Treatment without surgery ovarian cyst medications

An ovarian cyst is a benign tumor that appears within the body of the ovary or on its surface. Looks like a hollow SAC of tissue filled with liquid or semi-liquid of different content. Capsules come in different sizes, sometimes significantly increase the options of the ovary. Are divided into functional, able to disperse themselves for three monthly cycle and pathological, requiring treatment or removal. The emergence involves:

  • hormonal disorders
  • overweight
  • endometriosis
  • inflammatory gynecological diseases
  • violation of cyclicity of menstruation

A functional cyst may go away on its own in 3 months

Diagnosed by the other tests. Education is not bothering the patient does not cause pain. The woman’s age when the disease varies from child to Mature. Discovered during the examination of the cyst does not always require removal by surgery, sometimes fairly conservative therapy, follow-up, taking the pills. Acute symptoms manifested in the torsion leg, rupture of the capsule and the rupture of cystic fluid in the peritoneum. In this situation, need urgent excision of the mass.

Varieties of ovarian cysts

According to variety share:

  • follicular;
  • yellow body;
  • Barbarella;
  • dermoid;
  • endometrial;
  • polycystic ovarian.

The follicular cyst appears when there is inflammation of the appendages or hormonal failure, with imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the body women or girls. The capsule is formed, if ovulation has not occurred.

It is a functional tumor, if it does not disappear on its own within three monthly cycles, well-treated medical drugs.

Luteum cyst is formed when disturbed the work of the yellow body, at the complicated outflow of fluid from the follicle, the fluid accumulates and forms a cyst. Observed on the background of inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs, hormonal disorders. Happens during pregnancy.

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Лечение без операции кисты яичника, какими препаратами

A follicular cyst can occur during pregnancy

Endometrial cyst occurs in women suffering with endometriosis. The plots germination of endometriosis in the ovary, exposed to cyclicality, as in the body of the uterus. Endometriosis lesions grow, rejected, excreted in the blood. Since deletion of the ovary is not formed cysts with brown contents. Spend removal by surgery. Dermoid cyst or teratoma – a benign tumor formation, containing in its cavity a variety of tissues, cartilage, sebaceous glands, hair.

Education is associated with disturbances in embryonic development. These cysts are large in size, have a long leg, which is prone to twisting. Treatment – surgical removal.

Polycystic ovaries is a lot of cystic formations on the surface of the ovary. Diseases of the endocrine nature, leads to infertility. Be treated with medications when ineffective treatment, carry out prompt. Paranormalne cyst, is formed not on the body of the ovary, it is localized on the mesentery of the fallopian tube. Related to ovarian cyst because of the proximity of the location. It is motionless, torsion is rare, but gaining up to a large size and puts pressure on adjacent organs. It hormone is not active. Treatment surgical removal.

Лечение без операции кисты яичника, какими препаратами

The scheme of polycystic ovary

Symptoms and diagnosis

Ovarian cysts, capable of camerassamsung, identifies the case in other studies of the body. They are clearly visible on ultrasound, computed tomography. At larger sizes, inflammation and suppuration, they show manifestations:

  • pain, fullness in the abdomen;
  • irregular, painful periods;
  • frequent urination;
  • pain during the examination;
  • pain during sexual intercourse.

Signs of «acute abdomen» when torsion, leaf tissue becoming necrotic legs of the cyst, violation of the integrity of the capsule and the threat of peritonitis is emergency indications require removal, surgery.

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Diagnostics, in addition to random detect on the examination, the expert-the gynecologist can detect the increase, pain ovarian. Assign ultrasound examination, it is significant for this disease. Modern transvaginal ultrasound without problems recognize the cyst. Assigned tests for hormones. Gynecological smears are taken to detect inflammation.

In complicated currents applied laparoscopic diagnosis. Appointed by the common blood tests and urine tests to exclude inflammation of the appendages.

Лечение без операции кисты яичника, какими препаратами

To exclude inflammation of the appendages, it is necessary to take a blood test

Treatment of ovarian cysts

The ovarian cyst may be cured conservative by medications. Not everyone requires surgery. Uncomplicated disease is treated with oral contraceptives. Contraceptives inhibit the growth of new structures contribute to their resolution. Apply vitamin therapy (vitamins A,E, b, C). Correction of the diet with excess weight. With medical treatment and follicular cysts of the corpus luteum, a tactic used in surveillance. If three monthly cycle it will not work, start conservative hormonal therapy (progesterone, birth control pills).

If no effect after three months of treatment with pills as a result of which it has not disappeared, and the size of the formation at the initial examination is greater than 8 cm is indications for surgery.

In addition to treatment with progestins and oral contraceptives, prescribed anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial treatment. Hormones level damaged background of the woman’s body. The purpose of contraceptives, has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Reduce the likelihood of the formation of new cysts, prevent cancer.

Лечение без операции кисты яичника, какими препаратами

Hormonal contraceptives are prescribed for the treatment of ovarian cysts

Reproductive function when conservative treatment does not suffer, the hormonal background is normalized, and a woman can conceive and bear children. Moms of girls don’t have to worry that their children are being prescribed these «adults», hormone replacement therapy. Conservative treatment of ovarian cysts will help to cure the child without the surgery and harm to health. But if surgery is necessary, in the postoperative period will require drug therapy and rehabilitation.

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