Vaginal and clitoral orgasm in women, what is different

Learn to get pleasure from sexual intimacy. Adulthood is characterized by the presence not only of complex problems and constant stress, work and different ways to relieve tension, increase the amount of happiness hormones in the blood and adrenaline rush.

The most popular and desirable way to relieve mental and physical stress is getting orgasm during mind blowing sex. In healthy men with these problems do not happen normally, because the male orgasm is directly connected with ejaculations. But the female orgasm is characterized by its versatility and layering. In this article you will learn what is different and clitory vaginal orgasm, and what are the methods to achieve it.

Anatomy of the female orgasm

The clitoris and the vagina are innervated by the pudendal nerve, which has motor and sensory fibers. The correct excitation of this nerve will allow you several steps closer to orgasm and achieve incredible pleasure. Sensory fibers of this nerve away from the sacral joint. It should also be aware that the pudendal nerve has 3 branches, each of which innervates your site the reproductive system of the body. The first branch is connected with the external anal sphincter, the second – with external urethral sphincter and muscles that are responsible for the reduction of the labia and perineum. The third branch is called the dorsal, that its irritation is responsible for sexual sensitivity of the clitoris and vagina.

What is a female orgasm from the point of view of science?

Orgasm from the physiological point of view is the simultaneous wavelike twitching of the muscles of the perineum, vagina, lower abdomen, which is accompanied by release of large amount of hormones.

Obtaining a female orgasm is a complex multilevel process, the highest goal which is not achieved by all ladies. Clitoris and vaginal orgasm in women who have a well-developed musculature of the reproductive organs, is achieved easier and more often than parous women. This injustice is associated with hyperextension and various injuries of muscles of the genital organs during childbirth.

Vagina during orgasm asynchronously is reduced, which causes a pleasant sensation, like the most girls and men affecting the penis. Therefore, to obtain a really good orgasm sexologists advise to train your sexual muscles. To do this, reduce them 10 – 15 times a day, simulating the desire to delay urination. Practice Kegel exercises.

Types of orgasm for ladies and ways to achieve them

The peculiarity of the innervation of the female genital organs is the possibility of obtaining the four types of isolated orgasms: clitoris, vaginal, perineal, and uterine (cervical).

Some scholars have identified only clitory and vaginal. The other part of the professors claim that in addition to the above there are also anal, nipple and other types of orgasms, though it is not so essential.

To obtain a clitoral orgasm there is a certain collection of postures and techniques standard of sex during which the penis affects the vagina from the inside, and hand and stimulate the clitoris on the outside. This can be done as the varied movements of the fingers, and various auxiliary objects for sexual pleasure. It can be a variety of vibrators and their variations. For example, vibrator butterfly, which is attached to the pubic area men and stimulates the woman’s clitoris during sexual intimacy.

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Vaginal orgasm is the next and more challenging stage in ecstasy, so as to obtain the required certain methods of foreplay and changing rhythms of the movement in sex. These methods are individual for each girl. They depend on the temperament, mood, phase of the menstrual cycle, the day of the week and many other factors.

Many people are interested in question whether the G-spot and what happens when her stimulation? There is an opinion that the vagina is the G-spot caress which in 100% of cases cause an orgasm. Scientists have even identified her whereabouts. It is located on the surface of the anterior vault of the vagina two inches inside from the clitoris. But the anatomical Constitution of any girl is unique and so are specifically talking about where is the most erogenous point, a very bold position.

It is believed that the best position to impact on the region of the point G is the knee-elbow (“Alavus”). It ensures deep penetration of the cock in front of the arch. In second place is the pose of “Spoons”. However, in the supine position with the amplitude of body movements is a little limited, but it is the individual characteristics and habits.

Unlike vaginal and clitoral orgasm comes down to the overall feeling of girls. So, clitoral can be considered more limited or local. While the vaginal orgasm wave covers a large part of the muscle fibers of the woman’s body. Time clitoris orgasm is much smaller, but it can be tested repeatedly within a small amount of time (the multi-orgasm while using).

To obtain a vaginal orgasm requires a little more time and effort, but his peak lasts longer and brings much more fun for girls. Vagina during orgasm secretes, which envelops the male member, which is accompanied by pleasant sensations.

Perineal orgasm depends solely on the innate anatomy of the nervous system. It is no secret that the peculiarities of innervation of female organs depends on the timing of the orgasm and its power. To obtain a perineal orgasm you need a good innervation of the muscles of the perineum and the stimulation of nerve endings in this area.

To obtain uterine orgasm you need a certain that is suitable for specific anatomical features of the girl, the size of a man’s penis. As the length and width will only affect the cervix, causing it to shrink and chaotic as a consequence of having an orgasm. Among specialists – sexologists to date, there is a debate about whether female orgasms are types or is it a series of stages of development and receive one of ecstasy.

The most common types of orgasm

The most common types of orgasm among women are clitoris and vaginal. How in practice to differentiate vaginal orgasm from kotorogo?

Clitoris orgasm is considered to be more realistic and more often achieved through Masturbation (autogamy) and by standard sex in different poses. Characteristics of this kind of orgasm can be varied. Some describe it as a warm pleasant sensation in the muscles of the abdomen and inner surface of legs. It is not a long time, but it can be achieved several times in one sexual act.

Vaginal orgasm is difficult to obtain, as it specifically depends on the anatomical coincidence of the sizes of genitals of partners. Vagina time to orgasm becomes more elastic, which reduces its volume.

In recent years, sexual pathology denies the essence of many myths in relation to vaginal orgasm.

  • Myth 1. Size doesn’t matter
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Yes, it does. If a woman’s vagina does not fit around the circumference, the length and volume of the male member, the receiving physical pleasure in this case is very doubtful.

  • Myth 2. The longer the better

The onset of female orgasm does not depend on the time of copulation. It depends on the quality of foreplay, stimulation of the erogenous zones of the girl and the appearance of the atmosphere, which affects the Central nervous system women and enhances the power of nerve impulses from stimulation of erogenous zones.

  • Myth 3. Sex after a quarrel best sex in a relationship

In Hollywood movies we often see sexual arousal in an argument, a loving couple. And the fight that must end in a breakup, suddenly turns into an unforgettable sex, which reconciles people. But how often do you get that happen?

Such cases depend on the type of relationship between a man and a woman. If relations are reduced to emotional release negative energy, this myth has a place in life.

But as practice shows, the release of negative energy especially in women, causes ennui and emotional weakness, reluctance to see a partner a certain time to restore the balance of the senses and to understand the cause of the quarrel. These largely concern long-existing couples, as long muffled inside the resentment is manifested stronger with every quarrel, and the parties to the conflict are increasingly forgetting what he started.

  • Myth 4. Vaginal orgasm often ends up female ejaculation

Currently not proven the existence of female ejaculation (squirt), so it is difficult to draw any conclusions based on unverified data. It is believed that rapid vaginal orgasm often leads to the release of a certain amount of liquid, but to confirm or deny this fact is quite difficult.

The reasons for the lack of satisfaction after sex

To address issues of lack of vaginal orgasm and other sexual dissatisfaction, you need to look at the problem from different sides.

On the one hand is the possibility of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system of both men and women. These diseases lead to different degrees of severity of the swelling of the mucous membranes, which reduces their sensitivity to external impact, causing discomfort during sex.

On the other hand this reluctance is learning to get pleasure from intimacy that may be related to a failure at the first attempt, lack of self-confidence and sexuality, psychological dissatisfaction with a partner.

The solution to the problems of sexual dissatisfaction

First you need to solve more simple problems. Make sure there are no diseases of the genital organs. For this women need to go to the gynecologist, who will conduct all the necessary research. Men should consult a urologist. The detection of pathology will be assigned to treatment, and some time later the opportunity to get different types of orgasms will be implemented.

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With problems of a psychological nature to fight much harder, because their reason is sometimes be so deep that even graduate from it is not defined. But in most cases the problems of no orgasm are on the surface of consciousness. Women often think and plan the script of sexual intercourse with her lover. This activity is involuntary and is likely associated with dreams and possible ways of realization of their sexual desires.

To get orgasm young girls important even the smallest details. From clothes on it, ending with the coziness of the room in which it is located. According to the characteristics of the psychology of women, important details, and not even his presence in her life. Details can be look in my eyes while kissing, holding hand from the back of the head as low as possible along the spine, sweet words whispered in her ear at the right moment.

It is worth remembering that every girl has her own idea of a perfect sex and the closer to the reality of sex to the desired one, the higher the probability of obtaining an orgasm. To find out their wishes and the wishes of the partner can talk about it as foreplay. Thus it is necessary to eliminate all factors that can disrupt the emotional bond between partners.

Psycho-physiological features of the female orgasm

Scientists – sexologists in recent years to distinguish mental and physical orgasm girls. To physical satisfaction must be attributed clitoris, vaginal, perineal, and uterine orgasms. Physiological orgasm can be described as a complete emotional satisfaction with sexual partner during intercourse, and the desired atmosphere during sex, even in the case when an orgasm was not achieved.

Women of different age and different demand partner and having sex with him. Young girls interesting atmosphere, unusual foreplay, frequency, and duration of sexual contact, as well as various experiments in bed, as with the postures, and with the use of auxiliary objects.

More Mature ladies want a special attention to the person, experiments are desirable, but their use must be justified and agreed upon as a failed experiment can be very unexpectedly affect the relationship between sexual partners.

Getting a woman to orgasm is a complex and highly individual activity, which includes a huge number of factors, not always depend on men. The ability of men to minimize the negative factors and increase the positive aspects of sex, the right to bring the girl to having an orgasm, makes it a phenomenal lover.

The misconception that obtaining orgasm depends on men. Emancipation and the pursuit of new unforgettable sensations of a woman during sex leads to harmony and inner calm for both sexual partners. You need to talk and get to know the desires of each other, then awkward moments can’t stop the enjoyment.