The main with the ovarian cyst: how to use the drug

The appearance of cysts in the female body due to hormonal disruptions caused by various reasons. Such as: being overweight, early onset of menstruation, infertility, menstrual disorders and others. Often this education occurs after inflammatory processes in the field of internal female genital organs.

Ovarian cyst — a benign education

Cyst — a benign neoplasm located in the body of the ovary or on its surface, increasing its size. Tissue saccular cavity filled with liquid and semi-liquid content. The woman’s age at disease varies from puberty to menopause. Often found in pediatric and adult gynecology.

Ovarian cyst type of disease

Ovarian cysts are classified according to the causes, localization, and structure.

Known varieties:

  • follicular;
  • hemorrhagic;
  • yellow body;
  • endometrioma;
  • dermoid;
  • the cystadenoma;
  • policiesmonetary the ovary.

Also divided into functional – that can pass independently and pathological, requiring treatment or surgery. Diagnosis in the absence of pain, is held with the survey for other reasons, ultrasound examination or computed tomography. The doctor who made the diagnosis makes the decision to observe, treat it conservatively or to operate. For acute pain, and such happen when torsion legs cysts, in suppuration, or bleeding in her capsule, breaking and pouring the contents into the abdominal cavity, surgery is indicated.

After surgery, prophylactic treatment to prevent recurrence.

Дюфастон при кисте яичника: как применять препарат

The antiseptic is effective in ovarian cyst

In the conservative treatment of benign tumors of the ovary using the drug the main. It is a modern therapeutic tool, widely used by gynecologists to be effective in treatment and prevention. A follicular cyst occurs on the background of hormonal disorders and inflammatory processes, may itself disappear, but if this has not happened in the three monthly cycle is assigned to the main.

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This drug is taken in order to increase the level of progesterone and leads to a decrease and disappearance of education. Luteum cyst occurs on the background of inflammatory process. Liquid with rupture of the follicle and poor outflow forms a cystic capsule containing the blood and secretions of the follicle.

If the size of the formation is small and does not pass over three monthly cycle, they are treated with Antiseptic. Under the influence of the drug, the woman receives an analogue of progesterone, which is not sufficient production in the body, education is reduced and disappears completely. Large cysts are often hormonal in nature and prone to torsion, in such cases, shows the operation. After surgery, doctors recommend taking antiseptic in prophylactic doses.

Дюфастон при кисте яичника: как применять препарат

The antiseptic used to prevent after surgery

Treatment of endometriotic and dermoid cyst

Endometrial cyst is formed due to growth of the endometrium in ovarian tissue. During menstruation the endometrial sections, as in the body of the uterus, increase in size, and then rejected. The inability to release from the ovary, promotes the formation of cysts filled with brown content, the so-called «chocolate cysts».

Such entities are treated surgically, but in order to prevent re-occurrence after surgery is recommended to take an antiseptic, lasting for a period of six months.

Dermoid cyst (teratoma, dermoid) – this formation looks like a tumor. It may contain sebaceous glands, bones, hair, fat tissue, cartilage. Found in different age groups, including children. The appearance of such tumors is associated with hormonal changes in puberty, menopause, and fetal development. Happens with injuries of the abdomen and inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs. Be treated conservatively in case of large sizes quickly.

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With conservative treatment, at an early period after surgery, doctors prescribe an antiseptic. In the postoperative therapy medication is prescribed for more than six months. According to some experts, shows only the surgical procedure, since such cysts tend to degenerate into cancer of the ovary.

Дюфастон при кисте яичника: как применять препарат

Many experts insist on the surgical removal of the cyst

The effectiveness of the drug

Doctors assign antiseptic when ovarian cyst, because of its effectiveness. The drug compensates for a lack of progesterone in the female body and has been used successfully in diseases associated with its deficiency. The antiseptic can be applied during pregnancy but only as directed by your doctor, it is compatible with other medications, has minimal side effects. But do not use in acute periods of treatment of tumors of ovary, liver disease, with poor blood clotting, breastfeeding.

The drug is widely used in medicine not only to treat ovarian cysts, but also in such diseases:

  • endometriosis;
  • infertility;
  • for threatened abortion;
  • habitual abortion;
  • during premenstrual syndrome;
  • dismenoree;
  • amenorrhea;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • in hormone replacement therapy.

The antiseptic when ovarian cyst be taken without doctor’s prescription, once «advised», read carefully the user manual, contraindications, care about your health.

If pediatric gynecologist has prescribed for your teenager the main, for medicinal purposes, don’t be afraid of the word «hormonal medication», it does not harm, and sometimes can help to avoid surgery and complications after treatment.