The beginning of menopause what are the signs how to determine

The end of menstruation and beginning of menopause are considered to be vital today. At a certain age, different for each woman, there comes another important part of life. It has its pros and cons, but can no longer be the ability to become pregnant and give birth. The first signs of menopause in women is quite diverse, so consider them in more detail.

The initial symptoms of menopause affect every woman individually

Some statistics and facts

The name «climax» comes from the Greek «climactic», which means «step ladder». And the truth is, each of the women at some point in their life beyond the stage, beyond which begin the extinction of the function of procreation. A similar level is observed in men, but does not bring such unpleasant symptoms as the female half of the population.

Life expectancy today has increased and improved the quality of medicine. But it has not made significant changes in the duration of the period when you have a baby. Already fifty or fifty-five, and in a certain number of women in forty or forty-five years, the body begins to switch to a completely different mode.

Women all over the world the average age when menopause is slightly different: in the United States fifty – two years, in Russia – forty-nine years, at the European women from fifty-three to fifty-five years.

In eight percent of cases, the symptoms of menopause can appear up to forty years. Fails monthly with your cycle, and start the phenomena that can determine the arrival of menopause.

Начало климакса какие признаки, как определить

American women enter menopause on average at 52 years old

Factors that may affect the beginning of menopause

Age of menses, your brand for every women. In this issue the main role takes on heredity, therefore, to calculate the time of beginning of menopause might. To do this, navigate to the mother or grandmother and other women in both lines.

Besides the genotype there are many factors that can influence the onset of menopause. In a totally different time can stop period even for women with the same heredity.

What factors accelerate this process, will help to identify the history of a woman’s life. It should pay attention to the following:

  • diseases in the gynecological field directly related to serious disruptions in the hormonal system;
  • outside intervention operations conducted on the uterus or on the ovaries;
  • removal of the ovaries;
  • serious irradiation of the whole body;
  • chemotherapy.

Monthly can be completed earlier if the lead unhealthy lifestyle or have some bad habits. A strong negative factor in this case is Smoking. It can speed up the changes. Then the climax comes three or even five years faster.

Начало климакса какие признаки, как определить

Any disruption in the reproductive organs can trigger menopause

Stages of menopause

All the changes that accompany menopause can be divided into three main stages:

  • The premenopausal women in this time, the ovaries decrease the production of the amounts of estrogen and are not very active. It panoramafreiheit rare appearance of menstruation and increase in between pauses. This stage falls on the age after forty years and can last up to a year and a half.
  • By the end of this stage cease to produce eggs. Monthly rare and short-lived. The number of ovulations is gradually reduced and the symptoms can serve as reduced sexual activity. The premenopausal some women, lasts about five years, but often ends up a bit faster.

  • Menopause — the period onecalifornia menstrual cycle, which continues throughout the year. It is very difficult for the body, because it aggravated chronic diseases. Can start disease, which will signal the failure in the body’s metabolism and balance hormones. Is obesity and diabetes, diseases of the blood vessels and heart.
  • Postmenopausal –after the beginning of the year completion period. Wellbeing of women is improved, because all the symptoms disappear, normalize metabolic processes.
  • Начало климакса какие признаки, как определить

    The menopause brings relief from the unpleasant symptoms of menopause

    Read more about early menopause and its symptoms

    Each of the women your body and it reacts to changes taking place in it differently. Therefore, one can see that they have suddenly stopped menstruating, while others feel a lot of discomfort. And in ten percent of cases can be quite ambiguous reaction – rises activity of physical and social. That is why the complaints of their peers, they are somewhat critical.

    To determine the point of premenopausal helps specific symptoms of this period. The main symptoms include:

  • The ebb and flow. Beginning they felt like an unexpected fever, then starts to blush the neck and face, there is a rise of temperature and increased sweating. So comes the tide of blood. It lasts no more than one minute, and the frequency and strength of the individual. In some women this condition may be rare, others can be over fifty times in one day.
  • Mood swings. Usually they are not justified by any external factors. These include emotional instability and crying. The mood in depressed women, there is irritability. Takeninto disappear by themselves with time. If it will bother for a long time, then this is a serious reason to consult a specialist, because similar feelings can be when problems with the thyroid gland.
  • Disturbances in the sleep mode, insomnia. Usually occur because of the existence of the tide. Seconds before a woman can Wake up, and after can no longer sleep.
  • The increase in body weight. As a result of the disruption of the hormonal system in the early menopause can be hard to gain weight (from six to ten kilograms).
  • Palpitations, a feeling of dryness of mucous membranes. The change of taste, unpleasant taste in the mouth constantly. These symptoms are not associated with physical changes or emotional background. Again, it’s all in the hormones and change their level.
  • Headache. Such pain is called pain tension. Arises from the fact that the woman is almost constantly exposed to unpleasant emotions, it has an internal anxiety. Possible dizziness.
  • A woman in early menopause constantly tired and gets tired quickly, becomes forgetful and distracted.

    These symptoms can occur in the menopause, later they disappear. Don’t worry that they all come at once. Approximately seventy-five percent of women will experience only four or five of these, and it is not always observed.

    Начало климакса какие признаки, как определить

    At the beginning of menopause can dramatically gain weight

    The struggle with unpleasant symptoms

    To deal with the above disorders or not – personal choice. Usually women try to suppress with drugs or methods of folk medicine is the most unpleasant of all. But all of them will disappear in the postmenopause, regardless of the treatment.

    Because the majority of symptoms are strongly influenced by the level of quality of life, you should do everything you need to survive the beginning of menopause, with minimal losses for your own peace of mind and reduce discomfort. What methods will help, every woman will decide. Some of them are listed below:

    • you should pay more attention to their physical health, not to exclude the meeting with the doctor who can give many tips;
    • walking daily at least half an hour. Spend more time on the street, a lot of walking and less sitting in front of computer and television;
    • to do gymnastics in the morning, even if it wasn’t doing that. It will give courage disappear the pain in the head and dizziness;
    • to go to fitness or yoga. The sport will be taught to alternately tense and relax, which is necessary to be able to do in premenopausal women;
    • try to sleep at least eight hours. This will help teas from herbs, mint, or Valerian. Can help and drugs with sedative effect from homeopathy, which can be prescribed by a doctor;
    • not to be subjected to stress, allow yourself more rest.

    On the health have a negative impact Smoking and alcohol, so you should give them up or to minimize. Nutrition is to replenish a variety of fruits and not very fatty varieties of meat. And sweet is better not to abuse.

    Unfortunately, a great number of women take the time when menopause occurs, as something terrible, with constant changes, but this is not so. Just takes effect the next stage of life, which is not worse than the previous.

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