The first month after curettage of missed abortion

Scraping may be diagnostic or abortive any reason adversely affects the female body. Even if the procedure is successful, after some time may appear complications. To assess the degree of recovery of the body, you need to follow when you begin the first month after cleaning.

Kinds of scraping

In gynecological practice there are two options:

  1. Separate diagnostic curettage of the cervical canal and the uterine cavity (WFD). The cleansing of the uterus and cervical canal occurs separately. The patient take a scraping and send it for histological examination for diagnosis.
  2. Hysteroscopy. This method of cleaning is a modern, comfortable and safe. Scraping is performed with a special apparatus. After he puts the uterine cavity, the doctor monitors the entire ongoing process. Hysteroscopy prevent injury of the uterus.

Indications for curettage

Scraping, or cleansing of the uterus in medicine is called curettage. There are several indications for this procedure. These include:

  1. Changes in the endometrium. The procedure is performed in case if the patient is observed thickening of the endometrium (hyperplasia) or the presence of local entities in the form of polyps. After carried out cleaning, a few days saved spotting. Menstruation comes to your period a month or so later.
  2. Violation of the menstrual cycle. Scraping is carried out in the situation where the patient is observed monthly abundant and long-lasting nature, intermenstrual discharge, uterine bleeding. Also procedure is done in the presence of bleeding in menopause. How many will go monthly, depends on how much scraping was effective and decided to the problem.
  3. Abnormalities of the cervix. During the examination the doctor can detect pathological processes in the female body. If there is suspicion of the presence of tumor-like formations, the doctor prescribes the scraping of the cervical canal.
  4. Spontaneous miscarriage. This procedure is carried out in order to completely clean out the uterus from the remnants of the ovum and placenta. Monthly should begin in time 20 – 35 days.
  5. Frozen (regressing, missed miscarriage) pregnancy. This process is characterized by a stop in the development of the embryo. A miscarriage takes place, the uterus is not reduced. Once the patient has established a non-viable pregnancy, she immediately sent for cleaning. The menstrual cycle will fully recover in a month.
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Missed abortion: causes

Under the stood pregnancy is considered to be stop fetal development. Unfortunately, this pathology meet often enough. To continue with the pregnancy fails. Shown curettage and vacuum aspiration of the ovum (delete the remainder of the embryo). Why not come for a long time period after a manipulation?

The main reasons considered:

  1. The abuse of drugs.
  2. The presence of infection.
  3. The presence of harmful habits Smoking and alcohol consumption.
  4. The constant stress.
  5. Bad ecology.
  6. Genetic anomalies of the fetus.
  7. Pathology of the hemostatic system.

To determine this pathology is rather difficult. But it is worth noting that in most cases characterized by non-developing pregnancy, when there is brown discharge and pain in the abdomen. Also signs in the form of disappearance of morning sickness, no swelling of the mammary glands, decrease the basal temperature.

Patients transferred this procedure, interested in the question of when periods start after cleaning of missed abortion. The restoration of the menstrual cycle is affected by many factors. The first day of the cycle is considered the day of the surgery is made. To the mucous membrane could be replaced, the correct synthesis of hormones.

In the presence of excellent health the first month after curettage of missed abortion in 21 to 35 days. Well as the resumption of menstrual cycle after surgical process depends on what period exhibited the problem. The smaller was the pregnancy, the sooner she can recover.

  1. Abnormalities in hormonal background.
  2. The development of the inflammatory process. Characterized by fever and lower abdominal pain.
  3. Constant stress.
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Types of discharge after the procedure

Any patient after surgical process, it is necessary to monitor their secretions. They are of a different nature:

  1. Scarlet selection clotted. A variant of the norm in the first days after the manipulation. Further selection will be scant brown spotting, then totally stop. To prevent bleeding in the first hours after curettage put ice on the lower abdomen.
  2. Heavy discharge after curettage. In these secretions can severely hurt the stomach and rise the body temperature. This suggests that the patient has a complication after curettage – endometritis. When this situation occurs, the woman should be screened. Their number is determined by the change of sanitary pads. If they changed more than once in three hours, it is alarming.
  3. Brown for the allocation of scarce nature. Such a process is normal and no treatment is not required.
  4. Highlight yellow. Signal the penetration of infection and the beginning of the inflammatory process. In the presence of such secretions need to come to a specialist, who will prescribe appropriate treatment. The dosage and duration of therapy will depend on the severity of the condition women.

Characteristics of discharge after curettage presented in the table:

The day after the manipulation The volume of secretion
1 – day 3 Abundant, scarlet, dark with clots
4 – day 7 Moderate, brown
7 – 14 days Mucous can be sukrovichnye
14 – 21 days There is no discharge
21 – 35 day The restoration of normal menstruation

Monthly after curettage

Often women ask the question, after scraping when you go monthly. If the procedure is successful, then come monthly after 4 to 5 weeks. But every body is different. If in this period, menstruation does not start, do not panic. It all depends on how quickly restores the reproductive system of the patient and how the procedure.

If the presence of secretions observed increase in temperature or pain in the abdomen, then you need to go to the doctor.

You should pay attention to the fact that after a miscarriage or missed abortion menstruation may be delayed and last for about a week. This is possible because of hormonal failure. If the situation persists, you must consult a doctor.

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What to do if there is no menstruation after curettage? There are several reasons in the form of hormonal failure or stress situations. It also happens that in the first cycle the ovaries are not working at full strength. Ovulation does not occur, the first phase of the cycle is lengthened, while the second does not change. Marked delay of menstruation up to 1 – 2 weeks.

A single failure of the cycle should not scare a woman. If menstruation is absent for more than two months to wait is no longer necessary. Should seek assistance from a doctor. He will appoint examination and if necessary treatment. To induce menstruation, your doctor may suggest to undergo therapy with the progesterone or other drugs. Independently take any drugs in this situation is strictly prohibited!