The monthly on numbers and days of the week how to read monthly

Among the various types of divination you can find and read the monthly. Many girls fear and avoid serious predictions (e.g. the Tarot), but intrigued to find out about their fate other methods. Such divination is the prediction on critical days. When this divination was very common due to its simplicity and availability. The woman no tools needed or special skills: just look at what day of the month or what day of the week began menstruating.

The two main ways to guess at the month, and work for them universal rules. In addition, it is possible to tell fortunes and by time of day.


  • Wondering always on the first day of menstruation.
  • Divination by month are not designed to learn about remote events or changes in life. More specifically, it is possible to tell fortunes only for the current month until the next menstruation. All the predicted events will happen during this period.
  • For your peace of mind it is better to combine different methods of divination each other: look at the date and day of the week and time of day, which came menstruation.
  • If the prediction for a positive month, this forecast is not worth it to spread, otherwise he may not come true. We should not surrender to chance and expect a happy prophecy will come true by itself. You need to take it as motivation and a guide to action and to make maximum efforts to achieve results.

Observing these rules, you can increase the accuracy of divination. Many women find that the forecasts obtained them as a result of fulfillment of such conditions repeatedly come true. Consider these predictions in more detail.

Numerology of the month

Of divination based on the magic of numbers, there is a great variety. Divination by month is no exception: the number, which had the onset of menstruation, you can learn a lot. Here is what the calendar and the exact date of the fate of women:

Day of the month Prediction
1 In a woman’s life will be something very pleasant, able to change its current way of life and instill in her the joy and euphoria. This day is considered one of the most promising in divination.
2 Perhaps the disappointment in the actions of loved ones, and as a consequence, and in themselves.
3 Possible big fight, the results of which, however, is unknown: it equally well can escalate into hostility, or very soon to be forgotten. It all depends on your desire.
4 A woman can expect a quick execution of my dreams.
5 Expect pleasant surprises, most likely from a loved one.
6 Faces slander and revitalization of enemies.
7 In life people can come, truly loving you.
8 Possible pangs of jealousy, is not devoid of reason: a favorite will give rise to concern. However, it is not necessary to give vent to his grievances: first, speculation must be confirmed.
9 Perhaps the appearance of enemies who want to destroy your happiness and peace.
10 Monthly this day talking about a possible new love or return an old boyfriend.
11 Again the pangs of jealousy, but this time, unlike number 8, is unfounded. Beware themselves to destroy their own happiness, believing false gossip.
12 This day should be wary of magic and sorcery from other people. However, there is the possibility of a meeting with a new love.
13 In this day monthly portend significant difficulties.
14 Woman expect good news.
15 Critical days portend trouble from a loved one (lover or friend).
16 This day month I suggest you keep your mouth shut and not to indulge in chatter.
17 Possible separation from a loved one.
18 For unmarried girls, this date means a speedy marriage, and married — a new stage in the relationship with your spouse.
19 The possibility of new relations, which however do not promise to be joyful and mutual.
20 Beware of insincerity on the part of loved ones.
21 Monthly this day warn of serious fraud, which can have very serious consequences up to the breakup and destruction of the family.
22 A woman can wait for a good cash income. In General, this is the date the financial security and well-being.
23 Pleasant events with far-reaching consequences.
24 The woman should expect guests. Monthly this day portend the imminent feast. That’s why, even if you do not plan to call someone to yourself, take care of the inventory in the fridge in case unexpected guests. Stay hostess with the mostest.
25 A new acquaintance in a woman’s life. Whether it is crucial or remain small, dependent on personal initiative of Gad.
26 In the life of the woman will come the man who will become her a good and loyal friend.
27 Expect the execution of my desires.
28 You should not expect quick changes in your personal life, but financial and career aspects of a very dynamic and supportive.
29 In life, events may occur that may produce a severe and unpleasant consequences.
30 The emergence of a new acquaintance with whom the relationship will be long and trusting.
31 The woman has a journey, and not necessarily a pleasant character.
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Divination by day of the week

To find his destiny by looking at what day of the week came monthly. If we combine the result of this divination with the previous result, the picture will be more accurate and truthful.

Day of the week Prediction
Monday Monthly start on Monday often can lead to troubles and worries. What kind of will these efforts depends upon women: they can be both pleasant and not. In addition, it is possible to obtain valuable gift. Again, is it worth it to take, guessing is not responding, and solve this on their own.
Tuesday Promises a meeting with an old friend or with someone who’s long gone from the sight of the woman. Also this day of the week may portend imminent, which will have a significant impact on the fate of Gad.
Environment Is considered to be a bad day for the beginning of the month. It portends trouble that can complicate life for an indefinite period. However, it should be noted that these troubles are eradicable, and the woman should make all their perseverance and energy to a winner out of the battle with the circumstances. That’s why the environment need not fear: it is not so much a guarantee of a series of failures, how many warns you need to look at both and monitor the situation.
Thursday In turn, not so clear. Parish monthly day to talk about the upcoming feast in a noisy and cheerful company. That would entail this holiday — joy or problems is unknown. However, with this in mind, should make every effort to prevent the development of a negative scenario.
Friday It is considered the most auspicious day for the start of menstruation. News came this day that can turn a woman’s life. Though of course, should make own efforts to achieve results.
Saturday A great day that promises the coming of all that is good in your life. It can be anything: gifts, promotion, unexpected pleasant trip, the embodiment of long-standing desire or passionate Declaration of love. Problems can easily be eliminated themselves or to be quietly resolved. Conflicts and misunderstanding will come to naught.
Sunday Monthly Sunday Herald the joy and lightheartedness, but at the same time can talk about a brief spat with a loved one.
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Divination by time of day

Divination by day of the week, coupled with the numerology of the month, makes the result more accurate. However, another criterion that you can look at is the time of day, which came monthly.

Time of day Prediction
Morning Morning brings the beginning of love. This is the best time because it promises the woman’s true feelings and a high degree of harmony. If I got my period in the morning, it also means that the woman needs to restore the broken relationship and to establish lost contacts. Of course, if she wants to. In General, the value of the morning coming critical days boils down to positive changes.
Day The start of menstruation during the daytime (from 11 am until the hour of the day) are also beneficial: the woman should expect luck and ease in the performance of the business. Afternoon (14-17 o’clock), on the contrary, threatens trouble. Therefore, women should exercise caution, circumspection and distrust, in order to avoid them.
The evening The time from 6 to 9 p.m. also speaks of the trouble, but some other kind. They do not entail domestic, financial or other “tangible” problems, but will cause melancholy or heightened feelings of loneliness.
Night Night is considered the most unfortunate time for the coming critical days. Divination promises separation from the partner. The cause will be due to the dishonesty of the beloved. Night arrival of menstruation may be the prelude to other troubles of a different nature.

Combining the results of different fortune-telling woman gets the opportunity to see the full picture. According to this picture or not is a personal choice each. However, as long known, if you do not believe fortune-telling, and guessing should not be, and if you believe, then believe with all my heart. Then it will come true.

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Many argue that the answer to all monthly able to very accurately predict the near future. At this time the woman is most responsive to change, receptive. Her intuition and ability to listen to internal signals is extremely high.

Whichever option relations to the fortune you may choose, remember that there is always a third way. You can take note of the predictions and to act independently with magic recommendations. In other words, to observe the rule of the Golden mean.

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