The ratio in the world of women and men

The ratio in the world of women and men is in balance. Statistics show that in 2017, the number of the male population is 50.4%, while women – 49, 6%. Since the mid-twentieth century a number of men began to rise, as stated by experts from the research group Pew Research Center.

The ratio of men and women in the world

According to the UN, 100 women in the world corresponds to 102 men. However, in some States the ratio of women and men makes a noticeable difference.

The island of Martinique tops the list of countries with high levels of the female sex: 85 males there are per 100 females. The same figure is observed in the following countries:

  • USA;
  • Japan;
  • Brazil;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Mexico;
  • Italy.

Overall, the number of countries with high levels of the female population is 108.

The United Arab Emirates is a leader among States with a high number of the male population, 274 men only 100 women. A high percentage of the male population persists in countries such as China, India, the population of North Africa and the Middle East: there are only 55 countries. The difference is about 6 – 8%.

Experts believe that the current situation has evolved not for the reason that it creates a lot of boys, and under the influence of two other factors:

  1. Most women are deprived of the opportunity to participate in the census because of religion and cultural values;
  2. In these countries there is a high level of migrant workers.

On this basis, the experts came to the conclusion that the ratio of women and men in these States are equal.

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Dangerous situation is in Eastern countries, where the low percentage of women developed due to the interruption of pregnancy. The researchers and the authorities themselves suggest that this ratio, when 100 women to 107 men, can cause violent actions on the part of the male population. In China, in order to avoid dangerous consequences, taking the brutal measure of abortion and help families in villages.

Only 21 States the ratio of men and women is about the same.

The ratio of women and men in countries of the former Soviet Union

Studies have shown that the countries of the former Soviet Union, the list of States where the predominant female population.

In these countries noticeable difference in the lifespan of both sexes. So, in Belarus the average age for men is 65 years and in women about 80. In this respect, Belarus is ahead of Syria, but this is due to the long civil war.

The observed discrepancy in the sex ratio among different age categories. For example, in Russia every year there are more boys than girls, and up to 30 years dominated by the male population. But closer to 40 years, the number of women is increasing. Every year, the gap ratio becomes greater.

From 1917 on the territory of the Soviet States continued to grow the number of women, then it was influenced by the famine and Stalin’s repressions. So, by 1940, per 100 women accounted for only 92 men. After 1945 the difference in the proportion increased, the rate of men fell to 82. A smaller percentage was observed in Ukraine, where the figure was 80. By the beginning of XXI century the level has grown, and 100 women in the Soviet Union accounted for 90 of men.

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The cause of gender parity in the world

Despite wars and other upheavals, the ratio of men and women in the world always remains about the same. The exact causes of this phenomenon is to call it is not yet possible, but scientists suggest that it is influenced by the need to preserve the human race, which is important to the maintenance of the sex ratio in balance.