The Kotex mini tampons without applicator

A woman in the modern world lives in a very intense rhythm. The days on which menstruation occurs can seriously slow down your normal movement. Some time ago, the strip was the usual way, but was a nuisance when walking, in choosing appropriate clothes. Currently, for women leading an active lifestyle, there are wonderful way out tampons without applicator Kotex.

Tampons are small cylinders, made of viscose of high quality. The head is oval, the surface covered with a special silk material. All this facilitates the introduction into the vagina. Swab very rapidly unfolding inside, perfectly absorbs liquids, provides even distribution. A special area of the blue color created for extra protection from leakage.

The types of tampons koteks

  • Mini 2 drops. Designed for those who have during the period of menstruation the discharge has a mild nature. You can also use this type for the first and last day.
  • Normal 3 drops. This view is used with the average amount of discharge in the middle of the menstrual bleeding.
  • Super 4 drops. Suitable for those who have heavy menstruation.

The most interesting difference between tampons brand Kotex is brightly colored packaging. Opener “turn and unlock” allows you to quickly enter a tampon in any situation. Box the small size contains 8 or 16 pieces of tampons. Will fit easily in any purse will stylishly blend in with other items.

Rules of introduction

This tool is safe to use, but for a more hygienic application you need to follow simple rules of administration.

  1. Before using mandatory toilet of the hands and external genitals.
  2. Replacement pad, regardless of species, should be measured every 4 to 6 hours.
  3. It is better to use view, a suitable volume of emissions.
  4. In the days of heavy flow days, you can also use pads to protect underwear.
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Tampons koteks created in order to provide the woman’s everyday comfort and sense of security.