Treatment of cervical cancer folk remedies at home

Cervical erosion can be detected at a regular gynecological examination in half of women. Considered a precancerous condition, such a diagnosis can greatly disturb a woman. Traditional once treatment with moxibustion scarier than cancer. Knowing how to treat cervical erosion in the home and what folk remedies can really help, you can calmly accept such a frequent diagnosis. What should I do if cervical erosion?

Features home treatment

Usually hear this diagnosis after birth or at a young age, when the genitourinary system is subject to strong changes, and hormone production is unstable. In women over 40 years, the disease almost never occurs. The cervix is devoid of sensitivity, because overt symptoms of the pathological process began there, and cheerleaders can only painless bleeding of any intensity, as a consequence of sexual intercourse. The severity of the manifestations will depend on the severity of the disease.

Before starting treatment of cervical erosion at home, you should consult a gynecologist, who made the diagnosis. To determine which type of erosion was found by the physician:

  1. Pseudo (ectopia), often do not require treatment will be offered regular supervision at the gynecologist and a General health tonic to boost immunity, stabilize hormonal balance.
  2. True erosion is a violation of the integrity of tissues, ulcerations, inflammation requires complex therapy. National treatment in this case can be very effective in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs.
  3. Uncomplicated erosion occurring without alarming symptoms, traditional methods are highly efficient, their use is comparable in effect to medicines.

If surgical intervention could not be avoided, home remedies to help speed up the healing, the healing process goes faster. Most of the recipes from erosion applicable to other women’s diseases, and have properties to restore the diseased tissue, disinfect and stimulate the regeneration. It is impossible to use traditional methods in carcinoma (cervical cancer) is in danger of death. In this case, no operation is necessary.


Cure cervical erosion in home help simple recipes based on the known herbs. Decoctions, infusions, tinctures are used in the form of douches, tampons, impregnated with drugs, as well as a medical tea. Effective herbal and to prevent erosion.


The impact of the plant with the erosion in strength compared with cautery. The root has a vasoconstrictor, antibacterial effect, relieves inflammation. For the treatment plant from its roots is prepared teas and extracts:

  1. The extract prepared from ground roots. 3 tbsp bergenia’ll need a glass of water. Cook for the cure should be on low heat until it is evaporated to half volume. 30 drops finished product before receiving diluted with water. Drink extract 3 times a day. When this composition quickly stops the uterine bleeding, strengthens blood vessels.
  2. Solution for douching: 2 tbsp extract of bergenia add 0.5 liters of boiled water. The tool used in uterine cancer, any inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere.
  3. A simple infusion for irrigation of the vagina is prepared from a spoon of root and cups of water: boil water bath for 30 minutes and infuse at least a day. Used for douching.
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Infusion of leaves of bergenia strengthens the immune system, which is very important in the decision of gynecological problems in women and helps to overcome the disease early on.

Upland uterus

The plant has a strong action and is suitable for treatment of many urinary tract disorders. Upland uterus drink special courses for infertility, fibroids, polyps, cysts. Especially valuable properties of the plant with a combination of cervical erosion with endometriosis. Contains natural hormones, because the application inside should be agreed with your doctor.

The broth upland uterus is used for douching daily (preferably at bedtime). To prepare a decoction of 20 g of dried plant is boiled in 500 ml of water for a few minutes, filtered and cooled to warm. The broth used immediately, fresh tool will be required for each procedure. The plant is very strong, noticeable results will take only a week.

St. John’s wort

To extract maximum benefit from herbs, especially dried, apply the leaves and stems of the plant. Ready infusion strain and use as directed. So the grass will give the infusion of nutrients, and they will not have time to break down from overheating. Prepare infusions in this way:

  1. Grind the dry herb, cover with water.
  2. Bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat.
  3. Leave for at least another 15 min.

For treatment with St. John’s wort on the same principle prepare the infusion: 1 tablespoon of herbs on 0,5 l of water. Douching can be carried out for a long time, the course lasts up to 3 weeks. One Cup of infusion is recommended to drink gradually throughout the day. St. John’s wort has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and is used as a sedative.


  • Irrigation of the vagina with tincture of calendula helps with women’s diseases of the sexual sphere. Calendula reduces inflammation, gently disinfects and accelerates the healing of erosive areas or of damage after burning.
  • Infusion for douching is prepared in a standard manner: on a glass of water – tablespoon of herbs. In the case of the use of calendula flowers plants, fresh or dried.


In the alcohol extract peony is applicable for the treatment of erosion even in advanced disease. Tincture drink 30 drops per day, mixed with water (1:3).

The finished product is on sale, but it is not difficult to cook by yourself:

  • 3 tbsp of dried petals pour 1⁄2 liters of quality vodka;
  • in a sealed pot, with no access to light for 20 days;
  • strain and store in a container made of dark glass.

Treatment of cervical cancer folk remedies also involve the use of this powerful tool. For tumors of the uterus of every Genesis take a teaspoon of medicine three times a day. The course lasts a month and after a break of 10 days can be reused.

It should be remembered! In the presence of serious lesions or tumors, and folk remedies can not replace a medical or surgical treatment. Herbal medicine, oil, honey, tarragon and even soda – all non-traditional methods should be addition to support the main treatment.

Sea buckthorn oil is one of the most benign drugs with high efficiency, virtually no contraindications. It is not applicable only in the case of congenital ectopia of the cervix and when personal intolerance.

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Best recipes oil:

  • a swab soaked in sea buckthorn oil, is introduced into the vagina at night, in the morning, after removing it, you can spend douching your chosen herbal remedies;
  • instead of sea buckthorn oil you can use fish oil for all fats and oils method of application of same;
  • tea tree oil is used in more quick procedures – tampon with oil injected 60 minutes in the morning and on the same evening.

The duration of treatment oils does not exceed 2 weeks, the next 14 days should be used other prescription. After you can repeat the course again.

Juice vegetables

Pulp and juice of vegetables are the easiest answer – how to treat cervical erosion at home, and perfectly safe. Despite its harmlessness, the proposed recipes are very useful in situations when it needs help, but strong means to use unless necessary.

The flesh of a ripe pumpkin (without seeds and peel) grate or mash. A couple of teaspoons of the resulting mass wrap in gauze (bandage) to form a tampon. Injecting a drug into the vagina at night.

Potatoes, peeled, rubbed on a grater. By the same method as with the pumpkin, make a swab, leave for the night. Don’t forget to leave long gauze “tail” for easy retrieval.


In the initial stages of the disease, you can use the recipes based on honey. It is the most ancient method of treatment of erosions. Honey is included in the composition of tampons, douching and homemade candles.

Several traditional “honey” recipes of cervical erosion:

  • Douching. In a glass of warm water stir to dissolve 1 tbsp of honey. Conduct nightly procedure for several days in mild erosion.
  • Water with honey (ratio 2:1) soak a gauze swab, which can be left in the vagina for a day. Easier to use store-bought sanitary tampon, dipped it in tool. The course of treatment can reach two weeks. If you have symptoms and secretions in the first few days it is acceptable to use pure honey without dilution with water.
  • Honey and aloe, applied together, perfectly reduce inflammation and heal the damaged epithelium. A small aloe leaf is cut so that it was possible to form around him a small gauze swab. The finished tampon impregnated with honey and use it at night. Often enough 10 treatments to restore the integrity of the epithelium.
  • Candles made from propolis, honey and butter help to cope in severe cases and the presence of secretions. 100 g butter, take 30 g of honey and propolis on the tip of a teaspoon. Melt and mix components with a slow heat, pour the composition in a special form. You can create the candles with your hands, after cooling medicines. Store candles in the freezer to use every evening during the week.
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Med operates smoothly and efficiently, with virtually no side effects. These recipes are not only suitable if there have been cases of allergic reactions to bee products.

How not to hurt?

Not all homemade recipes harmless. Folk remedies, has a strong effect as pharmaceutical products should be selected very carefully. Basic rules, following which you can significantly improve the effectiveness of the folk treatment at home:

  • Alternation. The same drug (herb, oil, honey) do not apply more than 3 consecutive weeks. After the course a means to choose another until complete recovery.
  • An integrated approach. Folk medicine is not limited to one method of drug administration in erosion. Much faster helps complex treatment. For example, concomitant use of medicinal teas and treatment of tampons or douches.
  • Contraindications have any kind of treatment. Hypertension, hypotension, liver problems, and even neurological disorders are contraindications to oral administration of certain tinctures. The list of contraindications is as great as a list of folk remedies. Treatment plan please consult with your doctor.
  • Watch for allergic symptoms. Even if you use normal food, which the woman has no allergies, when introduced into the vagina they can produce unpredictable reactions.
  • Be sure to include in home therapy products, strengthen the immune system: tincture of Eleutherococcus, ginseng, radiograms pink. If you select strong herbal for treatment, consult your therapist or the treating gynecologist about the appropriateness of additional immune support, as some of the national resources already affect the immune system.

Please note! Any genital infections must be treated before treatment about the erosion. Otherwise the symptoms are smoothed out, the disease will go into a latent, chronic form. Goes untreated infection will not disappear erosion.

Since pain is not a symptom of the disease, and monitor the recovery process on their own well-being will not succeed. Need regular gynecological examination to confirm the effectiveness of therapy. If for a long time no positive changes, combine traditional methods with traditional medicine, and recovery will come faster.

Not discovered in time the true erosion creates favorable conditions for the malignant tumors. Complete cure of cervical cancer with the use of herbal remedies is impossible. Traditional medicine copes with supportive therapy and supplements radical tools of modern medicine. Monitoring the condition of the cervix in detecting erosion need to exercise regularly. Time to notice and properly treat – the easiest plan for the prevention of cervical cancer.