The menopause symptoms and treatment, folk remedies

Menopause is a period of hormonal changes of the female body, which tells about the beginning of aging. Every woman wants to delay the onset of menopause and to avoid the negative symptoms. Therefore, when the first symptoms, she should seek the advice of a specialist. The doctor will conduct the necessary research and prescribe drugs that will help to achieve the desired result.

During menopause it is advisable to regularly be seen by a doctor

Menopause in women. Symptoms and treatment

Every woman entering menopause and marking the various changes in your body, should understand that it is not only changes in the reproductive system, but also full of hormonal changes the body. Menopause can be divided into 3 stages:

  • The premenopausal women.
  • Menopause.
  • The postmenopausal women.

For each such period has its changes and symptoms that can stop a gynecologist with timely treatment.

The symptoms of menopause

Menopause is not a disease, and symbolizes the beginning of aging women. Any menopausal changes in the body occur under the influence of the irregular production of sex hormones in the ovaries, and their gradual extinction. Therefore, the manifestation of symptoms while menopause is a regular phenomenon:

  • Tides. The appearance of the tides is a vivid menopausal symptom. Tides is a short-term increase in temperature of any part of the body, mainly the upper. A woman can blush in the face and neck liberally to stand out a sweat. In some women, hot flashes can be irregular and does not deliver discomfort, and some women in the way to lead a normal lifestyle. The frequency of the tides can go up to 50 times and it is not pathology. Tides can significantly complicate the life of a woman interfering with night sleep, as they often manifest themselves in the night time. Excessive sweating can occur on the forehead and in the armpits, not by using the antiperspirants.
  • Sleep disorders. Insomnia. Symptoms of sleep disorders in premenopausal, is a clear indicator of its occurrence. A woman can disturb sleep not only tides, but also various pain, and depression. In any of these cases, the occurrence of insomnia, the woman should consult a doctor
  • Migraine and headache. Tension accompanies any stage of the menopause and often causes headaches. Increased blood pressure, tension of facial muscles, tension of the neck muscles and General tension can cause worsening health and cause headaches. There may be one more factor affecting the headache is irregular sleep or insomnia.
  • Sudden changes in mood, tension and . Depression and nervousness. Most of the women entered menopause, the changes in the emotional background. Frequent change of mood from cheerful to irritable due to the uneven production of hormones of the genital organs. Some women notice the appearance of an undefined lump in my throat that cannot be swallowed. If the symptom bothers a long time — it can be a symptom of dysfunction of the thyroid gland.
  • Confusion and memory impairment. Hormonal changes the body can provoke the deterioration in the field of memory and concentration. Most women complain of memory loss and confusion to menopause.
  • Dryness and itching in the vagina. Difficulty urinating and pain when emptying the bladder. During menopause, estrogen is on the decline, it does not affect the skin and the epithelium. Insufficient production of estrogen leads to the fact that a woman has the unpleasant symptoms in the vulva. The mucous membranes of the uterus and of the vagina thins and becomes dry. Causing itching of the vagina, and opens the inlet to previously acquired diseases and new infections.
  • The extinction of the ovaries also adversely affecting the pelvic organs: bladder. His tone is reduced, and sphincters weaken. This leads to frequent urination and incontinence. This condition not only weakens the function of the excretory system, but the incontinence contributes to the development of depression in women.
  • Decreased libido. Most symptoms and reducing the level of sex hormones leads to the fact that women have a diminished attraction to the man. Attraction doesn’t need to exist or be at the lowest level. Hormone therapy can restore libido and improve the condition of the vaginal epithelium, which will improve the quality of sexual life. So, if you experience symptoms of menopause, a woman needs to see a specialist, who will prescribe treatment, able to facilitate the course of menopause.
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Климаксе у женщин симптомы и лечение препаратами, народными средствами

Symptoms of menopause include disturbances in sexual life, insomnia and headaches


There are several ways to treat menopause, which helps get rid of all symptoms of climacteric changes, and improve the quality of life of women:

Treatment with traditional medicine

First and foremost treatment for menopause treatment folk remedies must combine not only the introduction in the diet of plant ingredients improves the overall condition of the body, but also the total change in the normal rhythm of life. Therefore, women will need to lead a healthy lifestyle to give up alcohol and Smoking, exercise, sleep more and take vitamin complexes.

A General increase in the immune system is able to deliver woman from the output of the remission of those diseases that was received earlier.

A beneficial effect on the body during menopause providing herbs:

  • Horsetail. This plant has excellent properties of improving the level of natural to body’s sex hormones without harming it. The plant can be brewed as a tea. When you add in a glass welding rhizomes of calamus, its properties are improved several times.
  • Red clover. Treatment of menopause and its symptoms recommend red clover. This medicinal plant can be eaten in the form of flowers or leaves. But it should be done only after consultation with a specialist. Red clover belongs to the group of natural phytoestrogens analogues of the female sex hormone, is able to replace his production in a safe way.
  • Nettle. The use of decoction of nettles helps with prolonged bleeding, as it has properties to improve blood clotting. Part of nettle vitamins raise the overall immune system, thereby fighting symptoms of menopause.
  • The flax seed. A menopause treatment can make by using natural ingredients contained in flax seed. Regular consumption of flax seeds helps to get rid of menopausal manifestation and improve the skin condition.
  • Traditional medicine can not completely replace the traditional hormonal therapy, especially if symptoms of menopause are strong and violate the habitual course of life of the patient.

    Климаксе у женщин симптомы и лечение препаратами, народными средствами

    Red clover is a popular home remedy for menopause

    The use of drugs non-hormonal type

    Non-hormonal drugs type belong to the group of phytoestrogens. They contain extracts from natural ingredients, are able to beneficially affect the body, and to fight the manifestations of menopause.

    These drugs do not cause addiction and complications, allowing you to take them for a long period.

    Phytoestrogens help in the short term to get rid of:

  • Insomnia and any sleep disorders.
  • Help to get rid of any irritable conditions.
  • Elevate mood and improve health.
  • Save from the tides.
  • Such drugs include: Climaxin, striks, Remains, Klimaktoplan.

    Климаксе у женщин симптомы и лечение препаратами, народными средствами

    Klimaktoplan — hormonal drug

    Hormonal medication

    Hormonal therapy is the most effective way of dealing with the complications and symptoms of menopause. Treatment of menopause can be a medication in pill form, and intrauterine systems.

    Treatment of menopause with intrauterine systems is safer than taking pills. In the spiral contains the active substance is levonorgestrel, which is released in equal doses daily. Such method of treatment eliminates the degeneration of the tissue of other organs, as the methods of influence by the drug occur only on the reproductive system.

    The spiral system is called Mirena and can only be installed by a specialist.

    To cost to remember one thing — if you can do without hormonal therapy, it is necessary to avoid the use of estrogens in the wrong dosage, they may cause the development of cancer.

    Each of these ways of eliminating symptoms equally helps to stop the individual symptoms, but to completely eliminate their symptoms during menopause will help combination of all approaches. But how to cure menopause and do not harm your body, you will find only a specialist. Therefore, the appearance of the first symptoms, you should seek the advice of.