Vaginal pills to insert in the vagina

Vaginal tablets are medicines solid forms intended for insertion into the vagina. Their action is directed on elimination of gynecological diseases, or to be protected from pregnancy.

Depending on the purpose the drugs are divided into:

  1. Contraceptive vaginal tablets.
  2. Tablets for local treatment of diseases.

Vaginal tablets for contraception

Contraceptive vaginal preparations are spermicides. They contain substances that Deplete the membrane of spermatozoa, resulting in the death of male cells. Most often it is the benzalkonium chloride and nonoxynol. When dissolved, these substances form a film on the mucosa. The film protects the mucosa and thicken the mucus in the vagina, thereby forming a tight tube, which does not allow the sperm to penetrate deeper into the uterus. For this reason, tablets are considered a barrier method of protection.

Contraceptives in the form of tablets in recent times are widely used because they have a lot of advantages:

  • Has antimicrobial effects and serve as a shield against certain infectious agents spread during sexual contact.
  • Can be used in cases when it is forbidden the use of hormonal contraceptives.
  • Useful as an emergency contraception.
  • Moisturize the vaginal mucosa dryness.
  • Can be used during breast-feeding.
  • A small number of side effects.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks:

  • Possible allergic reaction and idiosyncrasy.
  • You need to use before each sexual contact.
  • Require strict adherence to instructions and not always easy to use.
  • After the introduction, you cannot perform hygiene procedures, wash for 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Cannot be used together with miasteniceski means of intimate hygiene.

Vaginal tablets for the treatment of gynecological diseases

Vaginal preparations for the treatment of various female diseases easy to use, have fast action. Range of solutions various women’s problems with vaginal preparations are extremely broad. They eliminate the burning, itching at the local level to treat the cause of the disease, that is fighting with pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

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Under what symptoms prescribed pills in the vagina

  1. Unpleasant smell from the vagina. All violations of bacterial microbial balance are accompanied by an unhealthy smell, but the smell is not always indicates the presence of the disease. If the smell is combined with itching and redness, it shows the inflammation.
  2. Discharge from the vagina. Healthy highlight different uniform consistency, no unpleasant smell, light or transparent color. If joined in infection, selection become grey, green, yellow, milky color. Consistency may be curd, the smell – putrid fish. All of this suggests the presence of infection.
  3. Itching and burning in the vagina (including after urination).

Diseases in which prescribed vaginal means

  • Vaginal dysbiosis (gardnerellosis) is an imbalance of the normal microflora caused by reduced immunity or poor hygiene.
    When dysbiosis pathogenic organisms begin to proliferate, their number increases, causing discomfort, putrid smell, burning. The amount of beneficial lactic acid bacteria decreases, they are not able to cope with pathogenic flora.
    The doctor prescribes a topical preparations for the treatment of the disease, as well as immune-stimulating complexes.
  • Candidiasis (thrush) is a disease caused by fungi of the Candida family. Characterized by the appearance of white cheesy discharge, itching, redness, pain during sex. Treatment should be complex, often prescribe vaginal tablets in combination with systemic antifungal drugs.
  • Nonspecific colpitis (vaginitis). It is an inflammation of the vagina, caused by conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. When vaginitis marked abnormal discharge, burning or itching. Drugs local action – first aid for the disease.

General rules when using vaginal medications

Before using the product, care should be taken to clean hands. If the nails are long, it is desirable to clean them or put on gloves.

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Enter the tablet should as far as possible in the supine position or squatting. After the introduction, it is recommended to lie down for fifteen minutes. If the tablet is introduced at night, to get out of bed is not recommended.

Sometimes when the appointment of a vaginal drug the patient complain that you can’t stick the vagina pill. Before use, should consult a doctor who will tell how to insert in the vagina prescribed the drug. Do this using the applicator, which is usually attached to tablets. Some tablets are inserted using a finger. To enter a medication in the supine position, in a relaxed state. Some manufacturers suggest to wet the tablet before administration. In any case, it is necessary to follow the instructions to the drug.

Contraceptives are inserted directly before each sexual contact. After the introduction of the not recommended water treatments, especially with soap, as soap acts destructive to the active ingredient of contraceptive. If after taking a tablet sexual intercourse does not come within two hours, you must enter a new portion of the drug. This complicates the use of pills and is considered to be their main disadvantage.

If you use spermicidal tablets all other intravaginal preparations are cancelled

With abundant vaginal discharge before using the medication you should first wash the vagina, otherwise the effect of adoption is lost. It is possible to use special means for intimate hygiene.

The appointment of the vaginal preparations is engaged in the doctor after the examination women. To self-medicate is invalid because a wrong schema may complicate the disease and lead to the chronicity process.