Thyroid and menopause, malfunctions in the

Hormonal changes at each stage of the formation of the woman’s body (appearance of tumors or the failure of the reproductive system; pregnancy and hormonal changes during childbirth; metabolic disorders and weight gain). Disruption in the thyroid lead to the onset of menopausal changes earlier than nature intended. So the woman is very important to monitor thyroid and General hormonal background.

Problems with the thyroid gland can lead to pricelistname menopause

Why there are failures in the thyroid gland? Hypothyroidism and hormone deficiency. Features of the thyroid gland during menopause

There are several factors that affect the thyroid gland:

  • Stress. Women more than men affected by the negative effects of environmental factors, so with increased amount of stress in a woman’s body changes can occur in the thyroid gland. Can completely change the hormones.
  • Improper diet and lifestyle. If in our daily diet, women will lack the necessary vitamins and minerals, complications can arise from the metabolic processes. Which are able to affect the overall hormonal balance and cause abnormalities in the thyroid gland.
  • The change of seasons. Rapid alternation of the climate can also affect the hormonal levels of the body. The increase in the amount of sun and heat in the spring, can disrupt hormonal balance if the body is not prepared for this.

So you need to be tested for hormones twice a year. To prevent excess or deficiency of hormones in the blood, and to detect pathology that can affect fluctuation.

Щитовидная железа и климакс: сбои в работе

Junk food provokes the malfunction of the thyroid gland

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The consequences of a malfunction of the gland

There are only two reasons, which can trigger malfunction of the thyroid gland:

  • The excess hormones.
  • The flaw in their formulation.
  • Excess hormones can enter the woman’s body in the pathological early menopause, which will be manifest by symptoms:

    • Tides. The sharp temperature rise of the upper body, with increased sweating and chills. This is the most striking sign of the presence of pathological menopause, which requires mandatory appeal to professionals.
    • The lack of a sense of fullness, rapid weight loss.
    • A sharp decline in cognitive function, blunting somatic reactions.
    • Drowsiness and apathy.
    • Increasing the level of cholesterol in the blood, which leads to disruption of metabolism.
    • Hypertension. The patient noted a persistent increase in blood pressure.

    With a lack of hormones, the woman can identify abnormalities in the structure of the skin and hair.

    The patient either rapidly gaining weight or rapidly losing it. Severely affected cognitive function, there is confusion.

    Most women are trying to arrest the symptoms of the hormonal deficiency symptomatic, although in this case, you should seek help from professionals.

    Щитовидная железа и климакс: сбои в работе

    Drowsiness and lethargy — common symptoms of thyroid disorders

    How menopause affects the thyroid gland

    Thyroid gland during menopause is the first organ that is undergoing change. After all, when the body enters menopause, it is a violation of hormone production, regulating it. This leads to the fact that iron begins to operate in emergency mode, causing the development of hypothyroidism.

    At the first signs of the onset of menopausal changes, the woman should be screened. Be sure to test for follicle stimulating hormone, which confirms the entry into menopause.

    After examination, the doctor will prescribe you medications hormone replacement therapy (if the patient has no contraindications) that will help to get rid of the manifestations of menopause and its complications. Gland and normalizes its work due to the normalization of level of sex hormones in the blood.