The recovery of the body after abortion

Abortion is a serious interference in a woman’s body, violating the well-coordinated work of the reproductive, endocrine, nervous system. Physical pain and the resulting trauma left a deep mark in the life of every woman.

The recovery of the body after abortion case to case: in some women the recovery period is several weeks, others it takes years. It is impossible to determine in advance the consequences of abortion, but by taking precautions, you can minimize the likelihood of complications.

The rehabilitation program after an abortion

Reasons why the woman decided on an abortion. However, in most cases, the decision whether to have an abortion because of difficult life circumstances, lack of support from the partner (very rare woman decides to have an abortion, if a man is glad of pregnancy).

Abortion regardless of the ongoing manipulation always causes a significant impact on women’s body and, primarily, on the reproductive system. With the onset of pregnancy, the body makes every effort to ensure the most favorable conditions for the development of the fetus. Hormonal changes, reproductive organs adapt to the pregnancy and successful labor.

Hormonal imbalances affect the endocrine, digestive and nervous system. They also adapt to the new situation. Their intimate relationship ends abruptly at the moment of abortion.

Simultaneous attack on all systems of the body causes a disruption in their activities. The physical discomfort that a woman experiences after an abortion, is exacerbated by emotional trauma.

Very useful this period will be the rehabilitation programme, contributing to the restoration of the lost function of the reproductive organs, hormonal, emotional state.

The rehabilitation program after artificial abortion consists of the following steps:

  1. To assess the degree of damage is possible according to the features listed in the table below:

    Valid phenomena Dangerous symptoms
    Dragging pain in the abdomen during the week Pronounced pain in the pelvic area, back, inner thighs. The duration of pain syndrome for more than 7 – 10 days.
    Spotting from the vagina during the first days after abortion The allocation of blood clots for the second and more day after abortion
    Moderate pain in the pelvic area Bleeding
    The increase in body temperature to 37,2⁰С in the first 3 days The increase in body temperature to febrile figures any day after the abortion or preservation of low-grade fever for more than 3 days
    Mild headache Severe headache, dizziness
    Lack of appetite Nausea, vomiting
    Emotional instability Low blood pressure, pale skin
    Breast tenderness Shortness of breath
    Clear or milky discharge from the nipples Purulent discharge from the vagina
    Mild pain in the chest
    Sleep disturbance Post-abortion syndrome (physical and mental disorders observed in the long period)

    Any dangerous symptom requires immediate consultation of a gynecologist. Pathological changes diagnosed in the early stage of development, it is easier to remove and also to prevent possible complications, including:

    • incomplete abortion;
    • pelvioperitonit;
    • anemia;
    • adnexitis;
    • endometritis;
    • sepsis.

    Tips gynecologist

    The level of modern medicine allows to produce an abortion with the least negative consequences to the female body. Despite this, abortion remains a source of various complications and diseases.

    Adhering to the recommendations of the gynecologist, you can significantly reduce the probability of occurrence of pathological processes:

    • Antibiotic therapy is indicated after surgical abortion or if signs of infection pathogenic flora. Give preference to broad-spectrum antibiotics. Treatment started immediately after the abortion and continued for 5 – 7 days. Regimen Supplement probiotics for the prevention of dysbiosis vagina.
    • Anti-inflammatory drugs, having analgesic effects, take to eliminate inflammation, redness, pain, decrease in body temperature.
    • Hormonal therapy aims to restore the natural hormonal and elimination of unpleasant symptoms. You need to remember that ovulation after an abortion comes at the end of the two weeks. The use of oral contraceptives will prevent pregnancy. The first tablet can be taken immediately after an abortion. The choice of the hormonal preparation and determination of treatment regimens – the task of the physician. Particular attention is given hormone therapy when medication abortion. Do not self medicate. To plan conception, it is desirable not earlier than 3 to 6 months after an abortion. During this time the body will be able to fully restore the lost functions and create favorable conditions for transplantation of the ovum.
    • Power correction involves the use of easily digestible food due to the probability of occurrence of dyspepsia. Vitamin-mineral complexes contributes to a more rapid recovery of the body after an abortion.
    • Full hygiene of genitals with the use of hypoallergenic cosmetics. Hygienic procedures should be performed only under the shower, use bath is inadmissible in connection with a possible infection of the wound surface. Douching and use of tampons are also unacceptable to the complete healing of the wound surface.
    • Refusal of sexual relations for 14 days – an indispensable condition after an abortion. Sexual contact not only causes pain, but also increases the risk of bleeding, infection pathogenic flora. You can always Express love alternative types of sex.
    • The adherence of the day and rest helps to eliminate the negative effects of abortion. Sleep disorders can take a sedative.
    • Correction of psycho-emotional instability – an important component in the recovery period after an abortion. Often the woman is left alone with the problem. In the absence of support from loved ones for help to go to a psychologist, therapist. Negative effects on mental health may not appear immediately, but after some time.
    • Consultation of the gynecologist is required when any disturbing symptoms. The neglect of this circumstance threatens the progression of the pathological process, involving inflammation of nearby tissues spread of infection throughout the body.

    Compliance with the recommendations of the gynecologist, after abortion reduces the risk of possible complications during the recovery period. The forces each woman to find an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies so as not to face again a similar situation.

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