The basal temperature in the anus what does that mean?

Temperature in the anus is one of the indicators of the General condition of the female body and, in particular, the reproductive system. This kind of functional diagnostics, allowing to determine the hormonal and the body’s ability to procreate. Measurement of basal temperature is included in the set of diagnostic measures in identifying infertility. The definition of the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle – another step towards the dream of motherhood.

Indications for the procedure

The medical term “basal temperature” means the lowest temperature of the body observed at rest. In gynecological practice to this type of diagnosis is resorted to for the purpose of preparing schedule of change in body temperature during the day, which allows to determine the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, that is the most favorable time for conception.

Before the advent of synthetic analogues of sex hormones temperature method practiced as a biological method of contraception. Modern gynecologists rarely recommend this technique, because of small effectiveness and the availability of more effective ways of preventing unwanted pregnancy. Despite this fact, a certain category of women continue to practice this method, for example, in the unwillingness to take oral contraceptives or use local barrier methods of protection.

To achieve the desired result, this option should be used in combination with a cervical method (cervical mucus viscous in “dangerous” days). Basal temperature measurement in combination with assessment of cervical mucus is one of the stages of determination of fertility when the method ERZ (natural regulation of conception).

Abstinence from intercourse from the first day of the menstrual cycle prior to ovulation and up to 24 hours the probability of conception is minimal (5%). But it still exists!

Basal body temperature can also be measured in the mouth or vagina. However, the rectal method of measurement gives the most accurate reading due to the constancy of the internal environment.

The question of what is the temperature in the gut, care of women who have problems with reproductive function. Measurement of basal temperature is included in the set mandatory procedures in the treatment of infertility. Women alone at home regularly measure the temperature in the rectum, adhering to the recommendations of the attending physician to determine the day of ovulation.

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The rules of procedure

To get the most accurate reading of basal temperature, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The measurement of body temperature in the rectum is carried out regularly at the same time. The procedure should be carried out at the time of morning awakening, while the body is in a state of complete rest. Proper sleep at least 6 hours – a prerequisite when using this technique. Need to worry about the presence of the thermometer beside your bed so you don’t have to leave prior to measurement of basal temperature.
  2. Gynecologists recommend be Biphase schedule of basal temperature. The countdown starts from the first day of menstruation and ends the day before the beginning of the next.

    Tracking the dynamics of the curve, you can determine the phase of the menstrual cycle:

    • While normally flowing a two-phase cycle before menstruation indicators slightly reduced, approximately to level 36,3⁰ C. This phenomenon is considered as a premenstrual drop in basal temperature. If the second half of the cycle less than 10 days, this indicates her failure. The error in the indicators of follicular and ovulatory phase in norm does not exceed 0.5 ⁰C.
    • After menstruation see a slight rise in temperature for 2 weeks. Mark range 36,7 – 37,4⁰ C. the body Temperature during ovulation is 37,4⁰ C. If the basal temperature indicators do not reach the required level, it is assumed insufficient production in the body progesterone and estrogen. However, in some cases ovulation occurs in the fall by 0,2⁰. It is considered a symptom of the individual characteristics of the organism.
    • If the curve remains virtually unchanged throughout the menstrual cycle, then with high probability, suggesting anovulation. The chances of getting pregnant in this cycle minimum.
    • In the case when the graph has large amplitude, suggesting a pronounced lack of estrogen. Conversely, at the time of separation of the cells from the ovary into the blood large quantities of the hormone progesterone. Any inflammatory process in the body accompanied by fever with subsequent fall, the gradual elimination of inflammation.
    • If there is fertilization, the mark of the thermometer is not below 37⁰ C. this Decrease may indicate a threatened miscarriage.

    After analyzing Biphase schedule of basal temperature, you will notice an obvious rise at some point. This will be the day of ovulation. If the positive trend continues for several menstrual cycles, the chances of pregnancy dramatically increases. It is at this point you should plan the conception.

    When the menstrual cycle exceeding 28 days, the ovulation period calculated in a similar way, shifting the indices forward by a few days. For example, in a cycle of 30 days, assuming ovulation on day 16. Follicular phase in this case lasts 12 to 16 days. Keep this in mind, calculating the “dangerous days” during unprotected intercourse.

    To confirm pregnancy at home you can use special test strips. The presence of two bands in the strip test indicates the production of human chorionic gonadotropin – the pregnancy hormone. Its level increases with increasing duration. Even in the case of spontaneous abortion or after delivery it continues to be present in the body for some time.

    Temperature chart a gynecologist considers as an additional research method when restoring reproductive function. The use of modern equipment in specialized medical institutions for the reproduction, allows to obtain the necessary data in a short time.

    Measurement of basal temperature is another step on the path of recovery of reproductive function. Despite the errors, this method is recognized as effective for pregnancy planning and tracking of indicators of General state of the female body.

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