Trichomonas vaginitis in women: symptoms, treatment

Widespread disease, both among women and among men, Trichomonas vaginitis, sexually transmitted diseases. Today in medicine there are distinguished more than 50 species of Trichomonas, but in the human body parasitic way of life are just three varieties: intestinal, urogenital, and oral. Recent studies have shown that carriers of this infection are 20 to 40% of women and 60% men.

Trichomonas vaginitis is found in 40% of women

The risk of Trichomonas vaginitis for the female body

Trichomonas focus on the squamous epithelium of the mucous membranes of the vagina, penetrate the gland. If treatment is not initiated in a timely manner or medical recommendations are not being implemented properly, that Trichomonas can stay long in the body and the disease will lead to the fact that women will start inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs, severe disorders of menstrual cycle, infertility. It is not excluded also the appearance of tumors.

Трихомонадный вагинит у женщин: симптомы, лечение

Disregard for timely treatment of vaginitis can cause cancer

Ways of infection and the factors causing the disease

The probability of being infected by intimate partner from the patient. But contamination can occur through everyday life (when you use other people’s hygiene), oral contact.

To a greater extent Trichomonas vaginitis is exposed to those girls who abused nicotine, alcohol and uncontrolled intake of antibiotics. Provokes the disease lowered immunity, a history of hormonal failures, genital infections, inflammatory processes, multiple abortions and miscarriages.

In women who often change sexual partners trichomoniasis is diagnosed 3-4 times more frequently than women with a permanent partner.

Трихомонадный вагинит у женщин: симптомы, лечение

Smoking girls are more prone to vaginitis

The main symptoms of Trichomonas vaginitis

From the moment of infection until the moment when they start to show clinical symptoms of the disease, it takes from 5 to 15 days.

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For Trichomonas vaginitis are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • intense, irritating itching of the genitals and the vulva;
  • profuse frothy yellow-green discharge, freely flowing from the vagina with a strong odor.
  • discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse due to lack of vaginal lubrication;
  • can cause anxiety diaper rash appears on the inner side of the thighs, in the crotch area;
  • frequent urination, accompanied by painful sensations;
  • occasionally, disturb, diarrhea;
  • if the infection spreads to the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, women in the lower back, lower abdomen appear nagging pain, a little fever;
  • menstrual irregularities, difficulty conceiving a child;
  • the eve of the vagina is often affected genital warts;
  • the presence of loose, non-specific inflammatory lesions of the mucous membranes of the uterus crimson red.
  • It is worth noting that at the end of menstruation clinical symptoms are greatly amplified.

    But some women infected with trichomoniasis, the symptoms may be absent altogether, resulting in the transition of the disease into a chronic form.

    Трихомонадный вагинит у женщин: симптомы, лечение

    Symptoms of vaginitis can be as pronounced, and very weak

    Diagnosis of Trichomonas vaginitis

    To improve the quality of laboratory studies are important rules of training for women to the survey.

  • Try to refuse from intimacy for two days before visiting the doctor.
  • On the eve of a trip to the gynecologist do not use a syringe and means of intimate hygiene.
  • Do not use vaginal sprays, suppositories, tablets, if their application does not need to be discussed with your doctor. A necessary condition for the cessation of the use of internal and external trihomonatidne drugs not later than a week before taking on the study material.
  • The evening before the planned visit to the gynecologist is necessary with soap and warm boiled water to wash the vulva. In the morning, no need to use the toilet.
  • Is recommended 2 hours before taking not urinate.
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    Symptoms of inflammatory reaction and the presence of cytological smear of motile Trichomonas allow you to diagnose trichomoniasis. Vaginal content has a pH in the range 5.5–6.5. Usually used a combination of several research methods for diagnosis of Trichomonas vaginitis:

    • microscopic examination;
    • PCR method that can identify the genetic material of the pathogen;
    • immunological methods of study, to determine the presence of specific antibodies in the body women;
    • inoculation artificial environment of the samples.

    Трихомонадный вагинит у женщин: симптомы, лечение

    Trichomonas is diagnosed through cytological smear

    Features of treatment

    Treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis is antibiotics (metronidazole or tinidazole) tablets for oral administration. The dosage and duration of medication determines exclusively the attending physician.

    Typically, the treatment of women is based on the use of antibiotic drugs. The most commonly prescribed vaginal suppositories nystatin, Terzian, hexicon. A treatment ointment bonafton, acyclovir. Patients prescribed oral tablets trichomonacide, metronidazole.

    If the patient has reduced immunity, the treatment is complemented with a welcome tonic and vitamin preparations. Shall also be a diet which excluded from the diet of spicy, salty and fatty foods.

    If symptoms of chronic Trichomonas vaginitis, there are constant relapses, we used intravenous specialized vaccines, Solkotrichowak. A week after the treatment is over, the woman with her partner should be re-tested, even if symptoms of disease are absent.

    Трихомонадный вагинит у женщин: симптомы, лечение

    Treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis is carried out with antibiotics

    The patient should be temporarily stop sexual contact while she is undergoing treatment. This is especially important if the partner of such a treatment fails. If sexual relations continue, it is worth considering that the medications that are used to treat, reduce the strength of vaginal diaphragms and condoms.

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    Treatment of trichomoniasis in pregnant women

    Trichomoniasis poses a great danger during pregnancy and often leads to premature birth, postnatal complications and infection with Trichomonas newborn baby. Therefore, the treatment of women during pregnancy is strictly necessary and must take place exclusively under the supervision of a physician.

    Usually Trichomonas vaginitis is a mixed protozoan–bacterial process, as Trichomonas is a reservoir for staphylococci, Ureaplasma, chlamydia, Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Only a tenth of patients undergoing treatment of monoinfection – Trichomonas.

    And 90% of women patients must be treated from the plurality of different infections. It is worth noting that in 20% of cases there is a recurrence of the disease.

    Immunity from Trichomonas vaginitis does not exist, so it is important to discover the first symptoms of this insidious disease, to complete a full course of treatment, carefully observing all the prescriptions of the doctor.