The consequences of abortion, complications after mini-abortion

Pregnancy is interrupted by artificial means, is not just a medical-surgical intervention in a woman’s body with a likelihood of severe consequences, but a karmic debt to themselves and their future generation. The history of medical practice indicates numerous negative consequences of artificial interruption of pregnancy. Early and late consequences of abortion can dramatically change not only the physical health of the woman, but also her fate. Threat and how the first abortion?

The moral aspect

Due to various circumstances (lack of awareness about available methods of contraception, the unwillingness to have children, lack of a culture of sexual activity, contraindications to use of hormonal drugs, rape, and other reasons) women decide to terminate unwanted pregnancies. But before you get to abortion, many of them think about the consequences of the decision?

From ancient times the Church speaks negatively about abortion, equating them to grave sin of infanticide. Considering the fact that human life begins from the moment of conception (origin of soul), Orthodoxy focuses on what happens to the soul of the unborn baby.

Soul after abortion will forever remain not buried. It is the karma of women requiring repentance from sin throughout life. The souls of unborn children – the invisible presence echoes in the women’s memory of the hastily made decision.

Modern genetics recognizes the fact of the origin of human life from the moment of connection of the nuclei of germ cells bearing the genetic heritage. Since the beginning of the process of fertilization a new life (soul) cannot be considered as an organ of the female body. A moral evaluation of their actions falls not only on women’s shoulders, but the doctor who took the decision.

What is an abortion?

This process provides for the termination of pregnancy by artificial means with the help of several methods:

  1. Medical abortion, the so-called velvet abortion, is a widely used method among the domestic population. It is based on the use of shock doses of hormones, cause birth defects in the early stages. Oral use of hormonal drugs Mifepristone, Penkrofton and other analogues allows to terminate a pregnancy within 6 weeks.
  2. Mini abortion is carried out with the aid of vacuum, is a very popular procedure in gynecological practice. The suction vacuum of the ovum used in the period not exceeding 5 weeks after conception.
  3. Surgical method of abortion is the most dangerous procedure is resorted to rarely, in cases where the above procedure does not give the expected result. Surgical abortion is also shown in cases requiring emergency care, when such manipulations depends on the patient’s life.

Regardless of the chosen method of abortion, consequences of abortion can be very diverse.

Every single organism – the individual with its own characteristics. If some women tolerate this relatively well, then the other after abortion may significantly worsen the overall condition. In any case, this is a serious intervention in the reproductive, endocrine, immune and nervous systems of the body.

Medical abortion

Euphonious pronunciation of the phrase “velvet abortion” does not promise anything pleasant. Of course, this option doctors recognize the least traumatic to the reproductive system, but its effects can be quite noticeable. What are the risks of abortion based on the use of medicines?

The consequences of the “velvet abortion”:

  • an allergic reaction to the drug until the development of anaphylactic shock;
  • the risk of bleeding;
  • hormonal failure, violation of the functioning of all body systems;
  • high probability that the fertilized egg can not leave the body of the uterus, and will require scraping.

Medical abortion should be undertaken under strict medical supervision in hospital. Doctor individually decides about the rationality of its application.

Vacuum aspiration of the ovum

To the vacuum method of modern gynecologists have resorted more and more often. Medical evidence shows that abortion by suction of the ovum rationally in most cases. How dangerous abortion by vacuum, in each case, the attending physician decides, on the basis of anamnesis data. What is the danger of abortion vacuum (mini-abortion)?

The effects after abortion using vacuum suction, the following:

  • the risk of incomplete abortion when abortively material completely leaves the body of the uterus;
  • serious violations of the menstrual cycle;
  • the risk of heavy bleeding;
  • injury of the body and the cervix;
  • the likelihood of developing inflammation and infection of the wound surface.

Surgical abortion

The most dangerous method is considered to be scraping the uterus with surgical instruments. What are the risks of this procedure and what complications after an abortion by surgery can occur?

Complications of abortion with curettage of the uterine cavity following:

  • manipulation actions are done “blind” and even highly qualified gynecologist is not always possible to perform the surgery without complications;
  • a high degree of injury to the reproductive organs (perforation of the uterus);
  • the risk of inflammation, infection, repair you need with the help of antibacterial drugs;
  • the probability of heavy bleeding;
  • the appearance of hematometra in the form of stagnation (congestion) of blood in the uterus due to violations of the outflow;
  • the likelihood of re-scraping in case of complications when the aborted material is not completely removed;
  • the development of inflammation, diseases of the reproductive system in the future.

The negative consequences of abortion for the body

Depending on the timing of the occurrence of the reaction of the organism to the procedure of abortion complications (dangerous consequences) are early and late. Threat do they and how much?

Early effects of abortion include:

  1. Injury of the vagina, cervical canal, cervix and the uterus (perforation). Perforation of the uterine body requires urgent surgical intervention and subsequent therapy to eliminate the bleeding and blood poisoning (sepsis). Stretching of the cervix triggers the appearance of erosive ectropion and adhesions in the cervical canal.
  2. The presence of flow (spotting or heavy) require special attention. Appeared unpleasant smell indicates the accession of pathogenic flora. Antibiotic therapy is mandatory to prevent the development of diseases of the urogenital area.
  3. Injury to adjacent organs or peritoneum (bladder, bowel, okolomatocnah tissue, fallopian tubes) requires a lot of attention and a certain tactic of treatment depending on the nature of the damage.
  4. Emotional instability, depression to encourage the use of antidepressants and sedatives.
  5. Surgical method of abortion requires a stay in hospital under medical supervision for at least 3 days.
  6. Irregular menstrual cycle, for the recovery of which will take sometimes several months.

The late consequences of abortion include:

  1. Hormonal changes that affect reproductive, endocrine and other body systems (polycystic ovaries, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, causes development of breast cancer).
  2. The emergence of diseases due to injury to your organs (endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, adenomyosis, polyps and tumors).
  3. Adhesions in the uterus and fallopian tubes violate the promotion of spermatozoa and provoke the risk of ectopic pregnancy.
  4. The inability to become pregnant later complication of abortion. Various inflammatory processes and the diseases of the reproductive organs increase the risk of intrauterine fetal fading, the emergence in children of anomalies. The risk of abortion in the inability of the body to independently provide comfortable conditions for the development of the fetus. A woman may forever lose the hope of becoming a mother. Having made at least one abortion, you can change your life forever.

What is the danger of the first abortion?

Young girls having sexual intercourse, in most cases, are not sufficiently aware of contraceptive methods. They do not think about what the consequences of the first abortion can change their adult lives forever.

Abortion in the first pregnancy requires informed decision making not only from women but also from the doctor. Its aim is to inform the patient on whether to take the first abortion in her situation, how dangerous the first abortion for a young body.

If a healthy woman giving birth has a chance to move the termination of pregnancy with the least impact on the body, fragile body with nesformirovannost finally hormonal and physical immaturity are at risk.

After deciding on the potential use of mini-abortion, the chances of avoiding the negative effects are small. The effects held even after a fairly skilled mini-abortion can be an irreversible reproductive system. Complications arising in early or late period after mini-abortion, require doubly rigorous monitoring and finding an effective way to eliminate the ailment.

Often in women, the question arises if the first abortion in adulthood? The answer is simple. Such interference is a serious stress for any organism. In addition, there is a risk that does not have age restrictions. This includes contraindications to the interruption of pregnancy due to the presence of systemic disease (poor blood clotting, cancer) or individual characteristics (negative RH factor). The first abortion for any woman is a serious consequences. Until death.

Despite threatening not to have in the future of children, today many women resort to termination of pregnancy by artificial means. Knowing what consequences they can expect in the future, how harmful the performed manipulations, especially in the first pregnancy, they consciously make the decision to get out of this situation in this way.

The duty of the gynecologist – in a timely manner to convey the necessary information about what the woman will undergo, and the more dangerous the abortion. Medical statistics on available mortality among abortively women. Treatment of possible complications can last for years. The absence in the future of children is a real tragedy for any family.

Conducted an abortion for many is a bitter remembrance of the deed, the errors of youth, when the fear of loneliness and the fear to be alone with a child predetermines the wrong decision. This should be a lesson not only for the woman but also for her companion. In most cases it is with his acquiescence or the lack of support the woman decided to take this step.

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