drugs. These include the main common application instructions when planning pregnancy will be considered below. Besides, this tool is widely used in medical practice and is used during various gynecological diseases and menstrual disorders.

The value of progesterone

Progesterone is an important hormone in the female body. It refers to a steroid and is produced by the ovaries. Progesterone in a woman’s body should always be at the appropriate level. The concentration of progesterone directly affects processes such as fertility, childbearing and the menstrual cycle.

The menstrual cycle is on average 21 to 35 days, every woman. The cycle is divided into two parts:

  • The first half was accompanied by increased production of the hormone estrogen. During the maturation of follicles and selection of dominant among them – the future of the egg.
  • The second half of the cycle begins with a process such as ovulation, at this point there is a rupture of the follicle. Then, the maximum value is reached of progesterone, the egg leaves the follicle.

On the site of the rupture of the follicle is formed a yellow body, it maintains a constant level of progesterone in the body. The presence of a sufficient amount of provides progesterone in a woman’s body the following functions:

  • change of structure of the walls of the uterus that is needed for a normal pregnancy;
  • the muscles of the uterus less reduced, preventing possible rejection of the fetus;
  • the mammary glands are supported in normal, prepare for milk production for feeding the baby;
  • progesterone helps the nervous system to maintain a state of calm and thereby to regulate the emotions of women during pregnancy;
  • stimulates development of the uterus during fetal growth.

In General it can be noted that progesterone is an important female hormone. Without it is impossible to get pregnant and carry to term. If there is a gradual decline hormone levels in the blood, this may be an indication of a failure in the second phase of the cycle (yellow body can’t allocate enough). The main sign of low levels of the hormone can be bleeding in the middle of the cycle.

Pregnancy planning

If the woman decided to get pregnant then she needs to take care of yourself and the health of the unborn child. First, you need to drink a course of folic acid. To start receiving preferably three months prior to conception. Sometimes doctors may prescribe other medications.

The Vitrum is a synthetic analogue of progesterone. It includes consists of dydrogesterone, and excipients. The drug is rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract and after 2 hours the blood was its high concentration. Has the effect already in the first days of application. A large part of dydrogesterone is excreted in the urine in 24 hours. Not accumulate in the body. Sold in pharmacies without a prescription. The price of the drug may be different depending on the region. Before starting therapy you should evaluate all the pros and cons of the Antiseptic to be aware of its possible benefits and harms, and only then to start treatment.

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When planning a pregnancy the antiseptic will be designated if there is a failure in the second phase of the menstrual cycle or have already been cases of impossibility of gestation. The drug is justified for proven progesterone deficiency after a full examination of the patient. The active ingredient of the drug will help to normalize progesterone levels and increase the chances of conception. Sometimes in the complex dydrogesterone prescribe additional drug. Dexamethasone during pregnancy is indispensable.

As an alternative to Antiseptic may be appointed Utrozhestan (tablets or candles). The pattern of use and replacement of drugs will be discussed with a doctor. Dosage and duration of therapy course determined individually for each patient.

Indications and application circuit

Drug Vitrum is an analog of the hormone progesterone. It is therefore right to appoint a reception during the second phase of the cycle. The medicine is available in form of tablets each of 10 mg In blister packs of only 20 pieces. Main active ingredient is called dydrogesterone.

To drink the antiseptic is recommended in the following cases:

  • if the blood test showed a deficiency of progesterone;
  • infertility associated with luteal insufficiency;
  • habitual abortion (miscarriage) – prevention of interruption of pregnancy in the early stages;
  • intolerance to natural products.

In gynecological practice, the antiseptic is also prescribed for this pathology:

  • endometriosis (including adenomyosis);
  • uterine fibroids;
  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS) – positive results can be seen in the first cycle of reception;
  • failure of the menstrual cycle, including amenorrhea, irregular menstruation;
  • dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

A feature of the drug is that is not specified anywhere special regimen Antiseptic. How to drink this medicine can only tell the doctor. Therapy is prescribed individually depending on the condition and the medical history of the patient.

The main rule: the infertility medication start taking the next day after ovulation.

During pregnancy the antiseptic is assigned in these situations:

  • threatened miscarriage;
  • habitual miscarriage.

The active substance of Antiseptic has no effect on blood clotting, the amount of lipids and carbohydrates. The drug does not interfere with the normal development of the fetus, including the early period, and can not hurt him.

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The use of normal-level progesterone

Many may wonder about the necessity of application of Antiseptic when normal levels of progesterone in the blood. But this drug is prescribed in the following cases:

  1. The older a woman is, the harder it is to conceive. With the return of reproductive function comes to naught, but in order to increase the chances of fertilization, prescribed the main.
  2. The antiseptic helps the secret glands of the uterus and thereby increases the possibility of implantation of the embryo to the uterine wall.
  3. For late ovulation the antiseptic normalizes the length of the second phase of the menstrual cycle and eliminates the unpleasant symptoms before menstruation.

The antiseptic for infertility

Endocrine infertility occurs when a woman’s body disrupted the production of progesterone and estrogen. To restore hormonal balance, it is necessary to consult a specialist for advice. Once will be completed the basic tests, the doctor will prescribe treatment. Dexamethasone during pregnancy will be a good tool at an elevated level of male hormones. The main infertility will help to restore and stimulate the production of progesterone. Is it possible to combine both drugs, and which scheme to apply, tell a doctor.

Dexamethasone in gynecology is widely used for the normalization of hormonal background of the patient. After its application reduces the level of male hormones in the blood. If the survey identified insufficient amount of estrogen, in this case, assign Divigel and antiseptic. In combination they will allow the embryo to successfully attach to the wall of the uterus and prevent miscarriage.

If during the treatment of infertility has appointed stimulation of ovulation, then it must hold in the complex therapy of several drugs. The main in this case is established in the second half of the cycle until the pregnancy or menstruation. Does the stimulation of ovulation for conception – definitely, Yes. Sometimes it’s the only method in order to obtain fertilization of the egg (including in the framework of IVF and artificial insemination in the case of concomitant male sterility).

Side effects

Like any medicines, antiseptic have side effects such as:

  • dizziness;
  • headaches;
  • weakness;
  • drowsiness;
  • jaundice and liver dysfunction;
  • abdominal pain;
  • nausea;
  • bloody spotting in the middle of the cycle or breakthrough bleeding;
  • increased sensitivity of the mammary glands, chest pain;
  • swelling of the feet;
  • allergic reaction (itching, angioedema).

When you experience one of the above effects should stop taking the drug and consult a doctor. Cases of overdose not registered (the drug does not accumulate in the body). If necessary is gastric lavage.

On the background of the drug is not marked the emergence of excess weight. If she starts unmotivated to get better, she should consult a doctor.

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In the absence of menstruation or delay, you should do a pregnancy test or blood HCG. In the case of conception of the child is necessary to register at the gynecologist. Stop the drug on their own not!


The antiseptic also has some contraindications. You must draw his attention to the possibility of complications if:

  • observed itching during previous pregnancy;
  • there are allergic reactions to prostagen.

In these situations, the main is prohibited.

The antiseptic does not affect the rate of reactions. Allowed driving, operating machinery and other fields that require quick response.

It is not recommended to take the antiseptic with alcohol – it increases the load on the liver.

Important aspects

During the reception of Antiseptic not:

  1. To increase or decrease the dosage, which is prescribed by a doctor.
  2. Abruptly stop the drug without checking with your doctor (including upon the occurrence of a pregnancy).
  3. Skip the drug.
  4. Take a break during pregnancy.
  5. To make the transition from Antiseptic to cough medicine without a good reason.

Right cancel Antiseptic during pregnancy carried out gradually during the second trimester in the period after 16 weeks. Is a gradual reduction in the dose of about 1 tablet a week. Cancel the drug should not be! Abrupt discontinuation of the Antiseptic may cause miscarriage.

The antiseptic has no contraceptive effect. If a woman is planning pregnancy, she should use reliable methods of contraception during this period.


Drug Vitrum – beautiful assistant to the female body. Instructions for use when planning a pregnancy is quite simple. The important point is to consult with your doctor. The reception of the Antiseptic will help when planning pregnancy. This drug will cure such a condition as infertility and pathological inability of gestation.

An important rule is the adherence of medication, which is prescribed by a doctor. If there is a thin endometrium, the required reception Devices. It will help the egg attach to the uterine wall. If infertility is caused by high levels of the male hormone, best way to this problem is the drug Dexamethasone. The use of any medicine only after consulting a doctor.