The signs of ovulation: when is ovulation in 30 day cycle

Many women trying to get pregnant want to find the right moment. This period of time is called ovulation. To know ovulation period in several ways. Some of them are more complex, but the most accurate, while others do not require women to no effort, but their accuracy is not as high as in the first case.

Most of the ladies on the planet have a 28-day menstrual cycle and in this case, most often, ovulation period occurs 14 days before menstruation. Quite another question — if the cycle is 30 days when will ovulate? But about all under the order. To start is to understand what is ovulation period in fact.

How to recognize ovulation?

After the birth the girl already has in its body a large amount of genetic material. But these eggs need to Mature, to accumulate enough proteins and proteins to in the case of fertilization to maintain the viability of the embryo. After the first egg will be ripe, begins regular menstruation. The ovulatory period is the time during which a high probability of ovulation.

What happens during ovulation? Every time when the Mature ovum leaves the ovary after rupture of the follicle (a special membrane that protects genetic unit from viruses and bacteria inside the ovary while the egg Matures) and enters the fallopian tube, or as it is also called the oviduct, and starts ovulation. How long will the period is unknown, this figure is individual for each woman. At this point, the probability of fertilization reaches the maximum level. That is, ovulation is a specific period for conception, if simple. But let us return to how to know when ovulation at 30-day cycle.

Ovulation days of cycle

This method is considered the most simple, although you have to do certain calculations, but it is worth noting that most women prefer it. If the cycle lasts 30 days or more to calculate the ovulation period is difficult, not in terms of arithmetic and precision. Initially is to determine the menstrual cycle (the first day after the end of menstrual periods): learn what it takes exactly (for example, 30 days). The next step is to mark on the calendar when you have your period, what day of the cycle falls the beginning of the month, the report should be conducted from the first day of the menstrual period (for example, it will be day 23). Usually from ovulation to menstruation is 2 weeks. Therefore from the starting day of monthly subtract 14 days and get a date for the start of the ovulation period.

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  • 23 — 14=9. This is the day when ovulation if the report you heard from the beginning of the cycle (i.e. up to the date of the day after your period is sufficient to add 9 days and you will receive the date of the ovulation period).
  • 23 — 14+1=10. This is the day when ovulation occurs, if the report is news from the last day of your period (this is a great method to know when ovulation after menstruation).
  • Date of ovulation + 14 days = menstruation beginning.
  • Menstruation start date + duration of the period +1+9. The beginning of ovulation after menstruation onset.

Of course, you can take as the beginning of the menstrual cycle first period and to subtract from the date 14 days but in this case, it will be very hard to conduct accurate and high-quality menstrual calendar (as above). It only sounds complicated, in practice, if you look, it is very convenient and practical method. This calendar method of calculating ovulation is suitable for women whose cycle 26, 31, 33, or 30 days, as shown in the example. In addition, this calendar will allow you to always be aware of how long after ovulation will start my period and back.

Determined ovulation with the help of a thermometer

The above method is as accurate as possible only if you have a cycle of 28 days, otherwise the indicators may not match the calculations. What should I do how to find out what day of ovulation, if your cycle is 30 days? Let’s consider a more complicated method, but at the same time reliable, moreover, it will show not only the onset of ovulation, and how long it lasts.

If your menstrual cycle lasts 30 days, then this technique is most versatile. For this method you need a rectal thermometer, as it more accurately reflects fluctuations in body temperature. Besides, a big plus, if you take electronic basal thermometer. First and foremost is to determine the period of the cycle, that is, you count the days from the beginning of the month before a new menstruation. In our example this month. During this period, at the same time required to measure the body temperature every day and record in calendar. First you need to learn to use such a thermometer, so you don’t have to redo everything. In the period when body temperature will be slightly above the average — this is ovulation.

If you take into account the first method, then the indicators become more precise. If so follow a few menstrual cycles, then you can calculate how many days after your period you will be ovulating and for many, it is up to them. This method will be very useful, not only for women with a 30 day menstrual period, but if the loop 31, 32 or 33 days.

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“Could it be that the days of ovulation are not the same from cycle to cycle?” Of course, this could be. The reason is hormonal, which can disrupt all calculations. But this error is not very large, ovulation can begin 1 day sooner or later. For this reason, attempts at conception should be the first day of ovulation and before menstruation. In this case, the birth of a strong and healthy baby is guaranteed.

Ovulation tests

If you have no time on the first 2 ways, you can resort to ovulation tests. In many pharmacies you can buy this indicator, but its cost is not very low, so that the first 2 options is more practical. How to know when is ovulation with this test?

  • First you need to determine the menstrual cycle and the approximate days of ovulation means the first two methods.
  • During this period (3-5 days), twice a day you need to collect urine in special plastic container (or any other sterile dishes), after which the beaker is placed test.
  • The indicator will change color in the peak of release of progesterone — this will be the moment of “perfect ovulation”.

Quite simple, but expensive. But this method is ideal, even if the cycle lasts 33 days or more.

Calculate when you may ovulate at home is a good and profitable way. But it works only in case if the menstrual cycle is stable!

Ovulation after childbirth

In fact, ovulation is the sign that a woman can get pregnant. But how to be with this process after the birth. Structurally, nothing has changed, except for a few factors.

Ovulation after birth will start:

  • after 2.5 – 3 months, if a young mother does not feed the child breast;
  • if breastfeeding is carried out, in this case, ovulation after childbirth will come already after 5 months.

But despite this, the female body will fully recover and be ready for a new conception. But how come the pregnancy?

The first symptoms of pregnancy

Of course, the first thing to pay attention to the unaccrued menstruation: menstruation should stop. But this method is not always accurate, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to.

  • Seen the increase of basal temperature in the first half of the menstrual cycle.
  • Menstruation is, but the selection are not as plentiful as before.
  • After the possible fertilization, you have a day to test “early pregnancy”. The test is carried out in medical conditions using the serum.
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin — this hormone appears in the blood and urine of women after the first week of fertilization. A simple blood test can determine.
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But all of these symptoms can be absolutely meaningless if menstruation will not stop, and a fertilized egg never reaches the uterus’s wall.

The most proven and reliable method which gave us the 21st century is a pregnancy test that in minutes can tell us about a wanted pregnancy.

How can you feel ovulation?

Many women feel this period in different ways. But there are clear signs of the beginning of ovulation, which must be considered in detail.

  • The first signs of ovulation is severe abdominal pain. They can last only a few minutes, but can be delayed up to several hours. This is the first and most obvious sign of ovulation.
  • The uterus produces less viscous secretions.
  • The third symptom is jumps rectal temperature.

Other more accurate ways to understand what occurred in the period of ovulation, without the help of doctors no.

Every woman should know all these details, as it will have to go through such a difficult phase in his life as pregnancy. So, it is necessary to summarise:

  • ovulation is the maximum force of the female reproductive system, which very favorably influences the conception;
  • monthly can go even during pregnancy, but with its own characteristics;
  • no matter, 28, 29, 30, or even 25 days in a cycle, ovulation can be calculated or to go to the doctors for accurate forecasting;
  • you know how many days after ovulation occurs, the so-called critical days — 14 days;
  • ovulation may not always start in time, it all depends on hormonal background;
  • the onset of the ovulation period may last for a few days;
  • menstruation and ovulation causes ripening genetic material of the female egg;
  • past ovulation period will be the beginning of menstruation;
  • menstruation uterine cycle restore the function of fertilization.

All this, of course, very difficult sounds, but such information is simply necessary for any woman.