Treatment methods for cysts on the cervix

Cyst of the cervix is a disease that affects one in ten women. In medicine distinguish two forms – single and multiple. In science there are the names Nabatova or retention cysts, follicles of the cervix.

Cyst of the cervix occurs in 10% of women

Causes of cysts

To understand why there are follicles of the cervix, it is necessary to understand how the body. The inner part is called the cervical canal, which consists of double layered epithelium. The top ball is a flat epithelium rich in glands. Its functions are almost unchanged during the menstrual cycle.

Under the squamous epithelium is supple and rich on the gland cylindrical. His glands (Narodowy) produce specific to each woman’s mucus structure and function of which depend on the characteristics of the menstrual cycle and how many female.

These two kinds of epithelial tissues are joined near the entrance to the cervix. This area is the most vulnerable to various pathologies. If for some reason is violated, the process of outflow of mucus from glands near the cervix formed, the follicles are filled with this slime. This forms a cyst.

Методы лечения кисты на шейке матки

Scheme Nabatova cysts of the cervix

Doctors don’t know the exact causes of cysts cervical. They suggest that the risk of disease arises from:

  • birth (if was heavily damaged cervical tissue);
  • abortion (doctor error during surgery);
  • age-related changes that are associated with a change in a woman’s hormonal system;
  • infectious diseases of the reproductive system.

Some doctors suggest that the disease occurs when persistent inflammation of the genital organs, cervical erosion, hormonal diseases and so on.

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Symptoms and diagnosis of cyst of the cervix

This pathology does not manifest itself. Additional symptoms from the pelvic organs are absent. The woman in this respect, does not feel changes: menstrual cycle stable, no unusual discharge and discomfort in the abdomen.

To diagnose the disease can only gynecologist during the inspection or ultrasound. The cyst has a milky color and is similar to the tubercle.

Very often, doctors diagnose more than one cyst, but many. Its diameter can be from a few millimeters to 2 cm.

Методы лечения кисты на шейке матки

The cyst is easier to diagnosed by ultrasound

After examination, the doctor may order additional tests to understand the cause of the disease. Most often prescribe a colposcopy, do a swab of the vagina for cytological and histological examination. Then visit the doctor often need to monitor symptoms Nabatova cysts.

If the tumors increase in size, the doctor prescribes a specific treatment. It is to remove pathology and the prevention of re-accumulation of mucus.

If the cyst has become very large, women may manifest such symptoms as bleeding not associated with menstrual bleeding. Pain during sex and unusual allocation also can be a symptom of cysts. In such cases, an urgent need to go to the doctor to avoid the development of the inflammatory process and further intoxication.

Ways and methods of treatment of the follicles of the cervix

The condition of the patient, the presence or absence of symptoms determines what type of treatment will be applied individually to it. Doctors can remove the cyst surgically or use alternative treatment.

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Методы лечения кисты на шейке матки

In some cases, it may be decided on surgical intervention

Before surgery it is necessary to pass swab from the vagina, the blood from the finger and urine. Surgical method of treatment of the follicles of the cervix is carried out after the end of menstruation. For this patient hospitalitynet because the operation lasts long, and the doctor lets go home the same day.

The essence of the operation that the gynecologist puncture cystic lesion of the area and processes the drug to prevent recurrence. 1-2 days the patient may feel discomfort in the lower abdomen. After 10 days, the doctor prescribes the woman a vaginal suppositories to promote healing of punctures. In medical practice often use candles «Depantol», which have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. Gynecologist appoints the patient examination 30 days after surgery.

Cysts of the cervix is removed and such methods and ways:

  • chemical cauterization, which is based on the use of drugs;
  • thermal cauterization;
  • the laser method allows no contact with the mucosa of the vagina to remove education. It is used infrequently;
  • cryotherapy is a treatment with liquid nitrogen, one of the popular methods;
  • method of applying radio waves has only recently appeared in the practice Nabatova removal of the cyst. Its advantages is that this procedure leaves no scars on the neck of the uterus. It is very important for nulliparous patients.

Modern gynecology has a fairly large Arsenal of knowledge and methods of treatment of the follicles of the cervix. Women need time to ask for help, without waiting for the characteristic symptoms of exacerbation and the time to begin treatment.

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Методы лечения кисты на шейке матки

The sooner you consult a doctor the easier the treatment

Prevention cysts of the cervix

To avoid this disease, women should regularly visit a gynecologist (at least every six months) and listen to his recommendations. It is also important time to treat the inflammation of the genital organs. Adequate treatment reduces the risk of developing of cysts.

If the woman has problems with hormones, it should pay special attention to the reproductive system.

This may be an additional inspection and obtaining information about the risk of cysts of the cervix, other female diseases and symptoms.

Cyst of the cervix is found in medical practice quite often and in many cases does not cause any harm to women’s health. A timely appeal for help shortens the period of treatment and rehabilitation of women after the disease, and targeted prevention reduces the number of relapses.