The removal of the cyst on the cervix: what is the procedure, its consequences

During the reproductive age of most women are susceptible to the so-called «female ills», such as cysts of the cervix. Of these diseases are asymptomatic, that’s why the majority of women believes that to go to the doctor it is only then when the first symptoms appear.

Cyst of the cervix in the initial stages are asymptomatic

General information about the disease and methods of diagnosis

Cysts are growths in the form of a bubble filled with fluid of different etiologies. The cyst can be located absolutely anywhere any organ of the reproductive system. Cyst of the cervix is a gland that is clogged with mucus and increased in size.

If in a woman’s body there is an inflammatory nature of the reproductive system, in most cases, this inflammation leads to the formation of cysts on the cervix. To provoke the formation and growth of cysts in the cervical canal and cervical OS of the uterus can not only inflammation but also a number of factors:

  • Mechanical damage of the cervix of various etiologies (abortion, pregnancy, diagnostic swabs, scarring after a colonoscopy, the scar formation of clusters and adhesions after the surgery was performed).
  • Infectious diseases of the uterus a complication of a different nature (the infection causes the glands to work with redoubled force, and respond to external stimulus a large release of mucus, not flooring flows clog the channels of exit of mucus and form a cyst).
  • Menopause. Effects of vulnerability glands and a decrease in the density of the epithelium of the uterus, provoke the allocation of excessive mucus in the ducts of the glands, plugging them and causing increase in size, forming cysts).
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Удаление кисты на шейке матки: как проходит операция, ее последствия

Women in menopause are prone to the occurrence of cysts of the cervix

Diagnostic methods

To detect the brush on the cervix or in the cervical canal methods are applied:

  • The primary inspection. Cysts of the cervix can be clearly seen in normal gynecological examination. Tumors have clear contours and translucent walls, which is clearly visible liquid secretion.
  • Study ultrasound using a transvaginal transducer. The study provides a clear picture of the disease, to determine the contours of the tumor, its location.
  • After the appointment of the General analysis of blood to determine the increase in the level of leucocytes in the blood.
  • Blood tests for tumor markers and hormone disruption.
  • Cytology.

Удаление кисты на шейке матки: как проходит операция, ее последствия

Cytology is used for accurate diagnosis

Cysts of the cervix

There are several successful methods to remove tumors on the cervix, but before use of any of them, the doctor prescribes the patient the appropriate tests. A study of colposcopy to determine the nature of the disease and lesion localization.

Before the operation, when done all the tests and necessary investigations, the doctor will prescribe surgery to remove.

Operation does not require the presence of a patient in a hospital, outpatient treatment is more than enough.

The progress of the operation

The first which begins with surgery to remove tumors is the destruction of the shell of each of the tumors by mechanical puncture. Mucus that accumulates as a result of improper glandular epithelium, are removed through a special tube. If after a puncture to make the removal of secretions, it may form a purulent infiltration, which can lead to peritonitis.

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The doctor then performs processing on the location of the cyst, to stop the possibility of recurrence of the tumor. The patient can return home the same day, because the operation is quite fast and has no complications.

Удаление кисты на шейке матки: как проходит операция, ее последствия

Cyst removal outpatient

Methods of removing tumors

In addition puncture of the cyst and removal of the discharge with the subsequent processing of the localization of the tumor, possible methods:

  • Moxibustion.The tumor can be cauterized using heat or chemicals.
  • Radiowave method of destruction of tumor the influence of radio wave of high frequency.
  • Removal of tumors with a laser. Cauterization occurs through a specially generated laser beam. At this distance of contact with the uterus occurs.
  • Cryotherapy is the effect on the tumor through the effect of low temperatures. After exposure, there are no complications and the procedure itself does not bring pain.

Each of these ways of removing cysts on the cervix is an effective solution to combat tumors. After removal of the women need at the time for about a month to abandon intimacy and undergo a regular examination, looking for recurrence of the disease.