Vaginal contraceptive candles

Contraception medicine offers many: creams and pills, spirals and ointments. Made even patches and implants! Attention vaginal contraceptive candles – easy to use, effective and safe for health.

Vaginal suppositories: what is it?

Candles are classified as chemical contraceptives are introduced for 2 – 3 minutes before intercourse in the vagina. Upon contact of the chemical components and excretions of the human body the reaction occurs, increasing the viscosity of the mucous tube. Candles, slow sperm motility, which greatly reduces the likelihood of fertilization. When used correctly the effectiveness of birth control candles is 75 – 95%.

The contraceptive effect of the vaginal plugs is achieved by the components:

  • benzalconi;
  • nonaxial.

Candles recommended for women who have sustained an intimate contact constantly with one person. Not a contraceptive barrier, and therefore does not protect from infections. Doctors advise to use candles, if other methods women have an allergic reaction. If contraindications to the hormonal oral contraceptives candles – a possible alternative.

It is recommended to choose a suitable type of contraceptive candles and only use them. When matching funds are analyzed:

  1. the age of the woman;
  2. contraindications;
  3. chronic disease;
  4. the probability to get infected from a partner.

How are the candles

Vaginal contraceptive candles belong to the class of non-hormonal, act locally. The performance is provided by the spermicidal action of the components. Active substance is benzalkonium chloride. The chemical compound influences the membrane of the flagella of sperm, and then attacks the shell of the head.

Aggressive chemical environment inhibits the movement of sperm. Damaged cells are not able to get into the uterus, thus fertilization is impossible.

Benzalkonium chloride also affects the female sex cells.

Under the influence of a chemical compound thickens the cervical mucus, forming impenetrable to sperm barrier in the cervical canal. It prevents male germ cells in the uterus.

Preventing the conception of a candle is effective at 75 – 95%. The figure above is guaranteed only by the reception of combined oral contraceptives.

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The nuances of the use

With the introduction of the candles in the vagina, the drug is dissolved, forming a protect you from the fertilization environment. Picking up the drug, pay attention to the indicators. If effervescence does not exceed 85%, this means that out of a hundred women using this contraceptive, pregnant for 15 or more. The risk of fertilization of cells is high, but is reduced by the combined use of several options.

The classic variant is the combination of candles with condoms. This approach ensures 99% protection against pregnancy and protects from sexually transmitted infections. You can resort to other barrier contraception:

  • caps;
  • aperture.

Range of vaginal plugs

Non-hormonal contraceptive with nonoxynol attacks and destroys the membrane of the sperm for 40 seconds. The drug is active against viruses, fights pathogens:

  1. syphilis;
  2. chlamydia.

Because contraception reduces sensitivity, the sexual act lasts longer. Pharmacies means this group is presented under the title:

  • Patentex Oval;
  • Nonoxynol.

Drugs functioning on benzalkonium chloride, capable of destroying sperm 10 seconds. Chemically active ingredients attack fungi and viruses that trigger genital disease. Aktiviziruyutsya coagulation of mucus as a means of surfactants. This ensures additional protection to the centre of the OS of the cervix, reducing the chance of fertilization. In pharmacies contraceptives are presented under the following brand names:

  1. Pharmatex;
  2. Erotex.

Contraceptive local effects is safe for pregnant and lactating women because it does not penetrate through the placenta and into the milk. Components have a positive effect on the microflora of the vagina, disrupting the balance of microorganisms. The use of candles helps to avoid inflammation in the pelvic organs.

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Candles share (excluding composition) into two groups:

  • foaming;
  • melting.

The first category is best spread over the surface of the vagina, uniformly covering an area, but often the foam too much, which causes discomfort. Melting unevenly distributed, but do not form the extra volume and do not cause discomfort.

How to choose candle

Acquire candles, a preliminary consultation at the gynecologist. Take into account contraindications, individual reactions of the disease. Occasionally there are cases of allergic reactions to chemical components. Before buying, carefully study the composition of a contraceptive to avoid problems with individual intolerance.

Choose candles based on personal observations: as much during intercourse is produced by lubrication? If a woman knows that the volume is small, the preference should be given birth control to benzalkonium chloride. These funds will restore the balance. But if the grease is produced by many candles lose their effectiveness. To help the woman come other types of contraceptives.

Features of the medicines

Although the mechanism of action of vaginal plugs one, between the means there is a difference perceptible in the application. Popular birth control:

  1. Erotex – a strong antiseptic that kills bacteria. With frequent use, the tool does not cause the body effect and safely. Candles smell good, their ingredients include essential oils of lemon, lavender, rose. The drug did not flow from the vagina, does not create a rich foam.
  2. Pharmatex, first popular, losing ground. Means of unpleasant smells. Getting into the vagina, the candle dissolves, partially follows, loses its effectiveness after 2 hours.
  3. Benateks – excellent portable Allergy-prone women a drug with a well-matched texture. The application does not cause unpleasant burning, candle after being hit in the vagina does not.
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Candles created on nonoxynol-9, are not made among drugs of the new generation. Studies have shown who, nonoxynol effectiveness as contraceptives unsatisfactory. The drug weakly inhibits the entry of infections, destroys pathogens HPV. The chemical components negatively affect the mucosa, damaging the rectum and vagina.

Important point: for half an hour after the use of candles is not recommended to use any hygiene products. Pilosocereus drugs reduce the effectiveness of the candles and negate the contraceptive effect of the drug. You should not wash with ordinary water immediately after intercourse to wash off the drug with the vaginal mucosa.

Health – in the first place

Choosing the contraceptive, you should consult with your obstetrician. Using a medication before consult the manual. Remember, the use of birth control without extract to a temporary pause does not give the desired effect. Some candles are after 2 minutes, the other for dissolution requires up to 15 minutes. Read the features of the chosen contraceptive in advance.

Non-hormonal vaginal candles – an indispensable tool if you miss hormonal pills. The drugs are suitable for pregnant, lactating and women in the period before menopause. Candles are indispensable for non-intimate contacts. It is a safe contraceptive, when used correctly to ensure safety.