The labia minora in girls

Many parents have no idea what the labia minora. The lectures for future mothers about this problem remember. Because, mom, even though she and the woman isn’t always able to detect the presence of disease. So what is it? Sinehii, simply put, is adhesion of the labia. To knit can the labia and large. The fusion can be complete or partial.

Suspect synechia of the labia is possible with self-examination of the child.

Before inspecting the daughter should:

  • To wash your hands thoroughly.
  • To get rid of the long nails, otherwise you can injure the baby.
  • To turn the child on the back.
  • How careful to spread his legs and proceed directly to the inspection of the genital organs.

After the disclosure of the labia majora can be seen that the labia are very touching, and between them there is the template. The vagina unnoticed, or seen a small part. Attempts at separation will be unsuccessful. The girl will feel pain and begin to cry.

If there are no deviations, the gap will be large and the vagina is noticeable. The labia are shaped petals easily separating from big.

How to distinguish sinehii

The main symptom — a violation of urination. The child will experience difficulty, you will have to push. It becomes easier after you manage to pee. A particularly acute situation becomes a night — a little difficult to fall asleep.

To see the girl when noticed:

  • Redness in genital area, slight rash.
  • The child complains of pain and discomfort in the vaginal area (crying, worry).
  • It had become difficult to wash away little girl — she flinches and cries.
  • A trickle of urine is raised up like a boy.
  • Leaking urine, the child goes on the potty, but linen gets wet.

Sinehii girls infants

From the first weeks of life may occur fusion of the labia in girls. It is considered that the reason for this phenomenon is the low amount of sex hormones in the body. But there is nothing strange, because sex hormones may not appear until puberty, and it is quite normal.

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Before the eighth year of life the disease may manifest again. With age, the mucous membranes of the genital organs become more resistant to external stimuli, finding density. Adhesion of the labia does not take place.

Possible causes

The disease may develop due to:

  • Household allergic reactions to Soaps, oils, wipes, powders, creams.
  • Not so frequent cleaning.
  • Use soap when washing.
  • Improper cleaning, of bearing injury.
  • Infections.
  • Of intestinal dysbiosis and the weakening of local immunity.
  • The presence of worms in the body.

To determine the reasons for the development of adhesions by experts appointed by the tests. Not without smears from the vagina, General blood and urine tests, stool for the definition of dysbiosis and eggs of worms, scraping on enterobiasis.

Principles of treatment

If detected early to carry out the procedure of breeding a lot easier. At the initial stage of pathology, the film is thin and transparent, but if there is a complete fusion of the labia minora, it gains density, and without surgery will not work to fix the problem. No need to do such procedures independently, otherwise you can cause to children’s health irreparable harm.

When there is the slightest suspicion on sinehii, should be made to the children’s gynecologist for the receipt of qualified advice.

How is it treated

The dissection of adhesions in girls are engaged only in children’s gynecologists. For surgical intervention using a scalpel. The process takes seconds and is performed under local anesthesia. In the postoperative period the baby will need special care.

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To alleviate pain when urinating, to promote rapid healing of the wound, can not do without sitz baths, lotions, and special ointments with antibacterial action. Antimicrobial agents appointed by the doctor after the operation.

But you need to understand that surgery does not guarantee that pathology does not manifest itself again. Fusion of the labia minora can be repeated. Parents have the right not to use this technique, but not do without it, when formed full fusion, in which the child is very difficult to go to the toilet. Other means to assist the little girl not.

Preventive measures

To prevent the formation of fused labia, experts advise:

  • Observe the rules of personal hygiene.
  • Do not use for child care shared towels etc.
  • Apply baby cream and oil in small quantity on the area of the labia.
  • Don’t forget about regular air baths, they are very useful for children’s skin.
  • Promptly treat any inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

Cleaning should be not only regular, but also correct: running water, accurate movements of the fingers from front to back — for the avoidance of infection. Nails mom should not be too long. It is impossible to hold a cleaning sponge, otherwise increases the risk of damage to the tissues of the children’s genitals. To use the soap should not be. Few of today’s parents are ready to abandon diapers, but not everyone knows about the rules of use: change every three hours or as required.

Afford to be a little baby with no clothes on — air baths are very useful for the genitourinary system and skin. Linen to choose from a good fabric, the size. Doing the children’s Laundry must be held separately from adults. If the child is prone to allergic reactions, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the skin of the perineum, to use the cream from diaper rash, not to overdo it with the potassium permanganate baths.

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Treatment at home

Treatment at home can only be a partial and uncomplicated intergrowths. In these cases the warm baths in a sitting position. In the water necessarily added herbs in small amounts (we are talking about calendula, series, chamomile). One procedure should take no more than 10 minutes. Then on the origin of pathology apply sea buckthorn oil or peach. Choose only natural products, impurities must be absent. Pre-check for allergic reactions to different types of oils.

Application of creams from sinehii

With the progression of the disease, a strong uncomfortable feelings, experts prescribe creams containing hormones. Use a strictly limited number of only once per day. Application using a clean index finger, only on the affected area. Duration of use should not exceed two weeks. After the treatment the area of children’s sexual organs to be treatment for children creams without fragrance (upon completion of cleaning).

It is worth to monitor the condition of the genitals, making regular checkups is the only way to prevent synechia girls.

Many mothers are very worried because of the frequent relapses of this disease. This suggests that in the body something has gone the wrong way. With frequent relapses should contact your gynecologist and undergo a complete examination by a specialist.