Treatment menopause folk remedies: infusions of peony, flax oil

The menopause is the period of the onset of biological ageing. During this period, women end monthly and oppression of the functions of the reproductive system (responsible for the production of eggs). Men menopause occurs easier, but could have a significant impact on the health, if not in time to see a specialist.

Traditional medicine can facilitate the flow of menopause

Treatment menopause popular drugs. Menopause in men and women

Menopause in women is accompanied by symptoms:

  • Tides.
  • With the declining levels of health.
  • General weakness of the body.
  • Aggravation of gynecological diseases, previously obtained and currently in remission.

Menopause may occur suddenly, significantly altering the rhythm of a woman’s life. Distinguish climax of both early and timely. Timely is the climax, which occurs in the period from 50 to 52 years. The early period can occur under the influence of external factors or genetic changes. Most often, early menopause affects women who:

  • Have diabetes mellitus.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • Gemini.
  • Smokers and alcohol drinkers.

Depending on the fact what diseases affect women, and what state the body enters into menopause, depends on the degree of manifestation of menopause symptoms. But common to all women is excessive nervous excitability. A woman experiences a variety of emotions: from temper and whining, and to causeless joy. For this influences the production of sex hormones in a chaotic manner.

Лечение климакса народными средствами: настойки пиона, льняное масло

Herbs help to reduce nervous irritability

Menopause in men

The time frame of onset of menopause in men ranges from 50 to 60 years. At this time men there is a gradual fading function of sexual glands and the onset of biological aging. Male menopause is manifested by symptoms:

  • Sharp irregular increase in blood pressure.
  • A feeling of tightness and tides in the head.
  • The increase in heartbeat and redness of the face.
  • Fatigue.
  • Depression.
  • Urination disorder. Violation of potency.

The symptoms of male menopause, the same way as women, can be adjusted with the help of traditional medicine.

Causes of early menopause in men:

  • The change in the activity of the Central nervous system and frequent stress.
  • Increased physical and mental fatigue.
  • Thyroid disease and diabetes.
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
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Лечение климакса народными средствами: настойки пиона, льняное масло

Menopause in men is also accompanied by changes in mood

Folk remedy to help treat women’s menopause

To treat symptoms of menopause, your doctor may prescribe medication therapy and traditional medicines combined with hormonal therapy. If the woman has no contraindications to the use of folk remedies, to arrest the unpleasant symptoms will help fees medicinal herbs and plants, preparations containing phytoestrogens are:

Tincture of peony

Tincture of peony is used in gynecology for the treatment of a vast number of diseases, ranging from ovarian cysts, to tumors of the cervix. Tincture of peony calls a beneficial effect on a woman’s body during menopause. Prepare a tincture of a peony in the home or purchase in a drugstore. Peony tincture helps to get rid of the sudden change of mood, reduce symptoms of hot flashes, eliminate insomnia. Tincture of peony is used as an analgesic, able to reduce the manifestation of pain in menopause.

While included in the tincture peony components that help to get rid of inflammation in organs of the reproductive system. And to reduce to a minimum the occurrence of relapses of a previously acquired sexually transmitted infections.

Лечение климакса народными средствами: настойки пиона, льняное масло

Peony relieve the symptoms of female menopause

Red clover

There are drugs of traditional medicine, which include phytoestrogens. They are able to help women in the manifestation of adverse symptoms of menopause. Red clover is an herbal component capable of adding food to completely rid the patient of negative symptoms menopause. It consists of isoflavones, has a wonderful effect on the skin and nails. And thanks to coumestrol (natural estrogen of a group of coumestans) its use will solve the problem of estrogen production. But to take red clover can only under the doctor’s control, as is a drug belonging to the group of medicinal plants, not products.

Flaxseed oil

To fight the manifestations of menopause drugs help traditional medicine containing lignans. This group of phytoestrogens in its effects on the body similar to isoflavone. Lignans in large quantities contains linseed oil.

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Folk remedies in menopause, used for regulation of the production of estrogen does not always taste good. Despite their useful properties, linseed oil may not suit the woman’s taste and she won’t take it. In such case, you can purchase flax cereal and brew it like regular oatmeal.

Flax seed, pounded into flour, does not lose its properties and to cope with the symptoms of menopause as well as linseed oil.

Flaxseed oil need to take one tablespoon on an empty stomach. Another remarkable property has Flaxseed oil is the ability of a beneficial effect on the intestine, cleansing it and removing accumulated toxins.

Лечение климакса народными средствами: настойки пиона, льняное масло

Flaxseed oil need to drink a teaspoon on an empty stomach

Tincture of nettle

To help relieve negative symptoms of menopause will help tincture of nettles. If a woman is observed ectopic bleeding during menopause, nettle can stop it or reduce the intensity of emissions.

Should take the tincture on an empty stomach, brewing a tablespoon of nettle in a Cup of boiling water in the evening. Nettle contains large amounts of vitamin C, which helps to raise the General immunity of the patient. And substances that improve blood clotting to help in the first aid for uterine bleeding.

Nettle can be consumed in form of tinctures and in the form of a collection of herbs. Herbal tea of burdock and lemon balm, which include nettle helps to saturate the body with vitamins and prevent aging.

Treatment menopause folk remedies not only limited to taking medicine. The use of any means will Have a beneficial effect if you will combine the use of several drugs at once.

Лечение климакса народными средствами: настойки пиона, льняное масло

Nettle is a source of vitamin C

Treatment of male menopause

While male menopause symptoms are nature easier than women. But in severe forms, men also prescribe hormonal drugs and antidepressants.

Application of preparations of traditional medicine in the treatment of male menopause is aimed at relieving symptoms:

  • Fatigue.
  • Dizziness.
  • Of high blood pressure.
  • Insomnia.
  • Erectile dysfunction.

The use of traditional methods of struggle with climaxes and taking a multivitamin to help get rid of unpleasant symptoms. Make folk remedies in various combinations, may help in complete elimination of menopausal symptoms:

  • Medicinal herbs. Rhizome, aloe Vera juice and oregano herbal leaves, motherwort here are the basic components of drug charges. These can be added herbs that goes well with the above, and having anti-inflammatory and tonic in nature.
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Drug charges both small and large orchestra, it is customary to pour a glass of boiling water in the evening and consume in the present tea during the day.

  • Linseed oil. Men are no less useful to take flax seed oil to renew mens health and preserve youth. The flax seed oil will help keep skin and hair healthy and fresh condition and, combined with medicinal herbal oil will help to get rid of the symptom the lack of erection during menopause.

Regular use of flax seed oil helps to saturate the body with phytoestrogens to minimize the manifestations of menopause, easing a man’s life.

  • Tincture of a peony. Take tincture of peony in menopause shows not only women but also men. Tincture of peony, if it is taken in combination with hawthorn and tincture of motherwort can calm the nerves and improve sleep quality. And if a man has inflammation of the reproductive system is to take a tincture of peony is needed to get rid of them.

Menopause is a natural biological process for both men and women, because it symbolizes the onset of biological aging.

Stay young and get rid of the symptoms of menopause can help traditional medicines. To take which should be after consultation with a specialist.