The symptoms of cervical erosion

One of the first places among gynecological diseases is owned by the cervical pathology. Serious consideration should be given to any discomfort or discharge from the genital tract. This is the main nonspecific signs of erosion that cannot be ignored. They should alert a woman to the time to begin treatment and avoid complications.

The symptoms of cervical erosion

Pathology is the occurrence of a defect on the vaginal part of the cervix. When participation of any traumatic factor destroys the protective epithelium. In the end, the exposed underlying layers, with the gradual emergence of the open wound surface. So formed the true erosion.

The displacement of the cylindrical epithelium of the cervical canal at the vaginal portion of the cervix is called the false erosion (ectopia). Occurs under the influence of hormonal changes in the body. To 25 years ectopia is considered a normal variant and does not require treatment.

Some patients claim that certain symptoms were significantly expressed. This was the main reason for going to the doctor. At this stage the woman has the opportunity to recover from erosion in the early stages.

Other patients, on the contrary, did not bother. This disease is the most dangerous, because the process is in its advanced stage is the most difficult to treat. The only solution here remains surgical intervention.

Asymptomatic becomes evidence of the absence of concomitant gynecological infection, but not in all cases. Erosion in this situation, there is a short time. She absolutely does not manifest itself during the healing period.

The main manifestations of the disease include:

  • spotting after sex;
  • the appearance of itching and burning in the vagina;
  • pathological vaginal discharge (yellow, green, greyish white).

The last two symptoms occur when erosion complicated by cervicitis (inflammation of cervix).

These signs of erosion similar to other gynecological diseases. Among the available symptoms are not specific, exactly pointing to this pathology. This makes it difficult to scan the search, but the modern methods allow to quickly detect the problem. For timely diagnosis, you must know what the symptoms are when cervical erosion.

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Some women believe that the menstrual blood there is a possibility of spontaneous healing of the defect. For this reason, immediately after diagnosis to begin treatment. In fact it is not. It happens that the true erosion is healing within one menstrual cycle, but with the menstruation it has nothing to do. On the contrary, during the “critical days” increases the risk of infection and complications. The infection will continue to exist and to aggravate the disease, and the treatment of the running process will be harder.

Symptoms of erosion

There are several options aralsee of the cervix:

  • false (pseudo, ectopia);
  • true.

In the case of congenital erosion talking about ectopia. In congenital erosion of the cervix in the period of prenatal development failed in the formation of tissues. The result is a cylindrical epithelium, which in the norm on this site should not be. It is this variety of the disease are asymptomatic, because of the lack of inflammation.

True erosion occurs in the presence of wound surface on the surface of the cervix. That’s when it becomes the main manifestation of the selection from mucopurulent to bloody trauma of the hearth.

Selection when erosion

In the early stages of the disease are asymptomatic. The woman notices secretions (whiter) from the genital tract. If they are, rare, scanty, and mucous membranes. While in patients no pain in the abdomen or vagina. Scant discharge from the genital tract are rarely encouraged to contact your gynecologist.

Leucorrhoea with erosion in women are:

  • streaked with blood;
  • brown;
  • bright red;
  • yellowish;
  • purulent;
  • mucous mixed with pus.

The main and earliest symptom which induce the woman to see a doctor — selection. Their occurrence is associated with infection of the cervical epithelium. A lot of leucorrhoea depends on the severity of the inflammatory process.

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Cervical erosion is not in itself provokes the allocation. They appear only when involvement of the cervical canal or vagina in the pathological process. This condition must be treated to prevent complications.

Some patients spotting during intercourse or after it.

With the protracted course of the disease the symptoms become more pronounced. Allocation appear not only in the process of sexual intercourse, but for no apparent reason. Bloody whites when the woman notices on underwear outside of the menstrual cycle, the condition becomes the reason for going to the gynecologist.

The appearance of the characteristic discharge associated with the condition of the cervix. In the formation of erosion gradually increasing swelling, redness of the pathological section of the epithelium. Mucosa becomes friable and infected blood vessels are exposed. In the course of sexual intercourse whether other traumatic factor, they are easy to damage. This is accompanied by bleeding of varying intensity.

When the penetration of pathogens the protective barrier is broken. Bacteria freely penetrate from the vagina into the uterus, fallopian tubes and then the ovaries, causing inflammation. Late begun treatment will prolong the recovery period of the patient for several months or more.

Sometimes no treatment is started the process of spontaneous epithelialization tissue on the cervix. Ectopia of the cervix in young women often goes away without treatment.

The pain of cervical erosion

Some women have not seen erosion in a long time. It is detected only during preventive examination. Erosion of the cervix in a patient whose symptoms don’t make themselves known, will adversely affect women’s health. This finding is rarely detected in the early stages of its formation. No signs of the disease complicates the treatment and lengthens its duration.

The other patient noted discomfort in the perineum or lower abdomen. He may disturb in the process of sexual intercourse, or not dependent on it. Sick abdomen may be constant or intermittent with varying intensity. The pain is not associated with the erosion directly indicates the development of complications.

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Many women mistakenly believe that any gynecological disease must be accompanied by discomfort, and even more erosion. The absence of these signs is associated with a particular location of nerve endings: they are not in the cervix. When the woman hurts the vagina or the abdomen, it becomes a clear evidence of the dissemination process.

Symptoms of erosion after childbirth

Many women associate the mandatory creation of a defect in the mucous membrane of the cervix birth vaginally. Such a condition is possible only when one is injured. In this case there is ectropion – eversion of the mucous membrane of the cervical canal. Ectropion does not pass on their own and require treatment.

The symptoms of cervical erosion in pregnancy

The patient often displays symptoms of erosion during the period of gestation. Woman, it is important to know how to recognize erosion in this period. The main complaint is bleeding. Often such allocation is taken for the begun abortion.

Selection are of different nature, and the blood most often appears only after intimacy. Join the infection exacerbates the course of disease and can harm the fetus. During pregnancy observation is indicated by a gynecologist, the use of local means of treatment according to indications. Destructive treatment of erosion is only possible after childbirth.

Every woman should remember that any discomfort or unusual discharge should be cause for treatment to a gynecologist. This will prevent the development of erosion on the cervix in the early stages.