Treatment of Ureaplasma parvum women

Ureaplasma parvum is a virus. Its name comes from the word urethra, the name of the habitat. In some countries, such as America, Ureaplasma is not treated until tests confirm that the disease is indeed caused by one of the 14 species of Ureaplasma serotypes that cause infection. The reason is that similar symptoms have other diseases not associated with Ureaplasma. And treatment of Ureaplasma is usually with antibiotics that are not safe for the human body.

As Ureaplasma enters the body

Ureaplasma is transmitted sexually and through household items. According to statistics, every 7 adult woman is a carrier of the virus.

At risk of Ureaplasma are women, leading promiscuous. Can be transmitted through saliva by kissing. It infected neonates passing through an infected birth canal of the mother. Presumably, the disease is transmitted through household items, in the swimming pool and other public places.

Symptoms of Ureaplasma in women

Ureaplasma parvum in women manifests itself with inflammation. For a long time she may show no signs of its existence. The problems start when the increase in its concentration in the microflora of the vagina and the pelvic area more than 104 cells/ml. With exacerbation of symptoms:

  • Yellow discharge from the vagina and urethra with an unpleasant odor.
  • Sex with man bring the pain after they appear blood spotting.
  • Fever, headache worried.
  • Burning, pain when urinating.
  • There may be pain in the appendages due to an inflammatory process caused by Ureaplasma.
  • When infected via kissing, appears on the tonsils, white patches, pain is felt when swallowing, as angina.

During the examination the doctor visual inspection notes the state change of the urethral hole, fevered as it has redness. The final diagnosis after receiving the test results.

The reasons for the development of Ureaplasma

The rapid development of the virus contributes to:

  1. the weakened immune system,
  2. abortion, pregnancy,
  3. hormonal disorders,
  4. chronic infectious disease.


There are several types of diagnosis of the virus:

  • Bacterial seeding. Is the planting material of urine or blood in the comfort of microbe conditions. Then, the diagnosis of the grown material is the number of infectious diseases. Then assigned the appropriate method of treatment for this group of bacteria.
  • Polymer chain reaction, abbreviated PCR, gives the fastest and most accurate results. The diagnosis is made on the basis of material taken for DNA of the patient is taken from the urethra, cervix, or vagina. PCR test is more sensitive than others, is able to detect the virus at concentrations of just 104 and 105 cells/m.
  • Serological reaction. Such reactions are based on the analysis of mobile forms of microorganisms.
  • Direct immunofluorescence is abbreviated as PIF, to determine the microorganisms Ureaplasma greenish fluorescence on a background of brown-orange cytoplasm.
  • Immunofluorescence analysis, abbreviated as IFA. Has similarities with mutual funds the only difference in the color of the reagent. At IFA it is stained with dye, clearly visible under fluorescent microscopy.
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How to prepare for the sampling for Ureaplasma

For the analysis on a Ureaplasma, the doctor takes a scraping from a mucous membrane of the urethra of the patient. That diagnosis proved more accurate, it is important to prepare for the tests. To do this:

  • Do not use medicines against bacteria 2 – 3 weeks prior to analysis.
  • 2 hours before admission to analysis not to urinate.
  • Blood to take only on an empty stomach.
  • A urine analysis is better to collect the morning, after a long stay her in the ureter, optimally after a night’s sleep.

Persistence what it is

The diagnosis, confirming the increased number of viruses requires treatment Ureaplasma. Doctor prescribe medication. It often happens that the diagnosis is not confirmed. This happens when Ureaplasma is in a stage of persistence. In this period, despite the infestation of the body, the virus is not harmful, because it is not capable of growth on nutrient media.

While in persistence, the diagnosis is an infected person constantly fluctuating. The number of Ureaplasma influence:

  • the state of immunity,
  • monthly cycle for women
  • stress,
  • colds,
  • hypothermia.

Treatment Ureaplasma a complicated matter. Treatment with antibiotics causing adverse harm to the body of the patient. The virus, antibiotics do not respond. All because he leads an intracellular existence. Effects of antibiotics it becomes available.

Often Ureaplasma becomes latent form of persistence after antibiotic treatment. This flexibility of the virus requires examination of the patient after the treatment for many times 3 to 4 times within 1 – 3 months.

Treatment of Ureaplasma drug

To achieve the complete disappearance of the virus Ureaplasma in the body will not work at all desire. All that can be achieved by treatment to reduce the content of microorganisms. Cure Ureaplasma are three types. In the first form of the active substance lincosamide in the second – macrolides, the tetracyclines. Treatment is with antibiotics and vaginal suppositories. Treatment Ureaplasma is prescribed by a doctor. Often preparations are prescribed together, candles and antibiotics together.

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Ureaplasma treatment folk remedies

Besides medicines, you can help your body using herbs. The advantages of this treatment is obvious – no side effects on healthy organs. But the duration of this treatment is increased to several months. For the treatment of suitable fees, strengthen the immune system.

  • All herbs taken one tablespoon – series, alder, licorice root, maral root, chamomile flowers, kopeechnik. All mix, grind. In an empty glass put 1 tablespoon of the mixture, and fill with boiling water. If it is done for the night, then by morning the broth is ready. Before the meal take the third part of the herbal tea.
  • For the following recipe we will need 1 tbsp thyme leaves, rosemary, yarrow, succession, birch buds, root levzei and Burnet. All mix, grind as fine as possible. From ready mix 1 tbsp of pour into a glass, pour boiling water to the brim, give it brew for the night. You can drink half a Cup twice a day. Store in the refrigerator, to prepare better for 1 day, not more.

Treatment Ureaplasma

To help the body to recover and strengthen their forces, the required receiving immunostimulatory medications. Treatment of Ureaplasma as follows:

  • It is necessary to improve the damaged microflora of the vagina and intestines with lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.
  • Sex during treatment is eliminated.
  • The patient is assigned diet, limit fatty, fried or spicy foods. Alcohol is banned.
  • The use of prescribed drugs.

The consequences of a ureaplasmosis

Treatment of Ureaplasma parvum should be carried out as soon as the tests prove it. Otherwise, the disease becomes chronic, can cause complications of the genital organs and pelvic organs. Especially dangerous is the disease Ureaplasma parvum in women who expect a child. The result of the disease can be a small fruit weight. Also infection in the amniotic fluid can cause miscarriage or premature birth. Increased risk of meningitis and pneumonia in infants. Ureaplasma parvum treatment of women is carried out in parallel with the sexual partner.

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Treatment of Ureaplasma in pregnant women

If during the tests the pregnant woman was found a Ureaplasma, treatment can begin not earlier than second decade of pregnancy, not to cause harm to the fetus. This date will form the placenta. It is able to protect the fetus from harm the medication.

For the treatment of Ureaplasma parvum in women, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication, most often «Josamycin». To enhance the protective functions of the body, it is necessary to carry out prevention of the disease. For this purpose, it is necessary to abandon bad habits, to maintain a healthy diet, fill your diet with vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, in sufficient quantity to drink water. Fresh air, exercise according to doctor’s recommendation. With a weakened body to strengthen the immune system helps the vitamins.

To prevent disease infection parvum, the woman should avoid frequent change of partners. This is especially important in a state of pregnancy. When you visit the pool, gym and other common areas must comply with the rules of hygiene.


Good protection from a disease – sexual intercourse in marriage with one man. If you experience the same symptoms Ureaplasma parvum should not slow to see a doctor, this will help to stop the inflammation of the organs.