The puncture of follicles, I take the egg from a woman

Puncture of the follicles is a modern technique that allows to preserve the reproductive function of the ovaries – the important female reproductive organs. Transvaginal puncture of ovaries has enabled many women to experience the happiness of motherhood. Clearly the technique of collect the Mature follicles contained in the ovaries, requires precise, coordinated action of experts.

Gynecological surgery, the duration of which normally does not exceed 15 – 20 minutes, is one of the main points on the way to in vitro fertilization.

What is this technique?

In vitro method of fertilization is used in gynecological practice in case of impossibility of women to get pregnant naturally.

Before carrying out the procedure of the collection ready woman: she undergoes a thorough diagnosis of the organism by laboratory and instrumental methods of research. History data contain valuable information for the attending physician. The General condition of the organism, its individual characteristics, indications for determine the rationality of using this method.

A comprehensive examination and will undergo a sex partner (spouse) to identify existing diseases, assessment of sperm quality (usefulness and motor activity of sperm).

Follicle puncture is preceded by hormonal therapy in the form of application of the pregnancy hormone — human chorionic gonadotropin, administered for 34 – 36 hours before the expected time of surgical procedures. It is very important not to miss the moment of ripening, as the ripened egg is capable spontaneously to go to the abdominal cavity and will require a repeat procedure. Early intervention in the ovaries in danger of immaturity contained in the follicles and eggs. The process of their formation (maturation) reproduction controls using ultrasound.

Intervention in the natural physiological process of maturation of follicles does not always occur successfully, without complications. Despite the introduction of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), can see the anovulation observed in the majority of cases with infertility or any menstrual irregularities.

To prevent anovulation used inhibitor of prolactin secretion under the name Dostinex. Drug based on activitiesthese substance cabergoline restores ovulation process. Hyperprolactinemia, characterized by elevated levels of the hormone prolactin, promotes anovulation. To suppress the gynecologists recommend the use of Dostinex in the form of tablets or injections for injection.

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To administer the medication is required under the strict supervision of a physician. Special attention should be given to:

  • monitoring dosage in patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency (adjust dose);
  • when symptoms of dysfunction of the heart and circulatory system;
  • the prevention of pleural effusion;
  • in patients in premenopausal women;
  • the age restriction (the use of a drug prohibited under 16);
  • a complete study of pituitary function;
  • control prolactin levels.

Treatment regimen and duration of therapy course determined by your physician based on the history and routine examinations. In most cases therapy should not exceed 3 to 4 weeks of treatment.

Technique procedures

For the procedure when doing IVF follicles need sizes 18 – 20 mm. They are most suitable for taking puncture. Also important is the number of Mature eggs. To take to be at least three. If you take less, the chances of a successful outcome are significantly reduced. Which follicles to choose and how much, is decided by the reproduction of the external specific characteristics. Experience in carrying out such manipulations allows the technician to choose the most suitable material.

Before carrying out the puncture, the patient needs to follow a gentle routine and diet. It includes the following activities:

    1. Limitation of physical and mental stress during the two weeks prior to the execution of this procedure. Walks in the fresh air contribute to saturate the body with oxygen, accumulate its reserves.
    2. The restriction of sexual activity to 7 days before the intended date of surgery. This restriction allows you to prevent probable infection with the pathogenic flora.
    3. A balanced diet is an important component of a comprehensive approach. Rational diet provides for the exception of fatty, smoked, sweet food, preservatives, food additives, alcoholic beverages, tobacco. Preference should be given protein-rich foods, natural dairy products, vegetables, fruit. Diet it is advised to follow a sex partner.
    4. Any use of drugs of synthetic and plant origin should be agreed with the doctor is mandatory.

  1. Stop attending mass events and places of public acceptance of water procedures (baths, saunas, swimming pools). Unacceptable conduct hygiene (bath) with water at a temperature which exceeds 40 degrees.
  2. Eliminating stressful situations is of great importance. Violation of psycho-emotional state affects the result of the operation. Many women are interested in the questions as you take the egg, and what feelings she is experiencing? Before the procedure the doctor will explain in detail, and all doubt will be dispelled.
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After conducting a comprehensive examination that includes blood tests for hormones, ultrasound of Mature follicles, the patient is sent to the gynaecological chair to conduct the procedure.

Before surgery, the patient performed anesthesia. The choice of anesthetic is determined individually. In most cases, obstetricians prefer General anesthesia, which allows the operation in a state of complete rest. Some experts in reproduction have a different point of view. They believe that the drugs for systemic effects worsen aspiration material. In any case, this question agreed in advance.

The manipulation performed by transductor attached transvaginal probe and a sharp aspiration needle on the end. The reproduction of the careful movement creates a puncture in the wall of the vagina, with subsequent introduction into the ovary and follicle aspiration female germ cells oocytes. In spite of laser sharpening the needle at the exit of the tip is an air bubble that prevents the violation of the integrity of the egg.

The procedure of material sampling by puncture is a very subtle “jewelry” work. From the agility of the movements of specialist depends on the end result. Obtained by aspiration of the cells are automatically placed in a sterile tube and sent to the embryologist for the next stage of in vitro fertilization.

To make a puncture in the ovary using a laparoscopy. This technique is used if the ovaries have a large amount of adhesions that complicate the introduction of the needle and also when the physiological features of the reproductive system.

While the woman produce a puncture, the male prepares the sperm for later fertilization. In some cases, using frozen semen (seminal fluid). The collected material is sent for analysis. The embryologist finds the most suitable sperm for fertilization.

Quality characteristic meet the following sperm:

  • Mature;
  • the maximum movable;
  • do not have structural defects and chromosomal abnormalities;
  • not infected with the pathogenic flora.

Possible complications

After puncture of the follicles can receive the following complications:

  • bleeding;
  • infection with pathogenic flora (unnatural selection consistency);
  • strong pain in pelvis and back;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • unpleasant phenomenon on the part of the digestive system (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea);
  • lethargy, apathy.
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These symptoms — the signs of the disease. Hyperstimulation is a dangerous process that develops due to the use of hormonal therapy for the maturation of the follicles. For hyperstimulation is characterized by the emergence of a large number of follicles. This situation requires strict supervision of a physician in order to avoid terrible consequences, not only for reproductive system but also for the whole organism. The ovarian hyperstimulation expressed as the aggressive reaction of the organism to the introduction of ovulation stimulating drugs. Striking clinical manifestation of this pathological state is in the form of ascites fluid accumulation in the abdominal and thoracic cavity due to the rupture of follicles. With the abdomen condition is enlarged, painful. Swelling is present in the extremities.

Depending on the form of the disease expressed by the inflammatory process. There are two forms of pathology:

  • early (observed in the first 4 days) usually passes spontaneously within 1 – 2 months;
  • late (developing after 1 month after the procedure) has a poor prognosis.

Hyperstimulation is a dangerous condition. However, the stay in hospital under the scrutiny of the attending physician to prevent possible complications.

Puncture of follicles produced by the reproduction of the detail shown in your video.

The procedure of collection of material for artificial insemination in the form of the puncture requires hard work of several specialists. Their coordinated work and high professionalism allow to translate into reality the dream of many women. This technique is recognized as the most effective method used in reproduction.