Two of the vagina — physiology does not require operations

Double vagina is a rare phenomenon, which scientists call disembriogenetic violation of this anomaly is formed at the early stage of fetal development. Rarely a woman knows that she has two vagina, however, produce a number of symptoms pointing to it. This anomaly causes inconvenience or pain, so it is recommended to visit a doctor for examination and treatment.


Most of the defects in children occurs in the womb. This occurs due to the pathogenic influence of chemical substances causing the defects of the genital organs. The anomaly is formed due to the violation of the process of merging pairs mullerova channels.

Despite the fact that medicine today developed, the experts can not accurately answer, what is the cause of this disease.

The development of double vagina contributes to a number of the following factors:

  1. pathogenic influence of the environment;
  2. infection, which affects woman during pregnancy (flu, rubella, etc.);
  3. the medication and toxic poisoning in early pregnancy;
  4. radiation treatment;
  5. chromosomal abnormalities.


Double vaginal almost always combined with a doubling of the uterus. Thus, each of the bodies can be fully operational without causing the woman much concern. In the case of the underdevelopment of one of the vagina may appearance quite unpleasant symptoms.

In early childhood and adolescence bifurcated vagina doesn’t bother her and, as symptomatology is missing, identify it without a diagnosis is impossible, therefore, to undergo annual examination by a gynecologist.

The presence of two sheaths has an impact on the health of girls during the inspection, the doctor should explore both holes, so as not to miss a possible source of infection.

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The period of menstruation in girls may be accompanied with severe pain which character reminds of the fight. Nausea, chills or fever. During bouts of painkillers do not have the desired effect. Such pain associated with atresia of the single vagina. Menstrual blood is not able to go out and accumulates in the uterine cavity. There hematocolpos, hematometra, hematocolpos characterized by severe pain in the lower abdomen.

In the formation of fistulous in the septum between the two vaginas, the outflow of blood, which is released during menstruation, through the vagina. In this case, the girl observed spotting not related to menstruation at a later time they added pus.

Side effects

The doubling of the vagina accompanied by other pathologies. In this disease the woman has two uterus develops in complete isolation from each other, each has one fallopian tube and ovary. Observed the development of the two journals of the uterus. And uterus, and the vagina separated the bladder or rectum, but in practice are recorded cases closely.

Abnormal organs have different functions, different development: the one body is always a full second. In another case, a two uterus, and the vagina one. This pathology is accompanied by disturbances of the uterus.

In some cases, the anomaly is combined with abnormal development of the urinary organs. In particular, partial aplasia of one of the sheaths is often found aplasia or hypoplasia of the kidney. Girls with two vaginas, often there is a congenital absence of hymen.

Referred to specialists and other vices that develop in this pathology:

  • incomplete aplasia of both sheaths;
  • complete aplasia;
  • one-horned uterus, in which there is complete unilateral aplasia of the whole channel.
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To diagnose the presence of the two sheaths is not difficult: this pathology can be detected at an early age at survey at the gynecologist. It is noted that the survey is not necessarily always aimed at the search for double vagina, the diagnosis is often performed during a routine examination.

To obtain accurate results is used vaginoscopy, these methods give more information about the presence of two vaginas. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the assigned examination of the uterus for possible defects.

The survey includes other diagnostic methods.

  1. ultrasound examination;
  2. magnetic resonance therapy;
  3. computed tomography;
  4. laparoscopy;
  5. hysteroscopy.

Examines the pelvic organs, urinary and reproductive systems, especially the doctors pay much attention to the kidneys and evaluate their condition by using ultrasound and CT scans.

The results of pelvic ultrasound show, what is the value of both sheaths, the size of hematocolpos and hematometra.

When violations in the urogenital tract and the kidney the patient should consult an urologist or nephrologist.


In childhood treatment double vaginal opening is granted only as an exception, if a girl’s life is in danger. For example, treatment provided, if menstruation does not come in intended for them, and the examination revealed hematometra. Other operations on the genitals which are associated with the desire to avoid problems in the sexual life and pregnancy we recommend that you wait until the attainment of majority girls.

In double vagina the treatment is carried out only by surgery when dangerous to health indications. Pathology of the blood of menstruation or the presence of diseases of the uterus are a major cause for the operation.

It is not difficult to find stories from women with double vagina. British woman hazel Jones do not hesitate to share your experiences and give advice to the girls. About the presence of pathology it found out by accident, at age 18, what she said was her boyfriend. Despite this, the girl feels fine and has no problems in his personal life.