Treatment of vaginitis: symptoms, methods

Before how to treat vaginitis in women, determine the factors predisposing to the emergence of this disease. The effectiveness of the treatment depends largely on antibacterial preparations for local use – these can be ointments, tablets or suppositories from vaginitis. Treatment involves a range of activities aimed at getting rid of the symptoms of the disease, prevention of complications and recurrences.

Лечение вагинита: симптомы, методы

The candles are effective in the treatment of vaginitis

Factors affecting the emergence and course of the disease

Initially it is important to eliminate the factors that resulted in the development of a disease, such as colpitis:

  • a long course of antibiotics;
  • allergic to condoms or vaginal ointments, suppositories;
  • violation of the rules of hygiene by both women and partners;
  • diseases caused by STIs;
  • a sharp decrease of immunity;
  • damage to the mucous membranes of the genital organs of women. The main causes are the abortions committed in hospitals, douching, which was conducted by the rules;
  • disorders of the endocrine system.

If obesity is not treated, then begin to inflame other’s genitals, causing, over time, infertility, erodirovannoj cervical endometriosis.

The reasons why special attention should be paid to the treatment of vaginitis in pregnant women is a high probability of infection of amniotic fluid, various complications of pregnancy.

Лечение вагинита: симптомы, методы

Reduced immunity may be the cause of vaginitis

The advantages and disadvantages of systemic and local treatment of colpitis

Obesity needs to be treated regardless of age of women and the form of the disease. A large number of therapeutic regimens. Drugs have such methods of administration – local and systemic. Prolonged antibiotic treatment of vaginitis violates the endogenous microflora, increases the number of strains resistant to antibacterial drugs. These reasons make it preferable to use topical treatment of obesity.

The main advantages are the simplicity of use of substances, minimize risks of adverse reactions, decrease in pharmacological load on the body of women, the ability to use with extragenital pathology. In addition, antiseptic drugs with broad spectrum antimicrobial effects prescribed for failing to quickly identify the causes that triggered obesity.

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Лечение вагинита: симптомы, методы

Antiseptic drugs can disturb the natural microflora

Standard local treatment involves:

  • antibiotic therapy primarily, this is drugs fluoroquinolones or extended-spectrum effects that don’t inhibit the natural vaginal microflora, and not absorbed into the blood;
  • physical therapy — vulvar irradiation with ultraviolet rays, electric field of ultrahigh frequency therapy SMV (cm), laser irradiation of the vulva by the contact method, local darsonvalization vagina;
  • the use of drugs that strengthen the immune system of women, probiotics, medications and vitamins;
  • the following a special diet – the food should not contain bolism the amount of carbohydrates, fats, restrict consumption of alcohol.

Drugs in the local treatment can be taken orally or vaginally. Can be assigned to vaginal tablets, ointment in the form of applications, tampons, saturated with medicinal compositions, candles.

In certain cases, treatment may include hormone therapy.

Лечение вагинита: симптомы, методы

Healthy eating — the key to a complete cure vaginitis

Nonspecific colpitis and methods of its treatment

Symptoms of nonspecific vaginitis should be treated by combined medicine, as highly effective against bacterial infections, and fungal, which has a marked anti-inflammatory action. These medicines represent an vaginal tablets. Effective treatment Argininom and Wokadine.

Pills Terginan before enter the vagina should be dipped in water for half a minute. The recommended course of treatment usually consists of 10 days. Tablets are inserted before going to sleep. Sometimes the treatment may be extended to 20 days.

Pills Vicadin in acute course of the disease, it is recommended to enter one thing twice a day for seven days. In chronic course of the disease tablets take one thing at night for 14 days. Other medicines are proven suppositories of Hexicon vaginitis.

Complex treatment of nonspecific vaginitis includes the rehabilitation of the genitals that allows you to effectively eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.

Лечение вагинита: симптомы, методы

Terginan available in the form of suppositories and tablets

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Specific colpitis and methods of its treatment

Methods of treatment of specific colpitis depend on the infection that caused the disease. If a patient has symptoms of candidal vaginitis, the gynecologist prescribes medicines, including Ketoconazole, Clindamycin and fluconazole. Symptoms of gonococcal vaginitis be cured with antibiotics: Cefixime, Ceftriaxone, Tetracycline. Symptoms of Trichomonas vaginitis is effectively treated with Metronidazole. Compulsory treatment of STIs must pass both partners, even if the symptoms of the disease in men is not detected. This is necessary to avoid re-infection.

Since antibacterial drugs inhibit the normal vaginal flora, it is recommended after the primary treatment is medication, which normalize the vagina level of Lactobacillus. Such drugs include Linex, vaginal suppositories Bifidumbakterin. How long do I need to take these drugs are prescribed only by a doctor.

Лечение вагинита: симптомы, методы

Exact dosage of Bifidumbacterin can calculate only a doctor

Atrophic vaginitis and methods of its treatment

After age 40, women may show symptoms of atrophic vaginitis due to fall of level of sex hormones. Therefore, the main method of treatment of this disease is hormone-replacement therapy, which is performed either locally (in the form of vaginal tablets and suppositories), or systemically in the form of injections and tablets.

The main drugs prescribed for atrophic vaginitis is Gynodian Depot, Ovestin, Klimonorm.

The main contraindications and limitations

A number of medicines not be prescribed for pregnant or lactating women. Such medicines include Betadine banned to treat obesity, if the pregnancy exceeds three months. Also do not spend treatment Galatina, Clindacin, Elicina. Pregnant women are treated with Pimafucin, Argininom, Aguila and other antiseptics. Also, we often do douching infusion of chamomile, as it may negatively affect the natural vaginal flora.

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Лечение вагинита: симптомы, методы

During pregnancy to take measures for the treatment of vaginitis is possible only with the permission of the doctor

Methods ozone and physical therapy

Except as described medical treatment methods obesity widespread found methods of ozone therapy and physiotherapy. So, ozone is wiresolutions, antibacterial, anti-fungicidal and immunomodulatory properties. Reliably prevents microbial aggression (due to the increased oxidative potential in the interaction with microorganisms is destroyed their DNA).

Before antibiotics ozone therapy has several advantages:

  • multi-purpose bactericidal action;
  • no negative impact on the female body;
  • to ozone resistant no habituation of micro-organisms.

Physical treatments are also quite effective. In the acute form of vaginitis in the crotch region applies an electric field of ultrahigh frequency: about 20-30 watts for 10 minutes. The course of such procedures is from 5 to 8 days. Effective UV irradiation. In chronic or subacute form of vaginitis is applied electrolytic cauterization and electrophoresis with zinc (10 mA for 10 minutes) 1 time per seven days. Treatment – from 6 to 8 treatments.

Physiotherapy is contraindicated in the presence of: malignant tumors, abscesses, blood diseases, hypertension III degree, heart diseases, fever, diseases neuropsychiatric in nature.

In order to avoid complications, recurrence of the disease in need of treatment carried out under the supervision of a doctor and strictly follow his prescriptions.