The first symptoms of menopause at 40

In women after 40 years in the body there are certain physiological changes that are associated with the reproductive function. These changes may adversely affect the health and General condition. At the age of 40-44 years, the period of perimenopause. This is the stage after which reproductive function is fading, and menstrual periods stop.

Menopause at age 40 may be caused by individual characteristics of the organism

Menopause at age 40 is normal and natural physiological phenomenon. Menopause is not a disease, but each woman is individual. During this period you will feel tired, may appear different symptoms that were not previously observed. A woman hard to deal with such changes occurring in the body. And those who are younger than 40 years fear the onset of early menopause. If the time to pay attention to emerging symptoms and signs, some discomfort can be avoided.

The initial appearance of menopause

The symptoms which indicate the approach of menopause, needs to occur in women after 44 to 50 years. In reality, there are many cases when menopause appears from 38 years before. Women early menopause carry hard enough. This applies not only to the physical condition, and psychological. They may:

  • to change the mood;
  • attend a state of apathy.

Exact reason why women have early menopause occurs can be quite different.

Some women with early development of menopause after puberty, menopause occurs. It can be as in 40 and 32 years. Normal physiological change is if after puberty stops the menstrual cycle and to achieve 42-45 years. Pathology and causes of its development are very different.

Some of the causes associated

  • Genetics. Women (35-40 years) with a predisposition to early menopause, and no lack of negative symptoms, is not a pathology of early menopause.
  • Pathology of the urinary and endocrine systems.
  • Long hormonal treatment.
  • After surgery on the reproductive organs.
  • If the young woman have not performed surgery on the reproductive organs, and she notices the first signs of menopause, a gynecologist is necessary.

    This is not a normal process. The doctor will help to deal with the resulting symptoms and find the cause of menopause. The symptoms can be absolutely and are not associated with disorder of menstruation or its cessation.

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    Первые симптомы климакса у женщин в 40 лет

    Diseases of the genitourinary system can trigger early menopause

    Methods to help relieve menopause

    This period is not a disease, and its treatment is not carried out. But if the symptoms are clearly pronounced and intense, it must be combated by appropriate methods.

    Care should be taken in advance about the treatment of early menopause. Especially women who are under 49 and are planning a pregnancy.

    If this is menopause, which occurs at 45-50 years, then the doctor could help relieve discomfort:

    • to get rid of depression and irritability;
    • to adjust blood pressure:
    • to eliminate tachycardia, arrhythmia and help in the fight against tides.

    Women to alleviate their condition must take care to review the diet way of life. Proper nutrition, abstinence from alcohol and tobacco and moderate exercise will easily survive this period.

    The menu should include:

    • fish;
    • vegetables and fruits;
    • walnuts;
    • dairy products with low percentage of fat.

    Spicy, fried, smoked and salt in the diet should not be.

    Symptoms of menopause can be minimized by not only adhering to proper lifestyle and nutrition. Traditional medicines and drugs will also help in the struggle with unpleasant physiological changes in a woman’s body.

    To reduce the tides, you can take anti climatic means. To normalize blood pressure, the doctor will individually pick up the drugs. With cephalalgia can be fought with analgesics or anti-inflammatory medicines.

    Первые симптомы климакса у женщин в 40 лет

    Vegetables and fruits must be included in the diet for early menopause

    When to go to the doctors

    Seek medical assistance should:

  • When the first symptoms or signs of early menopause. If the woman’s age from 20 to 40. And in 20 years, menopause can begin very quickly. It may be associated with pathological changes in the body, which the patient doesn’t know it. If the time to determine the symptoms, timely treatment will help to treat existing disease.
  • Should definitely see a doctor, women who have symptoms of menopause pronounced. That is, are aggressive in nature. This period the patients may be accompanied by:
    • nausea, vomiting, disturbance of consciousness;
    • hypertension (if severe can lead to stroke);
    • psychological violations, including personality changes.
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    The first changes in the body that were not previously arisen or manifested itself after stress, long-term treatment and other factors, should immediately contact the doctor. Preventive examinations has not been canceled. And women who are forty and older, are needed.

    Первые симптомы климакса у женщин в 40 лет

    Nausea and vomiting during menopause needs to get a woman to go to the doctor


    Menopause after 45 years does not make sense to treat. This is a normal physiological condition. Treatment may be needed only if severe syndrome. Doctors to their patients first and foremost recommend:

    • homeopathic remedies;
    • dietary supplements and various vitamin complexes;
    • folk remedies.

    If woman after 45 years there are the first signs of menopause, you can take Monastic tea. In the composition of which medicinal herbs: rosehips, hawthorn, oregano, sage, and motherwort. Tea reception will help to improve the General condition, and act as an anti-inflammatory.

    If the funds of homeopathy have failed, then attributed to hormonal therapy. The woman is prescribed analogues of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Treatment is quite effective but have more side-effects and contraindications.

    Can you chicken heads the arrival of menopause

    To avoid the appearance of menopause is impossible. This period will come anyway. But early onset can be delayed. Every woman should:

  • To lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right.
  • To exclude tobacco and alcohol.
  • To avoid all sorts of stressful situations.
  • To visit a gynecologist for preventive examinations.
  • If the patient has a genetic predisposition to early menopause, she needs to take care in advance about the postponement of this period. The doctor will select the right methods and drugs for treatment. If it failed to delay early syndrome, it is necessary to correctly determine the treatment of this condition.

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    Women after 45 years of age and young girls who have appeared the first signs of menopause, you should immediately contact to a gynecologist. It is important not to miss the moment when medical care will help avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.