Treatment of cervical erosion

The cervix is the lower part of the body has a length of about four inches. The bullet camera is designed for the connection of the uterus and vagina. And its education center is closed the cervical canal. Under the cervical erosion to understand visible upon inspection of the defect of the mucosa. Identifying the symptoms of cervical erosion at the first sign of the disease and timely treatment can prevent cancer of the cervix.

Classification: types of erosion

Collective term «uterine cervical erosion»in gynecologic practice implies the following condition:

  1. True erosion. Characterized by the presence of defect in the mucosa has the appearance of the wound or look like ulcer. Formed as a result of trauma or inflammatory lesions of microbial etiology.
  2. Pseudo (ectopia). Occurs when the displacement is coloured red columnar epithelium in the vaginal area the cervix visible during the inspection. There are physiological and abnormal ectopia. Physiological pseudo see girls in their Teens, young girls and women under 25 years of age and in pregnant women regardless of age. Abnormal think the ectopia of the cervix in parous and pregnant women not older than twenty five. In such a situation requires correction of hormonal status.
  3. Ectropion — eversion of the cervical canal. Columnar epithelium, is from the outside. Anomaly is a consequence of abortion, problematic childbirth, in which the neck is broken. Improper stitching of the breaks leads to the eversion of the cervical canal to the outside.

True erosion is diagnosed rarely, more common postnatal ectropion or ectopia. Frequently asked questions: «Can a cervical erosion go myself»? True erosion is caused by injury to the cervix, heals self for 10 – 21 days. Other forms of erosion should be treated by a gynecologist.

Causes of cervical erosion

The integrity of the mucosa is disturbed due to the following reasons:

  • Congenital pathology.
  • Infectious diseases. Sexual infections are characterized by purulent discharge accompanied by unpleasant odor, itching, burning. The lack of treatment is dangerous, as often the infection spreads to other organs of the female genitalia. Special attention to the infection:
  1. Trichomoniasis.
  2. Herpes.
  3. Gonorrhea.
  4. Chlamydia.
  5. The human papillomavirus (HPV).
  • Vaginal pathology:
  1. Thrush.
  2. Non-specific vaginitis.
  3. Bacterial vaginosis. Is characterized by the replacement of beneficial microflora of the vagina to pathogens.
  • Mechanical damage:
  1. Labors.
  2. Abortion.
  3. Aggressive sex.
  4. Burned mucosa caustic substances during douching.
  5. Violations of the rules of use of chemical or barrier contraceptives.
  6. Damage pliers when intrauterine manipulation.


A woman learns about erosive lesion of cervix after gynecological examination. Disease of the cervix in women are asymptomatic. The woman has no pain, but after coitus, often spotting. Pain for erosion is not typical.

Gynecological examination in the mirrors allows to visually determine the presence of erosion — fragment of mucosa red, to determine its size. Additional studies conducted when there is reason to suspect cervical cancer. Biopsy is performed seven days after the end of the menstrual hemorrhages (menstruation) and is one of the stages of diagnosis for cancer.

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Prior to sampling is necessary to cure chronic diseases, normalize the microflora, to achieve the cessation of the discharge from the vagina. The object of histological diagnosis becomes a piece of cervical tissue. Explore the cells of a pathological area, draw conclusions about the degree of tissue destruction. The diagnostician who studied the symptoms of cervical erosion, determines its type and assigns treatment.


When nothing hurts, this does not mean that the disease can not be treated. When false erosion, columnar epithelium defenseless against opportunistic microflora of the vagina. At the stage of epithelialization of the ulcer formation of the cells lining takes place with violations. Prolonged lack of treatment leads to the fact that running erosion cervical cancer goes in the form.

After complete examination, the gynecologist selects the method of treatment, especially if the woman has given birth, and intends to have a baby. The variety of methods of treatment is surgical intervention and cauterization. Important not to run disease. The surgery is performed when cancer is confirmed the rebirth of the texture of the cervix. The indication for intervention is a difficult birth or the need for plastic surgery.

Effective way of treatment of erosion is the cauterization of the cervix. The acceptance covers the pseudo, emerging in the process of healing of true erosion. The main objective is the destruction of the columnar epithelium that fall outside of the cervical canal. The following types of moxibustion cervical erosion:

  • Surgical diathermy. Cauterization with electric current under high temperature. Procedure cautery current is used in emergency cases. Full recovery is possible after two months. Archaic method. Accompanied by the appearance of unpleasant odors. Fraught with complications:
  1. Prolonged healing.
  2. Education ugly scarring that causes significant discomfort during sex..
  3. Narrowing of the pharynx cervical causes problems with pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Cryosurgery. Freezing abnormal tissue with liquid nitrogen. Leads to a shortening cervix and narrowing of the external OS. Rehabilitation takes >6 weeks.
  • Cauterization by radio waves. Progressive method of healing with ultrasound.
  • Coagulation laser. Highly effective and least painful method of breaking erosion. Recovery takes 4 weeks.
  • Argon plasma method. The argon is ionized by impact of high frequency current and burns defect the plasma beam.
  • Electroconization used in the treatment of cervical dysplasia at a later stage. Method cleans deeper layers of the skin from abnormal cells.
  • Chemical cauterization. The drug Solkovagina nekrotizirutee pathological tissue, forms a scab, samedayessay regenerating epithelial cells. Recovery takes 4 weeks.
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Conservative therapy involves the use of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs to eliminate concomitant inflammation. Apply funds local effect: candles, vaginal tablets.

Tests to ablate

Mandatory are the following blood tests:

  • Common.
  • Biochemical.
  • Coagulation.
  • For viral hepatitis.
  • For urinary infections.
  • HIV.

The required urine sample. In a smear from the affected area investigate the presence of abnormal cells and determine the composition of the microflora. A gynecologist has the right to appoint additional studies — extended colposcopy (treatment with iodine) and a biopsy. Based on the results analysis, the doctor decides to send the patient to cauterization or she needs to be treated from other detected diseases.


Contraindications for moxibustion are:

  • Inflammation of the genitals.
  • Genital infection.
  • Hemorrhage.
  • Low blood clotting.
  • Cancer of the cervix.
  • The gestation, lactation.
  • Lochia, postradalo the beginning of the period.
  • The presence of the Navy.
  • Mental disorder.

You can not burn erosion in the acute stage of any infection – high risk of disease progression and development of complications.

The effects of moxibustion

Distinguish relatives (occurring in the period up to eight weeks) and other symptoms of the effects of moxibustion. Related symptoms include the following:

  • Endometritis.
  • Bleeding, with the exception of sukrovichnye discharge.
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle. Amenorrhea.

To the far symptoms include the following:

  • Narrowing or scarring of the cervical canal.
  • Violation of patency of the cervical canal.
  • Syndrome cervical coagulated.
  • Recurrence of erosion (shown re-burning)

Sukrovichnye allocation result from local damage to blood vessels. Such phenomena are rapidly and spontaneously (bleeding cervix no more than 3 – 5 days). Hard burning cause a profuse discharge. Warning the patient about the consequences of burning is the responsibility of the doctor. The occurrence of complications – the reason why I must visit a specialist.

Erosion and pregnancy

Can a erosion cause infertility? Cauterization of cervical erosion does not prevent conception, unless there are complications. The sex of cervical erosion is unsafe. Get pregnant after the restore of damaged tissues. You need to wait about two months, then the doctor will be able to determine the effectiveness of treatment.

For the nulliparous, it is important to decide on the method of moxibustion. You need to use protective methods. The elimination of cervical erosion diathermocoagulation can cause infertility.

Erosion of the cervical passage and childbirth

The disease manifests itself after a troubled birth in the following cases:

  • Untimely opening of the birth canal.
  • Breaks of the cervix of the mother.
  • Large fruit.
  • Transferred first of many abortions.
  • Infection of pregnant women.
  • Hormonal failure.

And parous women wishing to give birth are concerned about the question: «How does moxibustion on future delivery?». In the past when it was dominated by diathermocoagulation, the organ remained the scar that threatened tears, caused by passing through the birth canal the fetus. Actual cautery methods allow manipulation without scarring.

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Before conception is better to cauterize erosion than to expose themselves and the future child at risk. The wound surface is prone to infection and the appearance of the inflammatory process.

If ectopia appeared during pregnancy, it is wiser to give birth with cervical erosion, than to run the risk of scar formation and narrowing of the generic aisle. Treatment of ectopia should return after giving birth.

How to behave after moxibustion

Necrotization ectopia responsible intervention in the female body, requiring strict compliance with orders of the physician. The most important recommendations consider the following:

  • Sexual rest is required to persist a month after the procedure. Sex after cauterization of cervical erosion is allowed after a pelvic examination.
  • Prohibited physical overload. Lifting weights can cause complications.
  • You should not exercise for 4 weeks.
  • You can not swim in natural bodies of water. Banned bath tubs. All hygienic action carried out under the shower.
  • Local therapy can be used as a Supplement to the main.
  • The use of medicated tampons contributes to the softening of the eschar and prevents the development of hemorrhage.
  • It is impossible to plan conception immediately after the procedure. It is necessary to wait for the next ovulation cycle.
  • Personal hygiene dictate a change of pads every three hours the extent of pollution they discharge. Underwear made of synthetic fabrics and swabs are prohibited.
  • The effects of alcohol and tobacco become spasm and bleeding. Should be refused.
  • Acceleration of wound healing folk remedies unaffordable. Great harm can be douches. The consequences can be infection, burns, trauma, bleeding. Use only doctor-recommended drugs for wound healing.

Erosion of the cervical canal is widespread among women. Many treated by moxibustion remains healthy cervix. From the recommendation of a gynecologist, invites the novel cauterization ectopia, to refuse unreasonable. You want to make the choice of the method of cauterization.

Prevention of erosion is the rejection of abortion, careful management of labor and timely treatment of genital infections. Upon detection of the first signs of erosion should consult a doctor. Modern medicine can get rid of the problem, saving lives and health of women.