The average height of women in Russia

The average height of a woman in Russia is 166 – 168 cm the tallest known woman in our country is volleyball player Ekaterina Gamova (202 cm), the lowest – member of the Duo Tatu, Julia Volkova (154 cm).

Human height depends on genes, health, living conditions and changes in the lifetime (up to 19 years upwards and a 60 in the direction of decreasing) and during the day (in the morning, more night less). It can be increased, but to do it better the natural physiological way, without resorting to surgery, better not do it at all, because the length of our body is our identity, as well as freckles on the face and dimples.

What affects growth?

Body length refers to the main anthropometric indicators of body. Factors affecting growth include:

  • heredity;
  • hormones;
  • food;
  • the environment;
  • social status, etc.

The body length of the newborn depends on the growth of parents, the size of the uterus of the mother, her nutrition, health. There is a formula that can approximate the length of the body of the daughter and the son:

  1. the amount of growth of the mother and father * 0,54 – 4,5 for a boy;
  2. the amount of growth of the mother and father * 0,51 – 7,5 for girls.

Among the hormones that regulate the length of the body secrete growth hormone, insulin, products of the activity of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland. Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. This hormone increases tubular bones, due to which a person grows in length. Production of growth hormone declines with age. The maximum value it reaches in puberty adolescents.

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How the growth of women throughout the day?

Recent studies have shown that the length of the body slightly changes during the day. The highest value it has in the morning, smallest at night. The difference is about 1 – 2 see a Temporary decrease in the length (1.5 cm) also occurs after prolonged and intense physical activity.

In General, playing sports (except weightlifting) help to increase the length of the body as beneficial effect on health, strengthening the bones. Training with weights and a bar lead to a decrease in growth of more than 3 cm can be caused by condensation of intervertebral disks.

How the growth of women in the process of life?

Girls grow until approximately 19 years, reaching, on average, 166 cm, if to speak about Russia. The growth process is uneven.

The largest jump is observed in the first year – about 25 cm and Then a significant increase occurs between the ages of 4 to 7 years. The third period is associated with puberty. For girls 10 – 16 years. At the most rapidly during this period, girls grow at 10 – 12 years.

After 19 years, you can add in height from 3 to 10 cm due to the elimination of defects of posture, correction of scoliosis. At the age of 60 years old women reduced by 3 cm, in 80 years – almost 6 cm.

How has the growth in the process of evolution?

According to the world health organization, the average height of women in the USSR in 1960-e years was 157 cm, in 2013 increased to 166 see Humanity has been growing for over 200 years. A similar phenomenon many scientists not associated with changes in genes or manifestations of any diseases, but on the contrary, with the increase of people’s living standards: better food, medical care, industrialization, more favorable hygienic and sanitary surroundings.

Was a direct correlation between the growth and the health and welfare of the nation. The highest are residents of the Scandinavian countries, which have well-developed social policy and the support of the population.

Is it possible to increase the length of your body?

There are two methods of increasing the length:

  • Surgical. Involves surgery in which the bones of the thighs or legs cut and lengthened by the apparatus, providing an increase in the bone tissue about 1 mm per day. This method is highly effective, but has several disadvantages: a long period of rehabilitation, the risk of complications, a disproportionate increase in body parts. There are trainers for the spine that allow you to lengthen the torso. Together with surgery on the leg bones of such simulators can provide correct proportions of the body and a significant increase in growth.
  • Physiological. Includes a set of exercises, such as, classes on the bar, deflections, stretching, as well as special nutrition with the use of dietary Supplements, a special mode of the day. This method is less effective than surgery, but also less dangerous and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
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What it is, the perfect growth?

Ideal growth, as well as a perfect figure, perfect appearance does not happen. We are all different and that’s great. The model parameters are not key to a happy family life.

Departments the registry office often spend the holidays dedicated to Golden and diamond wedding anniversaries. These cute couples, touching, holding each other’s hand, kept the love for many years. But few of them is characterized by high growth. And if you believe the scientists that the body length to 80 years is reduced by 6 cm, the anniversaries were marked by high growth of youth.

Many men prefer to be above their girlfriends, so tall girls can be difficult to find a pair. God gives to each his virtues and talents, low growth can be compensated by a strong personality. And this many examples: Coco Chanel, Madonna, Vanessa Paradis, Salma Hayek, Fergie, Alla Pugacheva, Alina Kabaeva, etc.