Upland uterus and red brush at menopause — joint application

Almost all women are faced with the unpleasant and difficult for the body consequences of menopause. In the treatment of all diseases not only pharmacological agents, but also traditional medicines (tinctures and decoctions of herbs, roots, flowers). Especially since the first drugs for people since the dawn of civilization have been natural components.

From herbs collected in a certain period and prepared according to the recipe obtained effective medication which is used in the diseases of various organ systems. Gynecology is no exception to this rule. Thanks to the herbal treatment many women received relief in menopausal syndrome.

Upland uterus during menopause

Since ancient times, known medicinal properties of the plant upland uterus at menopause (the plant is Botanical name).

Plant is one-sided is a perennial plant and grows in the Northern hemisphere in the forests, mainly the coniferous forests and clearings. Flowering period June – July, at the same time and best time for collection. Thanks rich chemical composition, the plant is effective in relieving symptoms of menopause.

The plant contains:

  • Herbal phytoestrogens and progestin – normalize hormonal balance and the metabolism women, contribute to improvement in mood, correction of the cycle sleep-wakefulness, increase vital tonus and improve the quality of life.
  • Hydroquinone removes the excess water from the body, thereby reducing swelling, has antiseptic and rejuvenating effect.
  • Arbutin – acts as anti-inflammatory drug that eliminates the local inflammatory response and affects the distribution of water and salt metabolism in the body.
  • Coumarin – affects blood clotting, prevents blood clots, has anti-bacterial effect.
  • Saponin – stimulates the mucous glands of the genital tract, preventing drying and accession of infection.
  • Ascorbic acid acts as an immunomodulator (increases immunity), affects the activity of the endocrine and nervous systems, as well as for proper hematopoiesis.
  • The presence of trace elements, tannins components, tartaric and citric acid affects metabolic processes.

To administer drugs or infusions of this herb is not in violation of blood coagulation, inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines, erosive gastritis and duodenitis, hemorrhage from various sources.

A therapeutic effect on the body

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The use of herbal therapy has a significant impact on the changed functions:

  • the establishment of a cycle of sleep – Wake;
  • stabilization of mood;
  • elimination of hypertension;
  • improvement of humoral and nervous systems;
  • normalization of sexual life;
  • the increased activity and the elimination of ailments;
  • reducing the frequency of tides;
  • the cessation of uterine bleeding;
  • the strengthening of the bones;
  • the improvement of health.

Be on the lookout

Remember that all of menopause symptoms are nonspecific and may develop in other pathological conditions (e.g., benign and malignant tumors, diabetes, thyroid disease, etc.).

The decision about prescribing on the basis of Borovoy of the uterus and monitoring of treatment by the doctor treating them. Often in menopause the reception ortiliya recommend together with the red brush (a plant that increases the effects of Borovoy of the uterus).

Red brush is a plant synergist

Red brush or as it is called Rhodiola tetramerous (Altai ginseng) that is found only in the Altai. The collection of raw materials takes place in late July, early August and hands only.

This rare plant is able to resolve changes in the body with menopausal symptoms by normalizing the glands of internal secretion women and metabolism. The chemical composition of raw red brush similar to plant upland uterus, so their joint assignment increases the effect. However, upland uterus is the only plant with which to designate the red brush in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Recipes using

The blend of herbs used for intake and irrigation.

The course of treatment is at least four months. Infusions and decoctions are drunk according to the scheme: two weeks is prepared in a upland uterus, two weeks break, two weeks red brush, two weeks break and then the cycle repeats.

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Bring used cooking drugs:

  1. 50 grams of the collection is poured 250 ml of boiling water, then infused for 2 hours, filtered and applied, the infusion is usable during the day.
  2. 50 grams of a mixture insist in 0.5 liters of diluted alcohol in a dark place for 2 weeks. Drink strain and drink 20 – 40 drops in a spoon of boiled water. Take the infusion should be twice a day before meals.
  3. 100 grams of the herb collection pour 250 ml of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. Drink half a Cup medications before meals.

In pharmacies sold a mixture of both herbs in form of herbal tea. Brew the tea bags as usual, to drink such coffee should be 2 times a day.

For douching solution obtained by the first method, cooled, and use morning and evening.

Treatment orthilia and red brush is used not only in the climacteric syndrome, but also for infertility. Due to content of natural estrogen and progestin in the plant last help stabilize levels of estrogen and progesterone, which in turn increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Interaction with other medications

Remember, interaction between drugs and adverse effects of treatment. Herbal teas should not be taken together with the female sex hormones, means of reducing blood clotting.

An allergic reaction may develop in individual sensitivity to any substance contained in the mixture. This is manifested in the following way: sneezing, watery eyes, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, swelling of mucous membranes, skin rash.

To eliminate the unpleasant consequences of the drug discontinue use, rinse your mouth, take the remedy. Shortness of breath and swelling of the mucous membranes – the reason for going to the nearest hospital.

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A mixture of herbs acts very gently, so initially you may not notice the effect of the treatment. In this case, you should not quit taking the medication or to increase the dose. Remember that some substances can accumulate (accumulate) in the body and then render the effect. Always consult your doctor.

Tinctures, decoctions and herbal tea from herbs must be combined with vitamins and restorative, at the same time aware diet and reasonable exercise.

According to numerous reviews of the women taking herbal, health improvement occurs within one to two weeks of supplementation, reduced the number and intensity of hot flashes, fatigue passes.


Menopause is not a disease, but a difficult period of adaptation and a new way of life. Diet, moderate exercise, intake of homeopathic remedies will help to postpone the restructuring of the work of the body. Relief of symptoms of climacteric syndrome the task of every gynecologist and General practitioner. We hope that our article will help many patients.