Vaginal vaginitis — symptoms and treatment of a candle at the vaginitis

Colpitis or vaginitis, a disease that leads to inflammation of the vaginal mucosa, leading to the emergence of abundant discharge, itching and swelling of the mucous membrane. Up to sixty percent of women face this disease.

Diagnosis is primarily in the medical examination and conduct the necessary laboratory analyses, based on which, the doctor individually selects medications. Despite the fact that in any pharmacy, the pharmacist will advise as treatment of a candle at the vaginitis to treat obesity in order to avoid complications it is necessary only under medical supervision.

Vaginitis is a very dangerous disease, neglect of the disease can result in serious consequences, such as cystitis, urethritis. Rising through the infection passes to the mucous of the cervix with the development of cervicitis. It is not excluded the occurrence of endometritis – inflammation of the uterus and in the future infertility.

Causes of pathology


According to the ICD (international classification of diseases) obesity refers to inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs. In adulthood, women have a major cause of vaginitis are vaginal infection:

  • specific vaginitis: trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and others;
  • nonspecific vaginitis: representatives of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms(E. coli and other coccal flora);
  • candidal vaginitis (thrush): a yeast fungi.

Trichomonas colpitis in women (caused by Trichomonas), is a leading sexually transmitted diseases and in gynecology often manifests in an acute form. Other bacterial infections are often complex. Quite often there is a simultaneous infection with fungi and bacteria.

Vaginitis during pregnancy may be associated with hormonal changes in a woman’s body, women in the position it is found in almost 50% of cases. Vaginal suppositories if vaginitis during pregnancy is the best treatment option. In diseases caused by infections of the urinary system becomes infected and the fruit that can cause abortion.

What symptoms accompany infectious vaginitis, consider the following:

  • swelling, redness, itching;
  • an increase in vaginal discharge, they acquire a yellowish or greenish color and an unpleasant smell (this is the first sign of infection);
  • sexual intercourse delivers unpleasant and painful sensations;
  • pain when urinating;
  • diaper rash on the inner thighs, provoking a copious secretions with high acidity;
  • high body temperature (in some forms of specific colpitis);
  • failure of the menstrual cycle.


Menopause is a major prerequisite for the emergence of age-related obesity (or atrophic).

The changes provoked by the weakening of the ovarian activity, leading to lower levels of sex hormones, and, as a consequence of the thinning of the vaginal mucosa. On atrofirovany epithelium created all the preconditions to the formation of a pathological environment and the breeding of pathogens.

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The symptoms of post-menopausal vaginitis:

  • dryness of the vaginal mucosa (due to atrophy and declining production of female hormones);
  • discomfort and pain during intimate relations and possible bleeding;
  • itching and pain in external genitals;
  • purulent mucus from the vagina.

Intestinal infection

Vaginitis triggered by getting in the vaginal microflora enteric infections, common in children due to insufficient personal hygiene.


  • swelling, redness of the external genitalia;
  • pain when urinating;
  • an increased amount of vaginal discharge;
  • fusion of the labia minora in girls (synechia).

Special attention deserves the obesity on the background of allergic diseases. Itching and burning in the vagina can be associated with infection, and to be a manifestation of a General allergic reaction. This situation is shown taking antihistamines and local funds for intimate hygiene.

Varieties of vaginitis

Obesity in gynaecology are divided on the nature of the disease. In medicine distinguish acute, subacute and chronic form of the flow of vaginitis.

Acute vaginitis

Acute vaginitis manifested suddenly, the first day of the disease causes severe swelling, redness, a burning sensation and pain. Possible cramps when urinating, vaginal discharge with a pungent odor. During intercourse appears bleeding and sharp pain.

This reaction is the body’s response to chemical stimuli, infection of the genitourinary system, may be accompanied by inflammation of the cervix and vulva.

Vaginal vaginitis in the acute form interferes with the normal flow of life, causing constant discomfort, possibly fever, and a shift of infection to internal organs of the reproductive system.

The acute form lasts up to two months. In the absence of necessary treatment, if self-treatment or ignoring the problem becomes acute vaginitis subacute form.

Subacute vaginitis in obstetrics – what is it?

It is a kind of transitional form of inflammation in which comes some relief, the disease symptoms were less pronounced, but no full recovery without treatment in a few months, the disease becomes chronic.

Chronic form of course of obesity

The infection progresses in a slow, undulating periodically the symptoms appear, which disappear relatively quickly. Many people ignore the symptoms of chronic vaginitis, while it gradually provokes inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. Perhaps asymptomatic disease.

Diagnosis of vaginitis

The scheme of diagnosis of vaginitis includes:

  • gynecological examination;
  • smear on the flora;
  • bacterial inoculation;
  • colpocytology;
  • screening for STIs (as indicated).

Put the preliminary diagnosis, the doctor may already at the initial examination of the patient. To diagnose acute vaginitis experienced doctor is easy in normal gynecological examination. Sheath of the vagina if obesity has an unusual color and texture, becoming thick and doughy, pronounced swelling of the mucosa.

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During the inspection it is possible the bleeding may be atypical attacks. Severe forms of vaginitis are accompanied with erosion.

Diagnosis of chronic form is accompanied by a colposcopy is a method allows to study in more detail the surface of the vaginal mucosa and assess levels of damage and inflammation. Colposcopy allows the doctor to see the cervix and the vaginal wall in multiple magnifications. Before colposcopy necessarily takes smear on Cytology. Citogramma stands for doctor at next visit of the patient.

Diagnosis of acute and chronic vaginitis is accompanied by a fence of a smear of the vaginal microflora, the urethra and the cervical channel. Assigned to the bacteriological examination of smears taken, diagnosis of the main sexually transmitted infections and Cytology.

If you suspect Trichomonas type of vaginitis or any other disease, caused by sexually transmitted infections, shows the inspection at the urologist and to the venereologist.

Consider the risk factors that trigger the development of vaginitis:

  • the lack of proper personal hygiene;
  • indiscriminate unprotected sex;
  • the age of menopause;
  • frequent treatment with antibiotics;
  • a weakened body, due to currents other infectious diseases;
  • beriberi, vitamin deficiencies due to malnutrition;
  • diseases of the endocrine system such as diabetes
  • long-term use of hormonal drugs;
  • wearing uncomfortable and tight underwear, provoking rubbing the external genitals;
  • hormonal changes during pregnancy and after childbirth;
  • intestinal infections; diseases of the stomach and the digestive system;
  • acute viral infection;
  • cancer, chemotherapy;
  • post-Natal injury of the vaginal mucosa;
  • genital injuries;
  • abortion;
  • the syndrome of immunodeficiency.


Treatment of vaginitis data derived from tests conducted in the diagnosis of vaginitis.

Allergic vaginitis is treated by extraction from use of the allergen that caused the reaction – powder linen, bath gel, synthetic underwear. To relieve swelling and inflammation and possibly the use of candles in the vaginitis of this type.

Fungal form of the disease (mycotic colpitis) needs treatment with antifungal medicines, such as fluconazole, Clotrimazole. Very popular means on the basis of nystatin. They can be presented in the form of tablets, vaginal candles or ointments. For maximum effect the drug is prescribed in a comprehensive manner.

Infectious vaginitis is treated with antibiotics. The course of treatment due to the severity of the disease, is at least seven days. On the third day of therapy a noticeable relief.

Trichomonas vaginitis is treatable with the help of such means as Trihopol, Tinidazole or Metronidazole.

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For the treatment of obesity applied mixed agents having activity against bacteria and fungi. Well established candle Fluomizin, Klion D100, Neo-penotran Forte, Terzian, Poliginaks.

In the case of vaginitis caused by sexual infections, it is expected the treatment of the sexual partner to prevent re-infection.

Treatment of chronic vaginitis is carried out by such methods:

  • the use of medicinal tampons and suppositories;
  • the use of drugs orally or by injection (injections, drips).

Treatment of age-related vaginitis involves the systemic use of medication. Often used in medical practice candles when atrophic vaginitis type: Klimonorm, Ovestin.

After completing a course of antibiotics and antifungal drugs is mandatory restoration of the vaginal flora. This purpose is assigned Vasilak, Lactogal, Atsilakt, and other tools that enhance the growth of lactobacilli. To cure recurrent vaginitis without restoring the microflora impossible.

During treatment should abandon sweet, fatty and spicy foods, any type of vaginitis shown douching with antiseptics. It is advisable to adhere to a special diet is to give up alcohol, sweet, spicy and overly fatty foods.

If you were prescribed antibiotics, is necessary to restore flora of intestine and vagina. The treatment should be repeated analyses.

Preventive measures in the fight against vaginitis

Summing up the theme of the disease of obesity, I want to wish anybody not to encounter this disease, and at the first symptoms to contact a qualified technician.

So as to protect yourself, it is advisable to observe some rules:

  • hygiene personal relationships;
  • periodically visit the gynecologist for timely identification of the disease
  • to carry out daily hygiene of the genital organs;
  • timely treat diseases, weaken the body;
  • to eat right;
  • to strengthen the immune system and taking vitamins during the autumn-winter period;
  • to use spacious linen made of natural fabrics;
  • it is desirable to abandon the use of synthetic gaskets.

Simple prevention can prevent the appearance of unpleasant symptoms of obesity and all the complications of this condition.