The breast self — palpation rules

Breast self-exams – the procedure is simple, important, recommended for regular practice, allowing time to notice the symptoms of disease. Conduct research at home, without medical equipment, specific equipment, not having the education of doctors.

Self-examination is recommended after the first menstrual cycle to do the entire reproductive period every month, focusing on the period. Since pain in the chest and swelling of the glands are held on the 7th – 10th day of the cycle, this time is optimal for studying the condition of the body. During menopause a woman chooses a convenient time and regularly continues to explore his chest.

Remember, with age increases the risk of cancers, regular breast self-exams allows you the time to notice something was wrong.

Control the frequency so: note in the calendar date of the last inspection and put a mark when it is necessary again to draw attention to the condition of the breast.

Taking oral contraceptives women visiting the chest on the day of taking the first pill from the new package.

How is?

Self-examination starts with a visual inspection of linen. First disorders manifest secretions remaining on the surface of the fabric. Really nipple visible substances do not remain, but the clothing is noticeable small spots. Inspect for discharge:

  • brown;
  • yellow;
  • green tint;
  • containing blood;
  • perhaps the appearance of crusts.

The next step of self – study of mammary glands. First, examine the nipple, areola, determining if there are any:

  • rashes;
  • redness;
  • ulcers;
  • flaky areas.

Remember, healthy skin. Ulceration, abnormal tone, growths – a cause for concern and the first bell: time to go to the doctor.

Inspection step by step

Breast self-examination – as it happens? Point by point:

  • to bare the upper half of the body;
  • take a mirror;
  • to give a hand hang down along the body without strain;
  • to visually examine the prostate;
  • to check, normally if the size, color, outline, form.
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From nature Breasts are asymmetrical, but this phenomenon is poorly expressed. A noticeable asymmetry is a sign of illness. If the difference in size increases, it is necessary to consult the doctor.

When checking the symmetry of the learner’s level. Check whether both evenly rise cancer if:

  • to raise their hands;
  • torso;
  • to turn to the side.

Properly functioning Breasts move with the body, without unequal variances, offsets.

Be sure to study the area:

  • armpit;
  • under the clavicle;
  • above the collarbone.

Smoothness indicates the growth of the lymph nodes. Slowly lift and lower hands, so the offset abnormal changes in the shape, size, level noticeable.

Pay attention to swelling of the neck or upper extremities. Perhaps it is provoked by blockage of lymph flow.

Skin condition

Under normal circumstances, the skin of the breast elastic, painless going in the crease. The color of healthy skin is uniform, the violation is evidenced by redness, “citric crust” lesions.

In the self-important to thoroughly test the skin. Upon detection of seals, holes, bumps, swollen areas there is a reason to go to the doctor. Be careful palpation of the mammary glands is not collecting fingers from the skin folds on the chest. Because women’s Breasts lobed, the thrill of the folds give a false impression of a tumor.

Palpation is carried out by applying cosmetic cream, lotion. Examine the left breast with the right hand, the right – on the contrary. Palpate glands 3 to 4 closed fingers but not the tips. Make circular movements without using the thumb. If the breast is large, the opposite hand to gently hold the iron, not moving and not deforming.

There are two versions of impalpable:

  1. Spiral. Moving in a spiral, the starting point to the armpit area. Gradually reducing the radius, find the nipple;
  2. Segments. In this case, palpate the following way: the breast is divided into segments, and each of them methodically ewupawly. Move to the selected area from top to bottom.
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A cursory self-examination of mammary glands watch below:

  • the pads did not penetrate deep into the gland;
  • tissue is not captured with the fingertips.

During the procedure found the tumors located near the skin.

The next stage – deep probing. In this case, the pads tend to reach edges. Attention is paid to the following areas:

  • from the clavicle downwards, until they reach the edges of the fins;
  • from the sternum until, until you touch the armpit to the breastbone.

Examine armpits, concentrating on the status of the lymph nodes.

Alternatives impalpable

The technique of self-examination of the breast includes palpation while lying down. To probe the relaxed thoracic, identifying possible tumors, easier.

The study should lie on a flat hard surface. Under the shoulder blade velikobritaniyu enclose a pillow, lifting your chest. One hand slid behind his head. Then repeat the steps above.

Breast self-examination is practiced in the shower, as soap improves the finger sliding on the skin. This simplifies the detection of suspicious seals, unhealthy areas.

The study of nipple

Exploring nipples, the woman pays attention to color, shape, and any deviations from the norm. Special attention should be paid to cracks, ulcers, implication, moist areas. The examination palpate the nipple and the area under them with your fingers, determining whether the swelling. Pay attention to the appearance of unpleasant feelings during examination nipple: pain, discomfort, burning.

Nipple take the thumb, index finger, squeeze. It allows us to determine the presence of precipitates. If there were any found, note the nature of the discharge.

Rules of procedure

Breast self – examination- a preventive measure. Don’t try to purposefully find the cancer disease! Unnecessary tension and the mood on the negative leads women to the clinic, becomes a cause of neurosis and even breakdowns with no real motive.

Healthy 9 out of 10 women that found in self-examination symptoms, so do not panic ahead of time.

At the same time not treat yourself careless: if symptoms make an appointment to see the doctor to confirm or refute the results of the home inspection.

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General guidelines:

  • inspect the chest, hands;
  • do the palpation in a clockwise direction, moving from top to bottom;
  • when viewed lightly apply pressure on the nipples, but do not press hard;
  • examining the lymph nodes, monitoring study conduct standing;
  • completing the examination, stand in front of a mirror, put your hands down, then get them back, turn around and bend over several times, carefully watching the chest.

Do not put a diagnosis themselves. If the date of the last examination of the breast has changed, it does not mean the cancer process. Sign up to the doctor to clarify the causes.

The nuances

Regular breast self-examination does not exclude communication with the doctor: at least once a year get checked at the clinic.

Women 35 to 40 years are recommended to undergo regular ultrasound examination of the mammary glands. In doing 40 and older mammogram: every two years the first 10 years, then annually.

On the recommendation of the doctor women from the risk group should be tested more often.